84 Signs of Witchcraft Indicate that You are Bewitched

What are the signs of witchcraft that you should know? Witchcraft is one of the fixed realities in the holy books, as it is forbidden in all religions, as witches perform some strange actions such as spells, incantations, and others to manipulate and influence the bewitched person in his body and mind and destroy his life.

So in this article, we will learn about the most important symptoms and signs that appear in a person affected by witchcraft.

84 Signs of Witchcraft Indicate that You are Bewitched

What are the general signs of witchcraft?

Many signs indicate that a person is bewitched, and it cannot be certain that these signs are causes for witchcraft, but they remain some of the fixed signs that some scholars have talked about regarding witchcraft, including:
  • Chronic headaches, as the bewitched person feels a permanent headache that does not leave his head, and neither medical drugs nor folk recipes can relieve it.
  • Feelings of intense and never-ending distress, the bewitched person always feels distressed at all times, even when he should feel happy, he is irritable, and no one can make him feel happy at all.
  • Feeling severe pain in the abdomen without medical reasons, the bewitched can vomit repeatedly without the use of medicines to stop him.
  • The bewitched cries multiple times without any reason for him to do so.

Signs of buried witchcraft

Buried witchcraft, is a type of witchcraft where it is buried in a place that people do not usually reach, and do not dig in so that its effect remains, and the bewitched person cannot reach and invalidate it and is buried in cemeteries, abandoned places, etc., and the signs of buried witchcraft do not differ much. Other signs of witchcraft, are:
  • When he sleeps, the bewitched person sees frightening and recurring nightmares in his dreams, and he is afraid of his sleep more than once because of that.
  • Extreme forgetfulness is when the bewitched person forgets many things that he does not usually forget.
  • The bewitched person feels alienated from his wife and loses the desire to have intercourse with her and to get close to her.
  • The bewitched person imagines things that don’t happen and treats those things as real.
  • Lethargy, the bewitched person always feels lethargic, losing the desire to do the daily routine things that he or she usually does.
  • The bewitched often suffer from diseases that medicine cannot diagnose.
  • Often the bewitched sees his wife as very ugly or vice versa.

Signs of drinkable witchcraft

Drinkable witchcraft is done by giving the bewitched person a drink that contains witchcraft to harm him. Many symptoms indicate drunk or eaten witchcraft, in addition to the symptoms we mentioned in the previous paragraph, including:
  • Feeling severe pain in the stomach, and doctors do not know the causes.
  • Bad breath in the mouth that does not go away using various oral cleaning products.
  • The bewitched refrain from eating and does not want it.
  • When reciting some verses of the Bible, the face of the bewitched person turns black and vomits witchcraft.
  • The bewitched feels very weak in vision, and his eyes become unusually bright.
  • Some cases of drinkable witchcraft affect the bewitched with severe chronic constipation.
  • The bewitched person feels the high temperature of his body, and antipyretic drugs are not effective.
  • Gases abound in the belly of the bewitched.

Signs of black magic

Signs of black magic

Black magic is magic that is done to harm the bewitched person, and it has many symptoms and signs that appear on the person in addition to the general signs of witchcraft, including:
  • The bewitched hears voices, whose source he does not know, instructing him to commit ugly deeds, including murder and adultery.
  • The bewitched feels that someone is standing next to him during sleep.
  • The bewitched sees the shadows of people near him but does not see them.
  • The bewitched often feel the urge to commit suicide.
  • Chronic inactivity in the body.
  • Strange diseases that appear suddenly for no reason.
  • Not wanting to stay home and don't feel comfortable in it.
  • Frequently dry skin.
  • Infection with some diseases that are difficult to diagnose medically.
  • Seeing nightmares daily like predators.
  • Chronic stress for no apparent reason.
  • Not accepting aromatic odors and interpreting them as unpleasant odors.
  • Constant anxiety and stress.
  • Frequently feeling severe headaches for no apparent medical reason.
  • Feeling nauseous and constantly wanting to vomit.

Signs of sexual witchcraft

Sexual witchcraft is used to separate a husband and his wife. In addition to the previous signs of witchcraft, the marital relationship may be affected by witchcraft by the following:
  • The wife’s alienation from her husband, or the husband from his wife.
  • The occurrence of frigidity in women.
  • Women become unable to secrete fluids that facilitate intercourse.
  • The husband sees his wife or the wife sees her husband in a very ugly way during the marital relationship, which instills terror in their souls.

Signs of sprinkled witchcraft

It is witchcraft that is sprinkled on walls, doors, thresholds, exits, and the ceiling, where it reacts in water or powder, perfume, hair, menstrual blood, urine, carcass, and dirt. Here the witcher does not use incantations and does not mention the name of the bewitched, his mother, or any one of his relatives, and it is possible to sprinkle witchcraft on bedding and clothes, the purpose of this witchcraft is to separate or disrupt marriage, birth, work, or others.

Its signs are:
  • Feeling of intense pulsating in the feet.
  • The appearance of an unpleasant smell inside the house, especially in the sprayed places.
  • The feeling of heat or cold between the knee and the bottom of the foot.
  • Unusual redness of the eye.

