Tooth Gems: Everything You Need to Know

Dental gems have been used by many artists, such as Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Hailey Baldwin, as they were among the first to put these gemstones on their teeth. 

Today this fashion is back after being popular in the 90s. A few alternative Swarovski pearls in place of precious stones. Beautiful jewelry, but what are the dangers of these dental gems? And what do the doctors say?

Tooth Gems: Everything You Need to Know

What are Tooth Gems?

These small pieces of jewelry are fixed to the teeth using an adhesive. Some are small stones in the middle of the tooth, and other times people choose to put jewel-encrusted pieces on their teeth.

The metals used in the manufacture of these gems are white gold and ordinary gold or as it is called red, in addition to other pieces of colored lobes, which increases their attractiveness and demand. 

These pieces do not rust and are easily attached to the surface of the molars without the need to drill the tooth or local anesthesia, so this fashion was rapidly spreading among people.

How do you stick tooth gems?

The steps of sticking tooth gems are easy, as all you have to do is place the glue in the molar you want and then put the gems piece on the glue. Don't worry, the glue will dry quickly. It is also easy to remove whenever you want.

How long do tooth gems last?

How long do tooth gems last?

A gem tooth applied to natural teeth lasts 1-6 weeks if you choose a temporary placement. If you prefer a semi-permanent position, the dental gem will stay in place until you decide to have it removed by your dentist.

Can it be felt on the teeth?

Will you feel the dental jewelry when it is applied? This jewelry is 5.0 mm thick. Because of its very lightweight and small size, you will feel it for the first two days, and then you will get used to it quickly.

Can children wear it?

There are no contraindications. Children can wear tooth gems where it will not pose any danger to the health of their teeth as long as it is properly attached and as long as the parents agree to that.

What do dentists say about tooth gems?

Tooth gems for girls

Dentists are not fans of this accessory, and they stress that putting foreign objects on your teeth can never be safe or hygienic, and this can negatively affect the ability to chew or eat food, and you can accidentally swallow it.

Dentists also talked about more serious side effects to consider, including tooth decay and infection that the adhesives can cause. Some people experience discoloration from using questionable adhesives.

So, as the dentists say, by applying gemstones, we risk negatively affecting our overall health, where these pieces will become a point of attraction for cutting food or germs and bacteria in general.

Veteran dentists have advised teeth whitening as a less risky alternative, noting that it will generally have a better aesthetic result, last longer, and be safer.

Do tooth gems hurt your teeth?

Dentists do not like to put gems or jewelry on the teeth. But if you insist on having them installed, always make sure that the dentist who will apply the technique is reputable in the field. A dental clinic blog also indicates that it is essential to ensure that the correct adhesive is used.

Here the situation is similar to any plastic surgery you undergo. In addition to the above, we must pay attention to the fact that tooth gems make it difficult for you to clean your teeth; Because food crumbs can get stuck around jewelry, causing tooth decay, usually without your knowledge. Likewise, your entire mouth will be affected by this new accessory.

In addition, dentists warn that if the glue enters the soft tissues in your mouth, it may lead to burns and chemical ulcers, in addition to gingivitis or even injury.

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