How to Know If You're a Victim of Witchcraft?

How to know if you’re a victim of witchcraft? What are its signs and types? What is black magic? How is witchcraft made and what are the methods used by charlatans to inflict on their victims? What are the ways to decipher and treat witchcraft?

Often some people suffer from strange symptoms that are not explained in medicine or modern science, and therefore quickly resort to a spiritual healer on the pretext that he is bewitched, or that someone has plotted a plot to harm him and obstruct his life through black magic and so on, but although witchcraft is one of the things. 

Proven and practiced by some since ancient times, but you rarely find a person who can use witchcraft and sorcery, or who can harness the jinn and work black magic, as some charlatans claim, so before you get carried away by their deceptive demands and become a victim of their greed and allow them to take advantage of your need, you must To first know the signs and types of witchcraft and how to decode it. 

If you want to know all these things, follow the following article that answers the question: “How do I know that I have been a victim of witchcraft?”.

How to Know If You're a Victim of Witchcraft?

What is witchcraft?

Witchcraft is defined as a contract, incantations, and spells used by charlatans to harness the creatures of the other world to harm a particular person and destroy his life. For heinous crimes without him realizing, because the amulets and spells that are held on him cause falsification of facts, confusion of matters, distortion of his consciousness, and change of perception, so he sees and feels things that are not real, such as the person with hallucinations, but medical treatments do not work in his case.

The use of witchcraft was common in ancient times when certain peoples became famous for its use, the most famous of whom was the people of Babylon during the era of the Prophet of God Solomon.

The ancient Egyptians also used it, until some of them took it as their craft, and some still spread stories and legends about the curse of the Pharaohs today.

How to know if you’re a victim of witchcraft?

How to find out if you are cursed by a witchcraft spell?

Although the signs of witchcraft usually vary according to its types and causes, there are some common signs to know if you’re a victim of witchcraft or not, including the following:
  • Constant headache that does not go away even with medical painkillers.
  • Crying, severe suffocation, and numbness in the left hand.
  • Depression, despair of life, distraction of mind, inability to concentrate, and rapid forgetfulness.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder and unjustified fear.
  • The inability of the bewitched to have intercourse with his wife and the repulsion toward her.
  • Recurring nightmares and terrifying dreams of the bewitched person almost every night.
  • The appearance of some sudden physical symptoms such as pains in the joints and bones.
  • The inability of the person to do any work, as well as his dissatisfaction with the work he is doing.
  • Stuttering in speech and loss of the ability to pronounce letters correctly.
  • Excessive nervousness and loss of ability to dialogue and listen to other people.
  • Severe weakness in appetite and unwillingness to accept any meals, whatever they are.
  • Sudden heart palpitations, despite not making any effort.
  • The desire to isolate from others and be alone for long periods.
  • The feeling of the bewitched person is that there are people next to him, but he does not see them.
  • The bewitched person imagines things that do not exist as being real.
  • Excessive sweating, even in mild weather(body sweating other than usual).
  • Frequent diarrhea and not stopped by herbal or drug treatment.
  • The difference in body temperature from the usual weather in the heat or cold.
  • Feeling unbearable lower back pain and a feeling of heaviness above the shoulder.
  • Sleep disturbances. Either the patient suffers from an inability to fall asleep or sleeps for very long hours.
  • Feeling of tightness and suffocation inside the house and wanting to get out of the house in any situation.
  • An intense feeling of tightness and suffocation, as if something is perched on the chest for no apparent reason.
  • Lack of interest in personal appearance, where the bewitched person becomes disheveled and wears inconsistent clothes.
  • Change and pallor of the facial skin color, so we see that the face changes color to either red, yellow, or black.

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Signs in your house that indicate that you are a victim of witchcraft

Signs in your house that indicate that you are a victim of witchcraft

In addition to the previously mentioned symptoms and signs, you can also know if you’re a victim of witchcraft or not, and this is through some strange behaviors and signs that can appear in your home. So you must maintain your home and note any symptoms or changes that may affect the house as follows:
  • The family feels a permanent heat in the house.
  • Many quarrels and conflicts between family members.
  • Home furniture places have been suspiciously changed.
  • The unexplained death of a pet in the house.
  • The husband hates his home and his wife for no reason.
  • Seeing black shadows around the house, especially at night.
  • High temperatures and the inability of air conditioners to cool the house.
  • Hearing abnormal sounds or movements at home, especially at night.
  • The feeling of a cloud darkening the house, even with lighting.
  • Husband’s disagreements with his wife without justification on a frequent and continuous basis.

How do I know that I have been a victim of black magic?

How do I know that I have been a victim of black magic?

