Ukrainian Girls: Best Tips for Successful Dating

What are the most important tips for dating Ukrainian girls? The girls from Eastern Ukraine are considered one of the prettiest in the world in the eyes of many men. She is said to have a particular style that makes her very attractive. Because of this, many men dream of successfully flirting with her.

So, in this article, we will see together everything you need to learn how to meet a Ukrainian Slavic girl in the best possible conditions. We hope that our tips will help you succeed in winning the heart of at least one girl in this country.

Ukrainian Girls: Best Tips for Successful Dating

Ukrainian woman mentality

Ukraine has a vast territory. The largest area is entirely in Europe. The country has 45 million inhabitants (2018). So you will find their girls with different social statuses, different moral qualities, different levels of education, and course, different Ukrainian women mentality from girl to girl.

Also, since the country is quite large, you won’t use the same strategies to seduce a girl in Kyiv as you do to pick up a girl in Odesa or a Ukrainian country girl, for example.

It will be necessary to adapt to all cases and act accordingly in each particular case.

What do Ukrainian girls look like?

What do Ukrainian girls look like?

Ukrainian girls' personality varies from girl to girl, just like mentality, although there are generally strong similarities.

For example, when you start a romantic relationship with a Ukrainian girl, she will look at you in awe and not speak much. She will take care of you to show you that she is a good girl.

However, once she feels comfortable with you, she will start to get jealous, talk a lot more, and try to change your character to make you look like a Ukrainian person. After only a few months of dating, you will feel like you have a whole different girl in front of you.

Important advice before dating women in Ukraine

Important advice before dating women in Ukraine

If you are trying to find a serious Ukrainian girlfriend, the first thing to do is to choose her carefully. To put the odds in your favor, you need to be careful about the type of girls you’re going to meet. Don’t be fooled by a liar girl or a woman who will waste your time with her.

1. Find a Ukrainian girl for a serious relationship

Before you want to analyze whether the Ukrainian girl you want is right for you or not, you will first need to be able to meet her. For this, you have several options:

You can go to Ukraine and try to meet girls there. By the way, this is the best way because you will be spoiled for choice among all the Ukrainian beauties that are in the country. For example, you can try flirting in Kyiv or seducing girls in Odesa.

However, this does not make it easy to find a girlfriend. Even if you come from a rich country, sometimes women in Ukraine are suspicious of foreigners. The easiest way for us is to use the Internet. You can either meet Ukrainian girls who already live near you or prepare for your future visit to the country.

2. Find out if your girlfriend has sincere intentions for you

Finding a nice girlfriend from Ukraine is a dream for many guys. But is it enough to go to the country to find a girl who will pretend to be your friend?

If beauty is the only criterion for you, then yes, maybe. But if you are looking for other qualities such as intelligence and femininity, then you need to be more careful.

In Ukraine, you find quite a few nice women, but in general, the more they know that they are beautiful, the more they play with you and try to make you spend as much money as possible. Unfortunately, their beauty is so exceptional that many men put their brains aside when dating these girls.

If you are more clear, you should understand that the girl will only stay with you as long as you can pay her whatever she wants. When you stop or she finds someone richer than you, she will leave you. Do not think that a girl like this can become your serious girlfriend. She will stay with you only because you can provide her with a high standard of living.

Please don’t be naive. This type of relationship is not loving. Your girlfriend will never be more or less an escort that you have to pay her for every day. She will not have the slightest feeling for you.

3. Be careful of fake dating agencies

Dating scams are common in Ukraine. You need to pay special attention to this. Again, do not use marriage agencies, especially if they are located in an Eastern European country. Most of the time, these are fraudulent marriage agencies.

Then, it is advisable to follow some basic rules of prudence. To do this, use your common sense. When you try to pick up in Ukraine, it’s not at all the same as in Asia or Africa. In these countries, you usually won’t have a hard time dating a girl.

Here are the 3 most common scams when looking for a Ukrainian girlfriend:
  • Meeting with a girl who doesn’t match her photos. No matter what reason the girl will give you, immediately leave this meeting. The Ukrainian woman you spoke with online does not exist and another appears in her place. The goal is to get you to spend as much money as possible.
  • Women who try to take you to an expensive restaurant, go shopping, or buy drugs. In the restaurant, the prices will be artificially inflated, and the girl will share this amount with the waiters. For shopping, she'll come back the next day for a refund. And for drugs, it will be the same.
  • Fake dating sites. Some sites will ask you to sign up, and once you pay for it, you won’t find anything at all. Carefully read dating site reviews before signing up. We advise you to use UkraineDate only and not to subscribe to other sites.

4. Don’t give love to the wrong person

It often happens that men perceive the sympathy of a Ukrainian woman as the fact that there can be a serious relationship. Unfortunately, a lot of girls do this in order not to appear to mean to you.

Arriving in Ukraine, no one should think that a woman is waiting for a charming foreign prince. Many girls already have a local boyfriend or have a good job.

Sometimes women just want to meet you to speak French or English. And they know that if they told you these reasons beforehand, you wouldn’t want to meet her. Don’t think of every dating girl as dating.

Also, be careful not to confuse friendly discussions with discussions that could lead to serious relationships. It is important to understand a girl well before considering her a future girlfriend. Make sure the Ukrainian girl is single and not already married.

Best tips for dating Ukrainian girls

Best tips for dating Ukrainian girls

Many men try to do everything they can to show the best possible light on the first date. But in the face of the Ukrainian woman you see for the first time, you will have to adopt a certain behavior.

Everyone is free to choose their strategy, but some will not work with a Ukrainian woman. It is important to make the Ukrainians interested in you. Once that is done, you have taken a big step in the process of seducing a girl in Ukraine.

