How to Get Subscribers on Snapchat? 8 New Tips

How do you get Snapchat subscribers? You probably have a Snapchat account, but you're not sure how to use it for your business.

On the contrary, if you think that Snapchat can help you develop your activity on the web, without really knowing where to start, then the following lines will please you.

So, this article is for all Snapchat users who regularly post great content and want to promote their accounts to get more Snapchat subscribers.

How to Get Subscribers on Snapchat? 8 New Tips

How do get more subscribers on Snapchat?

Yes, let's be honest on Snapchat, it's hard to grow followers if you don't already have a community through other social networks.

The difficulty is that you can only be added from your nickname. Or via your Snapcode. So, it is mandatory to be original and creative to gain more followers on Snapchat.

On Snapchat, you have to win your community. And as of yet, there is no shortcut to advertising like on Facebook or Instagram.

Here are the 8 tips to promote your Snapchat while bringing value to the people who follow you.

1. Add your Snapcode to a Facebook profile photo

It’s simple, but you have to think about it. How to do it? Take a screenshot of your Snapcode.

From there, you can add it directly as a Facebook profile picture or customize it a bit.

If your target is B2B, you can even put your Snapcode on LinkedIn.

2. Add your Snapchat story at the end of your YouTube videos

Another way to get more Snapchat subscribers is to show what’s going on. To reveal part of the backstage to arouse curiosity.

By adding your story at the end of your YouTube videos, you'll show people what they've missed. You can also choose to make a dedicated video by collecting your most popular Snaps.

Suddenly, you must remember to save your stories daily, directly on Snapchat.

3. Upload your Snapchat photos to Instagram

To promote your Snapchat, you can also post photos taken with Snap to your Instagram account.

To make them easily recognizable, I advise you to add text and a geo-location filter. This way, your Instagram community will recognize at a glance that the photo was taken on Snapchat.

4. Add your Snapchat nickname to your Instagram title

Again, this is a simple trick. But it is effective.

By adding your Snapchat nickname directly to the title of your Instagram description, your nickname will be visible directly in the search feed.

You can also mention the content you share on Snapchat in the caption of your Instagram photos.

Since your Snapchat username is in your bio, your community knows where to find it. So your job is to show what users are missing out on by not being on your Snapchat.

5. Organize a Snapchat / Instagram contest

You can organize a contest on Instagram to promote your Snapchat account.

How to do it? Ask your Snapchat followers to take a screenshot of one of your photos and post it on their Instagram accounts with a specific hashtag. 

This way, you will be visible on hundreds of Instagram accounts. Which will make get more subscribers on Snapchat. 

So be careful, your content on Snapchat must be of high quality, otherwise, these new subscribers will go away as quickly as they came.

With this trick, you also increase your Snapchat score. To find out, just display your Snapcode: this is the number just below.

6. Meet Snapchat Influencer

This is a trick that Youtubers use a lot. They make videos with each other, to exchange visibility and have a lot of fun in the process.

It’s your turn to meet Snapchatters, who share the same values as you and whose number of views is interesting to you.

I like this trick because it allows you to get off the web and build 
authentic relationships.

7. Take a Snap Takeover

So what is a Snapchat takeover?

It’s simply posting content to the story of another Snapchat account. As if, for example, I published a few Snap in the Damien Menu story.

All it takes is for Mark to tell me how many people are following him and what they like to see.

Then, he must allow me access to his account so that I can publish his story. Or, I can meet him and post directly on his Snapchat when we meet.

What is the advantage of such a practice?

First, it’s fun. This is a dimension that is often forgotten: having fun.

Are you an entrepreneur: you are free, so why not choose to take pleasure in everything you do?

With this trick, you will also gain more visibility. You will make yourself known to the followers of the account on which you are posting.

The person who receives you on their Snap is also very successful because she will offer new content to her followers. At the same time, it will develop its credibility. And then you produce content for it, for free.

The takeover is one of the best tips to get more Subscribers on Snapchat and increase your visibility.

8. Post snaps of your city live stream

If you have enabled location data in Snapchat settings, you have access to Live in your city. At the moment, only large cities have one.

As I live in the city of Dubai, my story will be visible to all Dubai residents and all residents of the area, which represents 4 million people.

So, by posting a Snap in your city’s live stream, you have a great chance of gaining new Snapchat subscribers.

However, you have to post some interesting content (yes, that makes sense, but I prefer to spell it out, you never know).

Above all, you need to make your Snapchat username visible, so people can easily add you.

For Dubai, you can take a picture of a tower or a video related to current events, such as demonstrations or exhibitions, by adding your nickname to the photo or video.

In the end, breathe you will get more subscribers and grow your Snapchat account.

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