Signs of separation from family witchcraft

Signs of separation family witchcraft

The witchcraft of separation aims to destroy relationships between parents and spouses, and it is the most hated type of witchcraft as it causes great harm to family members. It is worth noting that many symptoms appear on the bewitched and indicate that he is infected with witchcraft, and among these symptoms are the following:
  • Transforming feelings of love and friendliness into feelings of hatred, aversion, and tension prevailing in relationships.
  • The emergence of quarrels and tension in relations without having little reason and the inability to reconcile the antagonists.
  • A member of the bewitched family has an illness without a clear medical cause.
  • Find comfort in the distance and quarrel between the enchanted.
  • A state of sadness and distress controls the feelings of family members.
  • Complaining is the least of the reasons, not accepting any of the actions, and hunting for mistakes for some.
  • Husbands hate each other and hate seeing each other, as they both see each other as ugly.
  • Constant doubt without sufficient reasons and disagreement.
  • Constant mockery of the other party and insult to his dignity without feeling guilty.
  • Disagreements and quarrels aggravate significantly.
  • Disagreements increase as a result of all family members doubting each other.
  • An urgent desire to leave the house and a feeling of suffocation when inside.
  • Individuals are alienated from each other, their constant disagreement over the smallest of reasons.
  • The constant quarrel between children and parents over trivial reasons.
  • The mother is dissatisfied with her children and she considers them disobedient.
  • There are many disputes between family members, and they may even exchange insults.
  • The son sees his father as an enemy and disobeys his orders not to carry out his instructions.
  • The disappearance of blessing from family life, whether in health or money.
  • Children’s disobedience to their mothers and inadequate treatment of them without any consideration for their feelings.
  • A noticeable failure dominates the people of the bewitched house, whether in the study, work, or marriage.
  • Excessive nervousness accompanies the bewitched person in such a way that he loses the people closest to his heart.
  • The occurrence of damages in the house, whether in the foundation or in the electrical appliances, without any causes for damage.
  • Insects appear in the house and spread appallingly for no reason.
  • Hear strange noises inside the house of unknown origin.
  • Suspicious disappearance of items from the house, such as money, clothes, or jewelry.
  • Always thinking about divorce due to the many problems.
  • The bewitched suffers from mood disorders that lead to problems between the spouses.

Signs of witchcraft of separation in dream

Seeing snakes and Viper in a dream

Some signs may appear in a dream indicating that this person is bewitched, and the most important of these signs are the following:
  • Seeing scary animals in a dream indicates that the dreamer is bewitched.
  • Seeing snakes and Viper in a dream indicates the presence of witchcraft.
  • Seeing poisons in a dream indicates witchcraft.
  • Also, if the sleeper sees in his dream of himself surrounded by impurities indicates witchcraft, as magicians from ancient times use these things in doing business.
  • When a person sees himself in his dream with a hand-tied or one of his feet tied, this means that he is affected by witchcraft.
  • One of the conclusive indications of the existence of witchcraft is that the person sees a witch in his dream.
  • Seeing fire or the burning of any of the things in a dream indicates that the dreamer will be affected by witchcraft.
  • Dream about bleeding from the body.
  • Seeing the jinn in a dream is an indication of the witchcraft of separation.
  • Seeing unclean animals in a dream indicates witchcraft, such as seeing dogs and pigs.
  • When the dreamer sees, in his sleep, slaughtered birds, he should pay attention, as this vision is a sign of witchcraft.
  • Dreaming of deserted places and seeing soil in a dream indicates that there is a lower kind of witchcraft, which is the worst type of witchcraft that is buried with the dead.
  • Seeing slaughtered cats and dogs in a dream indicates that there is witchcraft.
  • The dreamer sees in his dream himself trying to escape from one of the people who would harm him.
  • A person dreaming of things that are not in reality, such as seeing a pigeon in the form of a dog, is one of the dreams that indicate the existence of witchcraft.

When does the witchcraft of separation begin to work?

The effect of witchcraft depends on several factors, including:
  • The effect of witchcraft depends on the location of both the target persons and the person wanting to separate them. The presence of all parties in the same country accelerates the effect of witchcraft.
  • Objects used in witchcraft, whether pictures, personal items, or clothes.
  • The type of materials used to work witchcraft, as expensive materials are said to work faster than others.
  • The strength of the relationship between family members, the stronger and more cohesive their relationship, and the less the effect of witchcraft on them, Where Satan will find it difficult to separate them.
  • The relationship between the target persons, whether they are spouses, parents, or siblings.
  • The effect also depends on the number of demons used to disperse, the higher the number of demons, the easier it is to separate.
  • If good materials are available in the work of witchcraft with the number of demons exceeding 21, and if the personalities of the target people are different, the effect of witchcraft begins to appear in a period ranging from 3 to 7 days.
  • If the targets are in constant contact with God and always fortify themselves, the period for the effect of witchcraft may be prolonged for up to 22 days, but it does not exceed this period.


In this article, we have seen the most types of witchcraft and signs that can appear on bewitched people, as these signs differ according to the type of witchcraft used and the psychological condition of the targeted people. So you should always beware of this kind of despicable and inhumane act that can destroy the lives of many innocent people if they are not being careful and protecting themselves.

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