1. Self-confidence on the first date in Ukraine

When it’s a first date with a girl, people who don’t have a lot of experience with girls often don’t have a lot of self-confidence. Sometimes, when thinking about dating a girl, some guys get nervous.

It is important to put in a lot of effort at that level on the first date with a Ukrainian woman. Just because they are cute doesn’t mean you have to lose your way. It’s quite the opposite:  you have to show them that you are not afraid and that you have a strong character.

If it's easy to talk about girls over a good beer with friends, it's also important to know how to finish afterward. Don't be afraid to talk to a beautiful Ukrainian woman. In the country, they are no prettier than the other girls. Although you find her very cute, she has an average beauty compared to other women in her country.

Also, keep in mind that other men may be just as shy. And the girl you’ll see may have met these people on previous dates. On this basis, you must understand that this is where you can make a difference.

2. Why a cute Ukrainian girl wants to meet a foreigner

One thing guys don’t always understand is why a beautiful woman would agree to a date with a stranger. Some wonder how she is not yet married or does not already have a boyfriend.

The answer may surprise you, but it makes sense. Either she has not found a man to like in Ukraine, due to alcoholism or the masculinity prevalent in the country, or many shy men do not dare to give her a date thinking that they will not have a chance.

When a girl accepts a dating offer, it means nothing more than a date. It’s nothing special on her mind, other than maybe she liked your profile. On this date especially, you have to make a difference in trying to get a second date.

Avoid physical contact as much as possible during the first few meetings. However, if the situation is right, feel free to try grabbing it. For example,  be as polite as possible. Ukrainian girls usually need some time before they think about doing something with a guy.

If the girl does not live far from your meeting place, feel free to offer to drive her home or pay her for a taxi. It is something she values very much. However, don’t expect anything in return from her other than a second date.

3. How should the first date in Ukraine be

The first date in Ukraine should always be a bit quiet. You should not make inappropriate offers to the Ukrainian girl you are going to meet. For example, don't expect to be able to sleep with your Ukrainian girlfriend on the first night.

You don’t have to do something special that isn’t like you on a date. You have to make sure you are yourself; that’s the most important thing. Don’t worry if something doesn’t go right; it’s part of the game. If the Ukrainian girl doesn’t accept you for who you are, do not worry. Go to the next girl.

4. What Ukrainian girls look for in a man

Ukrainian women like confident men. They also like guys who keep their word, which is why it’s important to be on time for a first date. Although girls in Ukraine are always late, they won’t forgive you for being late.

Ukrainian girls also love the leaders. Therefore, you need to take the initiative and plan the first meeting from scratch. They also love flowers, especially when girls are over 35. Flowers under that age don't matter.

If you’re the calm and boring type, consider your date a failure. Women in Ukraine hate it. Do not hesitate to make her talk, ask her questions, etc.

Try to be as funny as possible. Humor is very popular in the country, where the country's president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, was previously a comedian, as long as you choose the right jokes to make her laugh according to the situation. 

Do you know the saying “a woman laughs, a woman in the middle of your bed”? In Ukraine, this rather means that she will agree to a second date, as sleeping the first night is extremely rare.

How to impress Ukrainian girls?

How to impress Ukrainian girls?

Many Ukrainian girls are suspicious of foreigners. Many men just want to have sex in Ukraine. So, it will be necessary to prove that you are not that kind of guy to be able to seduce Ukrainian girls. Or at least, make her feel like you’re not if you are.

If your dream is to have a Ukrainian girlfriend, we advise you to follow the following steps before you start looking for your sweetheart.

First, research the culture and history of the country. For example, never say that Ukraine is like Russia. Then try to learn a few words in the most spoken language in your city. People speak Russian more easily in Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro, and Kharkiv. In Lviv, they will speak Ukrainian and hate Russian.

With this, your chances of success will increase significantly.

Then, to meet your first Ukrainian girl, there are usually two options:
  • You can prepare several online meetings. Once you arrive, you will meet her. The advantage is that you can schedule multiple meetings.
  • Come straight into town and go to bars, clubs, streets, events, etc.
If you are the more reservations type, the first option is best for you.

However, do not live in a fantasy world. Even with perfect preparation, you may end up empty-handed during your stay in Ukraine. Consider your first trip to the country as an apprenticeship. Then refine your strategies step by step.

Best places to find a bride in Ukraine

Best places to find a bride in Ukraine

To find a future bride in the Ukrainian province. We think it is best to do it in medium-sized towns or small towns with all the necessary infrastructure such as supermarkets, cafes, internet, correct local road conditions, walking parks, local public transportation, and good transport links with major Ukrainian cities.

Do not venture into the deep Ukrainian countryside where you risk encountering very conservative women with whom you will not be able to communicate.

Targeting medium-sized cities will give you unique opportunities, and as a foreigner, you will catch the eye of the locals. Among these people, the attention of attractive Ukrainian girls, who do not yet understand that they are attractive. This is where the real chance of finding a potential good Ukrainian bride comes in.

Meet Ukrainian girls online

You also can start seducing beautiful Ukrainian girls on the Internet to properly prepare for your trip. By calling before you travel to the country, you will greatly increase your chances of success. 

In addition, you can try to bring her to your home if you do not want to travel to Ukraine. All you have to do is check the photos of Ukrainian women and choose the girls you like the most.

There are many websites where you can communicate with women from Ukraine. Some are reliable, and others are deceitful.

The most interesting place for us to communicate with charming Ukrainian girls is undoubtedly Ukrainedate. There are a lot of beautiful girls out there, and they usually come to you.

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