Canadian Girls: The Best Tips to Seduce Them

How to flirt with a Canadian girl? How to get a Canadian girlfriend? Is seducing Canadian girls easy? Don’t move, young traveler …

If Canada is known for its cool climate, poutine dish, and maple syrup, it also has another reputation with some men: its women. That is why some people want to be successful in flirting with a Canadian girl and this is what we will see in this article.

In this article, we will give you the best tips on how to get a Canadian girlfriend and how you can make her fall in your love.

Canadian girls The Best Tips to Seduce Them

The mentality of Canadian girls during dating

If the mentality of Canadian English-speaking girls is quite similar to that of their American neighbors, the mentality of French-speaking Canadian girls would be completely different from that of French girls if you have dated a French girl before.

You should consider this well if you want to succeed in seducing a Canadian girl.

In the country, people are quite proud of their Canadian uniqueness. It's something they claim loud and clear to set themselves apart from the rest of the world.

This is especially true for the French-speaking part, which wants to distinguish itself from the rest of the Francophonie west. But this also applies to the English-speaking part, even if the latter’s mentality seems very connected with those of the American democratic states.

How to flirt with a Canadian girl?

How to please a Canadian girl

If you want to please a Canadian, you must first show her that you respect her and her country. For example, you can learn more about the country than the classic things you learned in school, as very few tourists make this effort, which will have a positive impact on the flirt's success.

On the other hand, if you have some French culture. The French Touch side which works particularly well in the USA, will not necessarily work so well with English-speaking Canadian women. Due to linguistic tensions with neighboring Quebec. 

If you are French, also be careful not to be chauvinistic. Arrogance is something that is not appreciated at all in the country. Canadians are generally cool and laid-back people.

To win the heart of a Canadian woman, you generally have to respect these four criteria:
  • Show humility.
  • Respect their typically Canadian Francophone culture.
  • Listen more than you speak.
  • Be simple, and have fun.
By respecting these four points, you will have already done the majority of the work in attempting to seduce a Canadian woman.

What are the favorite hobbies of Canadian girls?

What are the favorite hobbies of Canadian girls

If there's one thing that doesn't differ much between French-speaking and English-speaking Canadians, it's leisure activities. It's one of the few things women in Canada have in common.

The most popular sport in Canada is ice hockey. There are also cheerleaders like you can find in the United States. Hockey players are usually the most successful men and the most attractive to girls.

Canada also has beautiful nature. In winter, you can enjoy stunning snowy landscapes, while in summer, you can enjoy beautiful forests or rivers.

As for the rest of the Canadian girls, they, like European girls, do the following activities:
  • Hanging out with friends, whether going to a restaurant, a bar, or the cinema.
  • Go shopping, even after the sale season.
  • Relax and enjoy the spa in the winter and camping in nature during the summer.
Unlike girls from poor countries, You have not been able to impress Canadian girls by offering them activities beyond their budget because their standard of living allows them to have access to the leisure activities of their want.

Things to avoid when dating a girl from Canada

Things to avoid when seducing a girl from Canada

If you want to seduce Canadian girls, it is important to be careful not to say certain things that might provoke them.

Here are some examples of what to not do when trying to seduce a girl in Canada:
  • The Canadian accent during my meeting with a francophone girl, compared to the Francophone European, Canadian accent is, how to put it, quite particular. So, if you are fluent in French, the one that Louis XIV spoke, when the English “stole” the French colonies in North America, the two languages ​​were no longer in communication with each other and evolved differently. So don’t try to make fun of them by imitating their accent.
  • Poutine dish and maple syrup. Just as Belgians don't drink only beer and eat fries, Canadians also have other culinary delights.
  • Talk about the independence of Quebec. If this speech can be accepted in a discussion with Quebeckers, it will go badly, very badly, with English-speaking Canadians.
  • Pollution from bituminous oil in Alberta is a real ecological concern for people who are aware of this cause. But for a majority of Canadians, this represents a huge amount of money. And the money earned from the exploitation of this highly polluting hydrocarbon will be used to benefit the people of Canada. So not everyone sees this as a huge problem in the country.
  • You are constantly complaining about the temperatures. The North American continent does not benefit from the Gulf Stream, which warms the country in winter. As a result, during this time of year, it can get very cold in Canada. If you don't like it, don't live in the country. By complaining, you will irritate the Canadian woman you're dating.

