Cherry Vodka Sour Recipe: The Easiest Way to Prepare

The cherry vodka sour recipe is an uncomplicated recipe from Belarusian cuisine. It can be prepared in 60 minutes. And we’ll have about eight servings. The drink contains approximately 208 calories. And the reason for making this recipe: Banquet.

The Cherry tincture on vodka turns out to have a pleasant taste because the cherry gives the drink a sweet and sour “note”, in addition, they remove the sharp taste of vodka. The cherry tincture is considered a girly drink and can also be used to make sweets.

Cherry Vodka Sour Recipe: The Easiest Way to Prepare

Cherry vodka sour recipe

  • Total time: 60 minutes
  • Recipe for: 8 people
  • Calorie servings: 208 calories
  • Difficulty: Uncomplicated recipe
  • Occasion:  Banquet


  • Ripe cherries – 3 kg
  • Good Quality Vodka – 1 Liter
  • Granulated sugar – 1 kg

How to make cherry vodka sour drink 

First, you need to sort, wash, and dry the cherries with a towel.

Then the cherries are placed in a jar, and 1 kg of granulated sugar is poured over them.

The jar's neck is covered with gauze and tied with a rope, after which the jars are placed in a sunny and warm place until the cherries begin to ferment. The process takes at least six weeks – the jar should be shaken every day.

After a month and a half, a lot of juice is formed in the jar; it is poured through cheesecloth to separate it from the cherries, then the syrup is bottled. And it is stored in a cool place.

The cherry remains in the jar, a liter of vodka is poured over it, and then closed with a plastic lid. Let the cherries soak in this form for two months.

The tincture is filtered through a cheesecloth and mixed with syrup in bottles when the allotted time is up. The drink is poured into bottles and stored in a dark place.

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