Black Evil Eye Meaning and How to Use It Correctly

What is the meaning of the black evil eye? The black evil eye protects the wearer from a harmful and malicious stare, which can send negative vibes full of jealousy and hatred to the other person, which can cause him harm and misfortune.

Although there are many colors for the evil eye and their different meanings and uses, the black evil eye is the strongest and most effective one, especially as it provides double and more effective protection for the person who wears it.

All these features provided by the black evil eye make us wonder about the meanings behind it and the correct ways to use it, especially since the evil eye has many colors that may make the person who wants to wear it confused and not know the correct way to use it.

To answer all these questions, get to know with us in this article the meaning of the black evil eye, why it is the strongest and most influential, and what are the correct ways to use it.

Black Evil Eye Meaning and How to Use It Correctly

The black evil eye meaning

The meaning of the black evil eye is the strength of personality and mystery, where the black color represents the strong and mysterious character. It also represents the concentrated protection power provided by the black evil eye against bad luck and negative vibes, as it repels and reverses the energy of envy and hate on those who want to harm its owner.

A long time ago, the Italians believed that the black evil eye gave them strength and protection from witchcraft and sorcery, Where they put it on their necks and hands, and they hung it at the entrances of homes as a symbol of protection from the forces of darkness.

The black evil eye was also known to the Turks as Nazar for Protection, as they used it to protect them from negative thoughts and envy, and they also hung it on their necks as a symbol of personal strength and fortification.

Therefore, if you want to get maximum protection from envy and ill will, as well as drive away sadness and depression and show others your strong character, I advise you to wear the black evil eye that will do its job to the fullest by providing you with protection from bad karma, give you a positive impact on your life and maintaining the balance of your life.

What also makes the black evil eye special is its ability to reflect negative vibes on a person who wishes bad for its owner. It also protects against witchcraft, sorcery, and spells that can cause great harm to the owner of the eye, so this eye provides the maximum protection compared to all other types for its owner at all times.

How to wear black evil eye?

The sizes and designs of the black evil eye vary, as it can be worn as a bracelet on the wrist or as a necklace hanging on the neck, or it can be hung in the entrances to the house or office, where the eye must be prominent and attractive to provide the necessary protection from the evil eye that can cause you to harm quickly.

The black evil eye is usually made manually in the form of a drop of water, where the symbol of the evil eye is characterized by the presence of one or more eyes. The stones used in these amulets are usually citrine and amethyst, while some other precious metals are used in the manufacture and design of beads, as ordered.

Which hand to wear black evil eye bracelet?

If you are planning to get the black evil eye bracelet and do not know which hand to wear it, we advise you to use the left hand that is close to the heart, which will give you effective protection against negative emotions, especially those related to your emotional and personal life.

Where can you buy it?

You can buy the black evil eye online via a specialized online store, but before that, you must make sure that it is handmade in Turkey or Greece to make sure that it is original and effective, or you can go to one of the stores in your town or country where you can find a wide variety of original and check by yourself the amulets collection and discuss prices.

What does it mean when your black evil eye bracelet breaks?

When the black evil eye bracelet is broken or cracked, this means that it has done its job of protecting you and it is time to replace it with a new one, this also means that it is no longer able to repel more negative vibes, as the eye loses its power with time, the longer you wear it, the less it can protect you.

It is very important to know that if your evil eye does not break after a long period of wearing it, this means that you have not exposed any of the negative emotions or that you have received a few of them, and this also indicates that the number of people around you who wish you harm is very few, and this is a positive thing.

Is it bad luck to buy yourself a black evil eye?

Wearing a black evil eye is meant to protect you from negative energy and bad luck, but buying one for yourself is considered bad luck in some cultures, so what is the truth?

Purchasing the black evil eye for yourself is not considered bad luck, because the goal of getting an evil eye is noble, behind which lies the good intention and desire to obtain positive energy, good fortune, and drive away from the evil eye and jinx. It is also a symbol of strong personality and respect.

You simply can’t wait for someone to give you one on your birthday or on an occasion where all you have to do is get one by yourself when you feel bad luck and wait for a positive change.

How does the black evil eye bracelet work?

Many Western cultures have used black eye bracelets for a long time ago, as they believed that it protects them from the evil eye, which is an amulet indicating hatred and malice.

In eastern cultures, these bracelets were called protection amulets, as they were worn by people who feared catching diseases or protecting themselves from jealousy.

The opinions differ on the causes of the evil eye, according to some beliefs and opinions, some say that it comes from people who have feelings of jealousy, and others say that it comes from feelings related to envy, while some think one of the reasons is someone cast a spell on them.

Here, the black evil eye bracelets play their role in providing complete protection for their owner from different forms of bad luck, as they can be worn around the neck or wrist and are often made of gold or silver.

Black evil eye bracelets work automatically as soon as they are worn around the neck or hand or hung in the chosen places, without the need for some rituals or techniques that some claim are necessary to activate the protective power of the eye.

So the black evil eye bracelet works in two ways, where some want to protect them from negative emotions such as frustration, while others want to protect them from jealousy and envy.

In both cases, the forces of the evil eye emit from its dark color, which is used to repel evil spirits that emanate from malicious stare. The eyes are adorned with symbols and charms associated with protection from Jinx and curses.


In this article, we talked about the true meaning of the black evil eye, as we said, it indicates the strength of character and double protection. We also answered most of the questions related to it.

Therefore, if you want to protect yourself from bad luck, you can resort to the black evil eye as an effective option to drive away from the negative vibes that you can be exposed to daily, where you can wear it, hang it around your neck, or carry it with you in the car and waiting for the good luck.

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