Colombian Girls: How to Impress and Seduce Them

Colombian girls are probably some of the sexiest Latina girls in Latin America. For this reason, many men dream of dating a Colombian.

In this article, we will give you everything you need to know about the Colombian girl to help you seduce and impress her so that she will be your future wife.

By applying our various tips, you will not succeed in conquering the hearts of all the Colombian girls that you will approach. However, you will improve your success rate, so read the rest of our article carefully and take notes.

Colombian Girls: How to Impress and Seduce Them

Colombian girls mentality

The woman in Colombia will treat you differently depending on whether you speak Spanish or not. The thing to know is that the girls there love strangers, especially if you’re from the US or Canada. It’s part of the Colombian mentality and they will be all the more sensitive to your technique in seduction if you have a unique appearance, like blue eyes, for example.

However, with many girls, if you don't speak Spanish, you won't be able to communicate with them. There are possibilities to meet Colombian girls only with Google Translate. But let’s be clear, this kind of meeting will only be a one-to-one meeting. 

If a girl is willing to meet you and use Google Translate, she finds you physically attractive. And in Colombia, that means there’s a good chance you’ll end up in bed together.

When you meet Colombian girls who speak English, you must be careful. Indeed, some of these women will try to drag you to strip you of your possessions. They are only a minority, but they do exist.

When you speak Spanish, you will be able to access all Colombian girls in the country. Here you will find girls who want to get married, others who just want to have a good time, etc.

10 Steps to Impress and Seduce Colombian Girls

12 Steps to impress and seduce a Colombian girl

1. Pamper her

Giving her a few gifts will help you to earn her. Like buying her ice cream while you’re on a romantic walk or giving her a treat you know she loves.

You can also give her a gift such as a silver necklace which you think might be cute or match her personality.

2. Don't try to buy her

Men who have money tend to think they have an advantage over others. They think that through a more expensive gift than those with fewer resources can afford, they will be able to conquer the chosen girl more easily, but this is far from being true.

Colombian women are known for being so friendly and cheerful that their gentleness is often confused with their ease of being taken to bed, which is no more true than would be the case with a Nordic woman (they all want sex, but nobody gives you that. If they don’t.) That, you didn’t make enough effort to seduce her).

3. Avoid annoying jokes

When you think of an Uruguayan player, it is more common to say "Luis Suarez," referring to the great footballer.

When you think of an Argentine player, the reaction is to bring in ‘Messi’ for the same reason.

Alternatively, when you meet a Colombian, the name that comes to mind is “Pablo Escobar.”

If you want some advice from a friend, leave this name in your mind and remember that Shakira is also Colombian and that this beautiful land has so much more than cocaine to offer its visitors.

4. Bring out your civilization

Colombians love joy, not rudeness. Do you remember the manners you learned as a kid for the shared moments at the table?

Take advantage of them all when you invite her to eat or drink. If you remember what they told you about first-class women, apply that too because they like to be next to a real man.

5. Your interest in her

As you can see, Colombian girl usually arrives a little later than scheduled for the following reasons:
  • First, she must choose an outfit that makes her look attractive.
  • Then the turn comes to find some high-heeled shoes that give beauty to her legs, match her clothes, and do not make her suffer from foot pain all afternoon.
  • Now it’s time to choose a bag that goes with all of the above.
If you think that everything is ready, then you are very mistaken. There are still about forty minutes left to turn her face into a palette of the best makeup, which must be alluring and serene.

After all, if you are looking at your phone all the time, definitely your date with her will fail.

6. Flirt her

Look at her lips when you talk to her and compliment her in a way that makes her feel like you enjoy her company.

7. Use proximity

He approached her ear and played casually. In this regard, Colombian girls are very accessible and do not become a problem if you use physical contact as part of your seduction strategy.

8. No exaggerated compliments

Exaggerated compliments will tell her that you lack creativity, a trait they value very much.

It’s better to automatically compliment her with "You have gorgeous eyes" than to fall into the "I see the world keeps going: Now the flowers are talking."

9. Take her outside to dance

Colombian girls have music in their blood, so they don’t hesitate to dance in the middle of the disco floor or even on the street if they pass by a place where a band is playing there.

It doesn't matter if you don’t have a talent for dancing; the intent is what matters, so don't just stand there.

10. End the appointment tactfully

The date should end with a thank you (she spent all the time you saw her plus the hour and a half it took to prepare, and she deserves at least a “thank you so much for your company”) and you should take her home.

5 Things to avoid when you want to Flirt with Colombian Girls

When you go to invite a girl from Colombia for her first date, you should avoid as much as possible some topics that could irritate her. To succeed in flirting in Colombia correctly, you have to maximize your chances of success in all situations:
  • Avoid talking about sex. While many dates can end in a bed, girls want to feel like you're not interested in this.
  • Don’t make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. It’s absurd for this country. Instead, make jokes, have drinks, talk about your travels, etc.
  • Don’t use any bad words. Swear words have a particularly negative connotation in Colombia.
  • Don't talk about things you don't like. If you don't like something, say it straight, girls love the frankness.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Don't try to put people down to make yourself feel superior. In return, show your understanding of these people.

 Things to know before wanting to marry a Colombian woman 

Marry a Colombian woman

This question does not concern only marriages in the country but all matrimonial unions worldwide. Wanting a Colombian woman to marry is a step that should be well thought out. Marrying a girl is something important that is meant to last a lifetime. 

To avoid making mistakes with Colombian women, it is important not to want to get married quickly and to get to know the person you like to be as soon as possible.

When you marry a Colombian girl, you will have to behave like a responsible person. In the country, wives are used to the fact that the husband is the head of the household and will accept such family life.

You have to be the person who earns the most money in a relationship. In addition, you will need to be able to deal with any problems that the family may encounter and resolve them as well as possible. If you don’t think you have your head on your shoulders for this, then you should avoid marrying a Colombian woman.

Dating Colombian girls through a specialized site

If you want to meet a Colombian girl of flesh and blood without being prepared beforehand, you will have to go to the country to meet a girl from Colombia. Unfortunately, this may not be possible for everyone.

However, you also have the option of using a dating site that specializes in Colombian dating. On this type of site, you can easily meet local girls from a distance, especially if you are using a Colombian women's meeting site where they signed up to meet a foreign guy.

In our experience, the best Colombian dating site is undoubtedly the Colombian Cupid site. On this website, you will be able to contact girls who live in Colombia, have Colombian nationality, or live in another country, possibly your own.

How are Colombian girls in bed?

How are Colombian girls in bed?

To say it frankly, many men visit the country to have Colombian sex. Many imagine the hot sex-hungry girl who can’t get enough. But exactly, do you know what Colombian girls are like in bed?

At the risk of disappointing you, we cannot generalize. Every woman is different, and you can find endlessly different sex situations in Colombia. You will indeed have a girl who can never have enough and who wants to sleep with you all the time, but also one who is shyer and reserved about it. However, among all the countries in Latin America, Colombian sex is arguably the easiest to obtain.

To form your own opinion on the topic, we invite you to try it yourself.

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