Black magic is the most difficult and most powerful type of magic, and it is only done by violating sanctities and doing explicit prohibitions to please the devils and the infidel jinn, where the charlatan depends on insulting the words of God and violating his sanctities, and surrendering himself to Satan by following his orders, that is, he left religion an explicit leaving, and its effects are devastating on human life and symptoms. As follows:
  • Physical disorders that may cause significant weight loss.
  • Loss of self-control as if directed by someone else.
  • Committing sexual indecency and inclination to unnatural sex.
    • The desire to sit for long periods in the toilet with a sense of psychological comfort.
    • Sensitive areas are always unclean as mold, dirt, and an unpleasant odor can be noticeable.
    • Infection with an unknown disease and there is no effective treatment for it in modern medicine.
      • Constant tension without a clear cause, then entering into chronic depression, hatred for seeing others, and the urgent desire to harm himself and those around him.
      • Feeling unpleasant odors most of the time without knowing the reason, even if it is in a clean place. types of magic
      • Hearing strange voices and cheers ordering him to do forbidden actions such as killing, and seeing terrifying nightmares in which predators are trying to kill him, all this prevents him from sleeping for long periods and could lead to his suicide to get rid of his suffering forever.

      How do you find out that you are a victim of black magic love spells?

      How do you find out that you are a victim of black witchcraft love spells?

      Black magic love spells are one of the types of magic that makes a person love another person so much and for no reason. This magic can cause many problems for the bewitched person, it may result in destroying his family and tarnishing his reputation. As for the symptoms of the black magic love spells, they are as follows:
      • The effect of magic on a bewitched person begins with thinking about the beloved, and this effect disappears or increases according to the power of the magic.
      • A person subject to magic obeys the orders of the beloved and carries out his orders and cannot refuse him a request.
      • The enchanted feels that he loves the beloved person and accompanies him like his soul and body.
      • The degree of love reaches the mention of the beloved always and does not see anyone else.
      • The enchanted listens to everything that the beloved person says, calls, and talks to him for a long time without getting bored.
      • A person under the influence of magic sees that his beloved is an angelic person who has no flaws or fault.
      • After that thinking turns to love, the bewitched person only loves and sees the one who cast the spell on him, as he will feel a great need to meet the beloved by any means, and this is due to the mental strength of bewitched and his control over his thoughts and himself.

        What are the types of witchcraft?

        What are the types of witchcraft?

        The jurists and healers have worked hard in dividing witchcraft into several types and categories, which we will try to summarize as follows:

        The witchcraft of separation

        One of the most famous types of witchcraft used to separate a husband from his wife, children, or relatives, and one of its symptoms is the appearance of hatred and the occurrence of many problems for the enchanted person for no reason clear and the failure of all efforts to reconcile him with the other parties, in addition to the emergence of general symptoms of magic on both sides.

        The witchcraft of alienation

        It is used to bind a person and prevent him from marrying. If the bewitched proposes to a girl, he feels very distressed and sees her with an undesirable view, and there are always unreasonable problems that lead to separation between the suitors and the failure to complete the marriage, and the same also happens if witchcraft is on the girl, whenever someone proposes to her, the engagement fails without apparent reason.

        The witchcraft of sickness

        This type of magic leads to the bewitched being infected with many strange diseases that are not useful in treating ordinary medicines, and medicine does not know their cause.

        The witchcraft of obsession

        It causes the patient to suffer from multiple obsessions, such as intense fear of illness, death, loneliness, or even fear of a particular person without any clear reason.

        The witchcraft of 

        And in which the patient appears strange symptoms and seems to be constantly disoriented and straying and is not aware of what is going on around him, and the matter may extend to suspicious behavior such as someone who has lost his mind, and the reason here is that the devil or the genie used by the magician has touched the person’s mind and has become able to control it.

        These are just some types of witchcraft, not all. The magician can affect any aspect of a person’s life according to the desire of those who want to harm him.

        How does witchcraft work?

        How does witchcraft work?

        The action of witchcraft and the increase in its effect depends on the method used by the magician to insert the amulet or knot into the bewitched body and his life as follows:

        Edible witchcraft

        It is by adding magic to a person’s food until he eats it, and this witchcraft quickly affects the bewitched. Which can be in the form of a liquid, pills, or powder.

        Sniffed witchcraft

        It is mixed with the scents that a person uses to inhale.

        The witchcraft of the effect

        It is taking something from a person’s belongings that contain his DNA, such as hair, nails, clothes, and others.

        Scattered witchcraft

        It is water or powder scattered in the place where a person is, and if he stepped on him, magic would hit him.

        It is by writing spells that a person does not understand, but it is a suit for the jinn to accompany this person.

        Observational witchcraft

        Depends on observing planets and stars to use them to make the magic.


        At the end of this article, we have offered you the answer to the question of how to know if you’re a victim of witchcraft, and we have also presented the signs and symptoms that indicate that this person is bewitched.

        However, the appearance of these symptoms and signs does not mean that you are a victim of witchcraft. Before making sure of this, first, you should go to a doctor who can diagnose you with a physical or mental illness.

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