Polish girls: How to Win the Heart of a Girl in Poland

Polish girls are like no other. If you had the chance to meet one of them, that would be great, and if not, you shouldn’t miss the possibility of meeting a Polish girl and falling in love with her. So in this article, you will learn a lot about how to seduce Polish girls and make them fall in love with you.

Polish girls: How to Win the Heart of a Girl in Poland

The mentality of Polish girls

The Polish girls are at a crossroads between women from the East and women from the West. Therefore, their mentality is a mixture of these different cultures.

Because of this cultural mix, it is important to you understand the way a Polish girl thinks. If the girl was young, she would be imbued with Western culture thanks to the numerous media outlets that she has access to now. 

But she would also have received a somewhat old-school education from her possibly conservative parents. In case you are looking for older women (at least 45 years old), you are most likely to be in the old school.

We must also not forget the weight of the Catholic religion in the country. Although the number of believers has decreased over time, Poles remain devout Catholics.

So it would be a good idea to try to navigate between the dress of modernity and conservatism when trying to understand how Polish girls think.

For convenience, if the girl was young, she would act like a Western girl, with a bit of conservatism. Conversely, if she is quite old, she will be quite discreet with a bit of a western touch.

The physical appearance of Polish girls

The physical appearance of Polish girls

In general, Polish girls are much nicer and thinner than most Western girls. In addition, their attitudes and personalities are infinitely better.
  • First, What you will notice is their perfect skin, which is so pure in the absence of sunlight. You will not come across many dark-skinned girls, and if this happened, they must have been exposed to UV rays more than once.
  • Second, I’ll tell you about their eyes. For me, this is the most interesting thing about Polish women. They usually have large eyes with beautiful colors and long eyelashes.
  • Third: their hair. There is a lot of blond hair. There are also brunette girls with darker hair colors out there. If you like redheads, you will have to look elsewhere.
  • Fourthly, their bodies. Most of you will find their figure slim and well proportioned, with curves exactly where you need them, and most of them are quite tall, well above the other average, no doubt.
  • Finally, I will mention their femininity. Polish girls are very feminine, they have good taste, and we notice they take good care of their look. They take care of their clothing selection, styling, and stylists, and invest their time to make the result amazing.

Polish beauty is a unique combination of Ukrainian and German beauty. For this reason, you should keep in mind that Polish girls are very sexy!!!

9 Important qualities you should have when dating Polish girls 

9 Qualities to make Polish girls fall in love with you

1. Authenticity

They expect you to give what you have. They don't want anything artificial from you or that you are pretending something that does not reflect your true personality. Pleasure is falling in love with someone as they are.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, and it’s only natural that we try to hide our feeling when we’re dating.

However, what is practically unacceptable for a woman from Poland is that you are trying to show a part of your personality that you do not have.

So, I recommend that you show your best and make it known, but do not try to invent what nature has not given you.

2. Spontaneity

They love the spontaneity that makes us say what we think. If you’re going to conquer a Polish girl, take off the filter you have between mind and tongue, and you’ll see how to surprise her and make her laugh.

It is self-confidence that attracts these European women so much. This is because they are not used to being unrestricted in their country.

3. Honesty

Always go with the truth first. Tell her if you’ve been in a relationship before. Don’t let it find out from someone else, or worse, through a social media network.

Poles are very honest, so they will never try to hide something very important from you.

There are times when it is better to start everything as a friendship so that you don't reveal your strategy, rather than trying to make everything happen to like a flash of non-stop action.

Give time to time and always play with all the cards on the table.

4. Pay attention to their culture and yours

Cultural exchange is the start of a fun and generous conversation. They love to know interesting facts about your culture, and at the same time, it would be very useful to show your interest in discovering some of their customs and traditions.

Poland saw its tradition torn by "cultural plunder" in World War II. Nevertheless, they were able to continue to merge Christian customs with the Slavic tradition.

Ask her about their dances, festivities, and food; She will be more than happy to tell you everything she knows.

5. Magnanimity

At this point, you will face fierce competition; Polish girls are very gentlemanly, and they like themselves that way.

Open the door for her and let her pass, but don't think that it will be enough. When a Polish girl talks about a guy like this, she is referring to someone who can take care of her.

These Polish girls look fragile and they are. If we go back to the beginning, we will know that they are not showing you what they are not, but everything you see is real.

So if they give you a bad picture, that’s the truth. So they need a man who knows how to take care of them when they are sick and when they come home alone at night.

6. Creativity

If you are a creative person, you will be very successful with Polish girls.

For example, if you want to ask her to go to your country with you, you can invite her to a private place and talk to the owners and staff of the place to help you devise a scenario where you both appear in Canada, for example.

It will be something very funny and creative that she will love.

7. Moderate romance

The romance you have with a Polish girl should be moderate because they are not used to the Latin way of saying things and this may work against you.

If you put pressure on her, you will end up scaring her, and that will be much worse.