Finding Canadian Women for Marriage

For you, dating girls in Canada isn’t just for fun? or maybe you are trying to find Canadian women for marriage? In this case, you should be careful before marrying a Canadian girl.

Even though Canada has no official religion, at least not like the United States, this is no reason to take marriage lightly. As in all countries, marriage is supposed to be a sacred act. If you want to marry a Canadian woman, you will have to weigh the pros and cons of all this.

In addition, getting married to a woman from Canada will not be as easy as in some countries referred to as “poor”. A Canadian girl will carefully choose her future husband and not marry the first-comer who will make her sparkle the moon.

To marry a girl from Canada, you will have to take your time, as in Europe. The relationship of love must be created little by little. It usually starts with a flirtation, then living together in the same house, the engagement, and finally marriage. 

All of this does not happen overnight, and marrying a Canadian too quickly will often result in divorce.

Where to meet a single Canadian woman?

If you want to meet a single Canadian woman, there is no real secret you will need to travel to Canada. If you are looking to meet a Canadian girl from a particular region, you will need to travel to that region.

However, it will also be possible to meet Canadians abroad. Tenerife and the Dominican Republic are popular vacation spots for locals. As these are relatively small islands, you will feel like you meet a lot of Canadians.

However, the top destinations for English-speaking Canadians are the United Kingdom and the United States. For Francophones, France comes first.

If you speak French well, unfortunately, it will be very difficult to meet Canadian girls in a French-speaking country, unless you are lucky. As their country is quite wealthy, they generally do not seek to live abroad. And so, for example, you won’t be able to go to a Canadian restaurant to meet Canadian girls, because they don’t usually come on vacation to eat their country’s cuisine.

Meet a Canadian girl online

Meet Canadian girl on a Website

If you can't travel to Canada, another way to get to know Canadian women is to use a dating site. But be careful, not just any site. It is preferable to use a site where women want to meet foreign men. If you try to use a local site, Canadian girls may be near you when you try to contact them.

We have tested several dating sites on the internet and the best in our opinion is the famous International Cupid, which brings people from different countries together.

On the site, in addition to Quebecers and Canadians who want to meet a foreign man, you will also have the opportunity to meet people from a whole host of other countries in the world.

If you want to stay with your idea of ​​Canada, however, you will have the opportunity to talk to several thousand girls across the country. So this should leave you with plenty of choices to meet a Canadian woman online.

If you're lucky, the Canadian woman you'll meet may want to join you in your country, without your need to travel to Canada! 
This works particularly well if you are French. But if you live in the country, it will give you more opportunities to meet with Canadian girls.

Conclusion on dating Canadian girls

We are now at the end of our article on dating a woman in Canada. We hope you enjoyed this one and that you now know the mentalities of the girls in the country.

As you may have noticed, seduction in Canada will be different from that in the rest of the country. In a way, we can think of it as two countries in one, each with its language and culture.

We have given you all the tips needed so that you can seduce the Canadian girl you love, whether she is French or not. Dating is not an exact science, so you will need to adapt as much as possible to every Canadian girl.

What works for one woman may not work for another; In any case, if you don’t know how to seduce a Canadian woman, take our guide as a basis. Then, when you get to know her a little better, try to apply a personalized approach.

We wish you good luck with the Canadian girls; We sincerely hope that you manage to seduce the women of Canada that you like. Please do not hesitate to leave us feedback as soon as possible.

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