How To Seduce Your Wife? Best 6 Tips

How do I seduce my wife? Men always ask this question when their marital relationship enters the cold phase. Many studies conducted by reputable institutions such as Yale University have shown that most couples in a stable relationship tend to argue about money, sex, and children.

So, if you are a married man, this article will help you. Even if it isn't, maybe you will need it someday. 

Therefore, in this article, we will answer the following questions:
  • How to seduce my wife and maintain our beautiful relationship despite all difficulties?
  • Why doesn't my wife want to have sex with me like she used to?
  • Why does my wife say she loves me, but at the same time, she behaves coldly with me?
  • Having sex with my wife has become boring, and it seems that she is no longer excited, so what do I do to seduce her sexually again?

How To Seduce Your Wife - Best 6 Tips

Love vs Attraction

If what I mentioned in the previous paragraph reflects your reality, don't worry or think that your situation is the worst in the world because you will be surprised to know how many men face the same situation every day. A couple's libido seems to decrease over time, and they are usually the ones experiencing it most intensely.

Fortunately, you will learn how you can handle that in this article, but first, you must analyze the situation objectively to discover how your wife feels about you, does she no longer loves you, or is she still but no longer attracted to you.

You will discover this in her actions. For this, you should analyze her behavior and find out if something has changed outside of the sexual aspect. You should also analyze what she is saying, especially during a discussion.

Almost all people say that when they are angry they say things they do not feel, but the reality is that when one is under the influence of emotion as strong as anger, he says the things he feels, which are hidden in his subconscious mind. Therefore, it is very important to analyze all words of the counterparty in such situations.

Analyzing things this way, you will be able to tell if your partner still loves you, and if she not, don't think about it anymore, don't torture yourself or force yourself to stay in a relationship that is about to become hell. 

But if you understand that your woman still loves you, the problem is that she no longer wants sex as much as she used to, so the problem is a loss of attraction, and fortunately, attraction is something that is still under your control.

In other words, try to make your wife feel attracted to you as much as she was before, make your wife want you, and you will be surprised when you see her become a superwoman, hotter and more accommodating than she is. as it was during your first days as a married couple.

A man whose wife used to be sexually cold wrote to me, only to inform me that she was so horny that they had made love 15 times in 5 days! 

How to seduce your wife

To seduce your wife to make love and to make her go back to being that woman who drove you crazy, apply these six tips:

1. Remember the good times

Can you still remember those good times when you were so in love with each other, and you used to spend more time in bed than outside of it?

Well, we are going to resort to the psychological technique of anchoring. To do this, you need to remember something you used to say to your wife or something you used to do with her but that you no longer say or do nowadays.

Once you remember it, take a moment to say it or repeat it to your wife. It will remind her of those good times and bring her back to the same feelings and excitement.

It's a powerful technique, but don't overuse it, or you'll get used to it and lose all of its advantages.            

2. To seduce your wife, don’t ask for sex

Something strange happens with most couples.  At first, when they are alone, they begin to touch, kiss... and the sex happens naturally. But as time passes, these preludes disappear and sex becomes more programmed and less natural.

So the couple will agree to do it on a certain day and at a certain time, and when the time comes, they strip down and start working. This is not usually a problem for men, who are more excited and tend to get aroused faster but the woman is still not aroused enough and, therefore,  her interest in sex is decreasing.

And the more she loses interest in sex, the more he asks for it. And this is where discussions about sex usually begin. The man says, "It’s been ten days since the last time." He claims, "I do it whenever I want." She answers... and the rest is not pleasant at all.

The reality is that the more you ask for sex, the less she will give it to you because, by doing so, you are losing the power of attraction. Remember that women are not attracted to needy and lustful men, and by acting that way, you show that you depend on them and need them to satisfy your instincts. Having sex with you is indeed her duty, but you want her to do it out of true desire and not out of obligation, right?

So don’t give up your power, don’t ask for sex. What you have to do is increase her sex drive, motivate it, and make her enjoy with you so that this activity remains under your control.

3. Stay in control

Seducing your wife

As a man, she expects you to have leadership and stay in control of the relationship. So stay in control.

It is necessary to maintain control in all aspects, especially in sex.

You will use an indirect method. Suddenly you start asking for sex with funny phrases like “Honey, are we doing it today?”, “My life, are you going to give me what I like so much today?”, And other similar questions.

Although these questions may seem very innocent and a kind of game, you are giving up control of sex. 

You are sending her the message that she is the one who can decide whether or not to “give” you sex.

And here start troubles because now she can use sex to control you and get the things she wants. So be careful before you fall into this trap.

4. Have a plan to start the game

Although it is best to enjoy sex when it is spontaneous, it is always better to have a plan to seduce your spouse and start the game.

It would be perfect if they could have the same freedom that they had when they were newly married. At that time, both could enjoy privacy at any time, but now their children and their multiple needs do not give them so much freedom. Therefore, it is much better to create your plan as a couple.

So, for example, if they know that their children like to spend the day at their grandparent's house on Saturdays, they could plan to have sex every Saturday and prepare for it.

This way, you may not have much sex, but the quality of it will be second to none.

5. Seduce your wife by increasing your sexual value

Remember that sexual value is the element that defines how attractive you are as a man and that this value depends on 10 percent of your physical appearance and 90 percent on qualities of your personality such as status, leadership, attractiveness, good taste, and intelligence, etc.

If you feel that you have lost your ability to attract your partner, there is no better way to regain your lost attraction than by increasing your sexual value. You can achieve this by doing something that sets you apart, such as changing your clothing style, growing your intelligence, and getting a better job. Anything that shows that you are progressing and growing will work wonders in this regard.

6. Take into account external factors

External factors are all those that are out of your control, as you cannot influence them. The only thing you can do is adapt your plan by taking them into account so that you avoid ruining the party.

For this, you have to analyze the situation well, look for all these external factors, and, once identified, find a way to deal with them without reacting.

For example, fatigue is one of these factors. Many men complain that their wives always pretend to be tired, reacting to her angrily (reactive attitude) without thinking that she might already be tired from the many activities they do throughout the day.

But if you think about it, when she refuses to have sex with you, arguing that she is tired, it gives you a great chance to show her that you genuinely care about her. If you ask her to lie down and give her a relaxing massage, she may react positively. And you might end up making love for hours.

Another external factor is the lack of sexual desire caused by certain pills and other hormonal contraceptive methods. If you think this is the case, ask her to stop taking hormonal contraceptives and resort to the use of condoms. Many couples say they regained their sexual desire when they stopped using the contraceptive pill.


Finally, seducing your wife should not be difficult, especially if we start from the fact that you have already achieved it before on countless occasions. By following these six tips, you'll have a cute and hot woman who will make you the envy of everyone.

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