18 Best Tunisian Restaurants to Visit in Tunis 2022

What are the best Tunisian restaurants to visit when going to Tunis? The Tunisian capital contains many luxurious restaurants that serve different dishes from Tunisian cuisine. So in this article, we will share our selection of chic and gourmet restaurants in Tunis.

18 Best Tunisian Restaurants to Visit in Tunis

1. La Table du Chef – Mövenpick Hotel du Lac Tunis

18 Best Tunisian Restaurants to visit  in Tunis 2022

It is the perfect restaurant for a gastronomic journey that will allow you to live new culinary experiences in a discreet place and a warm atmosphere. Here, we sit down for dinner but also observe the preparation of the dishes and enter the chefs’ secret garden. Tables have also been set up a few steps from the stoves for those who wish to dine in an intimate atmosphere.
  • Address: Rue du Lac Huron, Les Berges du Lac 1053 Tunis

2. Roof Top 360 Dar El Marsa

Roof Top 360 Dar El Marsa - Tunisian Restaurants

Located on the first floor of the Dar El Marsa hotel, this resto-bar offers panoramic views of La Marsa bay and the Carthage coast. With its idyllic setting, this gourmet restaurant offers refined cuisine and impeccable service. An address that combines luxury and tranquility for an unforgettable meal.
  • Address: Hotel Dar El Marsa, 75 avenue Habib Bourguiba 2071 La Marsa

3. La salle à manger

Tunisian Restaurants - La salle à manger

In a sumptuous setting and with original decoration, La Salle à manger welcomes you to taste its delicious dishes and its menu that highlights its specialties.
  • Address: 3 Rue Imam Sahnoun – Alain Savary 1002 Tunis

4. Le Golfe

Le Golfe restaurant

Overlooking La Marsa beach, this restaurant is known for its authenticity, friendliness, and modernity. Le Golfe and his team invite you to discover its essential menu.
  • Address: 5, rue El Arbi Zarrouk 2070 La Marsa

5. Au bon vieux temps Sidi Bou Said

This restaurant offers refined dishes from the cuisine: of Tunisian, French and Italian. Sit on the terrace to enjoy the sublime view of the hills of Sidi Bou Said.
  • Address: 56 Rue Hedi Zarrouk – Sidi Bou Saïd

6. La Closerie

At La Closerie, an address known for its "chic attitude" as well as for the refinement of its Italian-Mediterranean cuisine, Whether you sit inside or on the terrace, the atmosphere will always be warm and very pleasant.
  • Address: 2km Rue Ibn El Jazzar 2046 La Soukra

7. Dar Zarrouk

This Tunisian restaurant is located in Sidi Bou Said, Dar Zarrouk is one of the most famous restaurants in this village. It's enchanting setting, quality service, and delicious cuisine make it a good plan.
  • Address: Rue Hédi Zarrouk Sidi Bou Saïd

8. Villa Didon

Villa Didon Carthage is an original concept that offers several services. This is a gourmet restaurant and a trendy bar. Overlooking the bay of Tunis, Villa Didon Carthage is a symbol of haute cuisine with international cuisine and a very varied menu.
  • Address: Rue Mendes France, 2016 Carthage, Tunis

9. The cliff

The cliff restaurant

This place is breathtaking with a sea view. Its magnificent, calm, and relaxing setting combines tradition and modernism. This Tunisian restaurant is ideal for those looking for refined cuisine presented with great care.
  • Address: R. Sidi Dhrif, la Corniche Avenue Sidi Dhrif Marsa 2078 El Marsa, Tunis

10. L’Astragale

L’Astragale restaurant Tunisian dish

L’Astragale offers high-quality French and Mediterranean cuisine. More than a restaurant, L’Astragale is an experience where the excellence of the service rivals the quality and aesthetics of the dishes.
  • Address: 17, ave Charles Nicolle 1082 Tunis

11. La Villa Bleue

One of the famous Tunisian restaurants to visit absolutely, La Villa Bleue is a true haven of peace suspended between sky and sea in the heart of Sidi Bou Said. As soon as you enter, the magic of these places permeates your memory. Let yourself be carried away by the magical atmosphere, admire the view of the sea, and take the time to taste delicious dishes inspired by the local region.
  • Address: 68 rue Kennedy 2026 Sidi Bou Saïd

12. Dar El Jeld

Dar El Jeld is a luxury 3-fork restaurant located in the heart of La Medina de Tunis. Here you will taste the delights of Tunisian cuisine in an oasis of calm and refinement.
  • Address: 5-10 Rue Dar El Jeld, La Kasbah, Tunis Medina 1019 Tunis

13. El Ali

El Ali is an authentic address in the heart of Tunisia known for its authenticity, tranquility, and delicious Tunisian food as much as it is classy.
  • Address: 45 Bis Rue Jemaâ Zitouna La Médina Tunis 1006 Tunis

14. Dar Belhadj

This gem is hidden between Souk El Attarine and Al Balagha. Its typical Tunisian atmosphere and its delicious cuisine will make you live a tempting experience.
  • Address: 17 rue des Tamis la Kasba 1080 Tunis

15. Fondouk El Attarine

Fondouk El Attarine restaurant

Discover in the heart of the Medina of Tunis this fabulous restaurant that offers Tunisian and refined cuisine prepared and presented with care.
  • Address: 9 bis Souk El Attarine, Tunis médina 1006 Tunis

16. Abou Nawas – Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis

Inaugurated on December 31, 2018, Abou Nawas is the new Tunisian restaurant of the Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis. The restaurant has distinguished itself by its typical setting, its authentic decor, and its generous menu.
  • Address: Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis

17. Dar Zmen – Laico

Tunisian restaurant Dar Zmen

In a pleasant setting, the Tunisian restaurant Dar Zmen offers refined menus of Tunisian cuisine. In addition to its delicious food, you will surely love this place's decor and architecture.
  • Address: Hotel Laico Tunis – Place des Droits de l’Homme Avenue Mohamed 5 1001 Tunis

18. Restaurant El Dar – Hôtel The Residence

As soon as you enter El Dar Restaurant, you will be fascinated by the beauty of the decor and the warmth of the welcome. A special mention is made of the refined Tunisian cuisine, which will surely make all your senses travel away thanks to the spicy flavors and aromas of the dishes.
  • Address: The Residence Tunis

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