How to Start NoFap? The Easiest Steps to Get Started

How to start NoFap? When we look at it as a trend, NoFap means staying away from pornography and masturbation addiction for a certain period and getting rid of its side effects on mental and physical health. When we look at it as an organization, Nofap is an organization that supports people in various fields to get rid of pornography addiction and compulsive sexual behaviors.

How to start NoFap The easiest steps to get started

What is Nofap?

When we look at the word meaning of NoFap, NoFap means "No Masturbation." However, since its emergence in 2011, the NoFap movement has deepened and gone beyond the word's meaning, especially in the USA.

Alexander Rhodes founded Nofap on a Reddit forum in June 2011. Inspired by a study in China that showed that not masturbating for a week resulted in a nearly 50% increase in testosterone levels, the Alexander community crossed 800,000 on Reddit and 300,000 on its forums in 10 years.

What are the benefits of Nofap?

These are some of the Nofap benefits:
  • Reduce anxiety and social phobia
  • Increase masculine energy
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Relief from sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation, erection
  • Raising low self-esteem
  • Getting better concentration
  • It has benefits such as getting rid of mental confusion – brain fog.
With its complex effects, it can produce an extraordinary change in the psychological state of the person. Contrary to what those who approach it critically think, all this does not suddenly improve once stopping masturbation addiction and pornography addiction.

Getting rid of masturbation and porn addiction creates a domino effect, enabling the person to overcome inertia, get better mental performance, and have higher courage to face their problems.

How to start NoFap?

You can start the process by consciously saying that I will follow the NoFap path for x days from now, or for the rest of my life. In the Nofap process, you will start, and your two most important needs will be patience and self-discipline. 

Here are some stages and modes that will help you start the NoFap Challenge:

Stages of NoFap

Although many people write something based on their experiences, we divide the Nofap stages into 4 stages, excluding the chaser period experienced in all addictions. We do not prefer to give the number of days for these stages because the days may vary from person to person. 

The stages of Nofap we distinguish are as follows: 
  1. The location of sexual deprivation 
  2. The enthusiasm stage
  3. The flatline stage 
  4. The new life stage

Nofap Start Modes

There are different Nofap modes that anyone who wants to get rid of porn and masturbation addiction effects can start with it. Some of us start the Nofap process only to get rid of pornography addiction, treat our dopamine system, rebuild our lives, or solve our sexual problems.

Here are the 4 modes of the Nofap challenge :

1. Easy Mode

In easy mode, you can not only watch porn. However, you can masturbate. Although it sounds easy, this can easily cause porn addiction due to the accumulation of sexual desire over time.

2. MO Mode

The last of the PMO trio (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm), this means you can masturbate to orgasm without watching porn.

3. Hard Mode

The Nofap hard mode means; no PMO or sex, especially preferred by people who want to get high efficiency and get rid of their sexual problems in a short time.

4. Monk Mode

We can say that the Monk mode is the most effective. In addition to the PMO trio, it is the mode in which social media, TV series, candy, and packaged products are not allowed to use, where man returns to his essence, transcends his limits, and rapidly renews himself. It is a high-impact mode that avoids artificial pleasures and anything that stimulate dopamine and the brain's reward system.

Celebrities who started with NoFap

Terry Crews the nofap legend

According to some stories, famous people who have done Nofap are Nikola Tesla, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Sigmund Freud, Newton, Socrates, Plato, Tolstoy, and Steve Jobs. Even if these people didn't mean to do Nofap at the time, self-control, transmuting sexual energy, and not being confused were values that successful and inspiring people have always strived to achieve.

Terry Crews, who we know from the TV series B99, Gold Jacket Luke, Seth Alexander, and Anghel, are among the people raising awareness about the harmfulness of masturbation addiction and pornography today.

Is Nofap Harmful?

No side effects have been proven yet, but many people who have started Nofap worry about masturbation and ejaculation.

First of all, it should be noted that the Nofap community is against only masturbation addiction. No one is forcing you to do or not do anything, so there’s no logical reason not to start. After all, it’s a move based on not doing anything in the name of Nofap. You can easily experience this.

As for the need for ejaculation, if the body needs to ejaculate sperm during the Nofap process, the body already ejaculates through a wet dream. In addition, if the sperm is not expelled through a wet dream and your first dream is on the 100th day, your body will break down the unused sperm and reabsorb it again.

In sexual intercourse, the situation is different. Unlike masturbation and porn, there is no screen and self-pleasure in sex, so sex becomes more controllable and does not harm the person unless it turns into an addiction. That’s why Nofap is not against sex. Also, members should avoid sex if they want to heal quickly.

What are Nofap Rules?

Nofap rules vary according to the modes we mentioned above. In other words, one of the rules of monk mode is to stay away from social media. On the other hand, there is no such rule in hard mode. When we get down to the most basic, we can say that stopping looking at pornography is the head of Nofap rules.  However, since most members of the Nofap community start with PM mode, we can also include no masturbation in the Nofap rules.

Nofap Terms:
  • Fap: The act of masturbating in slang.
  • PMO: Abbreviation for the trio of porn, masturbation, and orgasm.
  • Relapse: It means returning to addiction again.
  • Lapse: Lapse: Breaking one of the rules of Nofap modes during one of the stages process.
  • Ejaculation: Ejaculating the semen at the end of sexual intercourse or masturbation in men.
  • Wet Dreams: It is the ejaculation of sperm during sleep. It is a normal condition, not a pathology.
  • Brain FogIt is the situation of not being able to focus and not being able to use cognitive performance. 
  • EDErectile dysfunction or any erection problem.
  • PIED: Pornography-induced erectile dysfunction.
  • PE: Premature ejaculation problem.
  • Death Grip: It is a condition where a man does not enjoy intercourse due to excessive pressure on the penis during masturbation.
  • EdgingMasturbating but not ejaculating. It means that the PM and hard mode stages are interrupted. Although some addicts think that their process is not broken because they did not ejaculate.
  • Chaser Effect: Intense Sexual cravings after PMO.
  • Withdrawal: It is the combination of mental and physical effects that a person experiences after stopping an addiction.
  • Enthusiasm Phase: The temporary period of positive effects following the period of abstinence.
  • Nofap Flatline: The stable period in which the effects of the withdrawal period are less severe and for a long time.
  • New Life Stage: The permanent period after the Flatline period, when the effects thought to be “Super Powers” begin to be seen, and the body and brain regain their energy.
  • Semen Retention: It consists in abstaining from any sexual activity to retain semen.

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