Just be less emphatic and reserve your strongest vocabulary, both erotic and emotional (I love you, you’re the woman of my life, and phrases like that) for later.

8. Give them their place

Polish girls do not tolerate machismo. This is the education that they acquire very early in the family and are ready to repel.

They strive for equal status with men. So you will need to determine your place in the relationship and the place you are going to give her. Remember, if there is no equality, nothing will work.

9. Go through the family filter

In the Slavic peoples, there is a strong family tradition. Your Polish girl will likely consult her parents about her relationship with you, especially if you are a foreigner.

Therefore, behaving well and looking for a bond with her family will help you avoid potential bad times.

I recommend that you never try to make her activities outside the family, as this will lead her to feelings of guilt and will close the doors of the family that would have given you a warm welcome.

Activities that Polish girls enjoy

Activities enjoyed by a Polish girl

It varies a lot from girl to girl, but a Polish woman is not that different from a European woman.

You can find various types:
  • The educated girl will prefer a walk or a visit to a museum.
  • The polish girl will be delighted to test your gastronomy. If there is such a restaurant in the city you are in, don’t hesitate to invite her.
  • Girls in their twenties will want to party in a bar or club.
  • Fashion fans will want to shop all day long.
  • Etc.
You will find girls with different interests. No two women are the same, and you will usually need to find out from your future conquest what their interests are.

Mistakes to avoid when dating a Polish girl

Mistakes to avoid when dating a Polish girl

If you are trying to communicate with a Polish woman, you should be careful not to make serious mistakes that will spoil your precious dating try, so here are some examples of what to do and what to avoid when trying to seduce a Polish girl:
  • Poland is not Russia. Even comparing these two countries to each other is an insult. Don't say that to a Polish woman.
  • For people who drink a lot in Poland, this is a cliche. If you compare it with alcohol consumption in Germany or Belgium, Poles do not necessarily drink more. Most importantly, they don’t just drink vodka all day long.
  • Don’t be arrogant. It’s something that Polish girls hate. On the contrary, be cool, relaxed, and funny.
  • Avoid compliments on fitness. They probably actually get tons of it all day long. You’ll look extra stupid with no more things to say to him. On the contrary, talk to them about culture, science, literature, etc.
  • Polish girls can pay their bills themselves. They will do this almost every time. But in this case, you have to choose a place that is not expensive for the meeting. If you tell the woman you’re trying to flirt with that you’re going to pay her everything, she’ll take you like an idiot and not as someone you might consider dating.

Where to meet polish girls?

Where to seduce polish girls?

The Polish community can be found almost everywhere in the world, although it is more present in some countries than in others. For example, in Europe, many Poles live in the UK or Germany. 

We can generally recognize the attractive Polish woman because her beauty is often superior to that of the girls of the host country. That's why most men want to get their chance with these beautiful women.

There are also many descendants of Poles who live in the US or Canada. However, these individuals are assimilated into the local culture, and one can no longer speak of Polish people.

In Europe, you can also find Polish girls on university campuses. Thanks to the Erasmus program, a large number of girls from Poland go to study for 6 months or 1 year abroad. If you live in a university town, don’t hesitate to take a look at Erasmus student parties.

But the easiest place to meet a Polish woman is to go to Poland. By going to this country, you will inevitably be in the best place to meet as many Polish people as possible. However, this requires taking time off, paying for a plane ticket, reserving a hotel room, etc.

Don't worry, there is always a short solution to everything. Read on

I want to marry a woman from Poland

I want to marry a woman from Poland

Many men say it frankly: I want to marry a Polish woman. Marrying a girl from Poland is a big goal for some men. However, your western citizenship will not help you increase your chances of success. 

With Poland in the European bloc for a long time, playing with your European or American passport will have little effect.

If you want to marry a girl in Poland, you should do it as you do in your own country. You will have to get to know your future bride, spend time with her, get engaged, and only after these steps think about marriage.

The only advantages you will get from marrying a Polish woman are her attraction to her culture and Slavic charm. Marrying a woman in Poland may not be easier than in your own country.

Meet girls from Poland on a dating site

Use a dating site to find women from Poland

To meet girls from Poland, you have the option of using dating sites where girls want to meet foreign men.

In our experience, we discovered one very interesting site that allows you to meet Polish girls. And on this site, you will also have the opportunity to meet girls from other countries. This is the world-famous cupid. It is, in our opinion, the best platform to meet a Polish girl out there looking to meet a foreign man.

Conclusion on dating polish girls

We are now at the end of our article where we gave you the best tips on dating a girl in Poland. We hope you enjoy what we explained to you and that it will make it easier for you to seduce Polish girls.

Remember that it is always best to adapt to each girl on a case-by-case basis. If you know what satisfies her, be sure to please her. However, if you have no idea how to date Polish girls, follow our advice.

Seduction is an art in itself. However, there is nothing scientific about it, and it is not very difficult to seduce a girl if you know at least the basic rules.

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