How Many Likes do You Get on Tinder Per Day?

Free Tinder users may notice that the app gives them a limited number of likes, so it's normal for them to wonder how many likes they can get on Tinder. In this article, we will answer this question and many other questions that still baffle users of this dating application.

How Many Likes do You Get on Tinder Per Day?

How Many Likes do You Get on Tinder Per Day?

You may have wondered how many likes you get on Tinder per day.

Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this because the like limit looks different for each user.

There is no official statement from Tinder about the number of likes a user can get per day in the free version.

Judging by user experience, the like limit per 12 hours is probably between 50 and 100 likes, i.e., 50-100 profiles swiped to the right.

The company has not yet provided information on the factors determining the number of likes that can be distributed daily. But from some testimonials and tests we've had, it also seems to be related to the "behavior" of the user within the app.

For example, if you swipe extremely quickly without taking your time and swipe right on almost every profile. In that case, Tinder seems to give you fewer daily likes because such behavior could indicate a spammer or bot. 

However, if you take your time swiping and it's difficult to please you, Tinder will perceive you as a real person with serious intentions on the app, And then you will probably get more Tinder likes per day.

How to get more free likes per day on Tinder?

As I said, there is no official information on how Tinder determines the number of profiles a user can swipe to the right each day.

However, we assume that it is probably related to factors such as your age and your swipe behavior, i.e., which target group you belong to and how you use the app.

Because the like limit not only helps Tinder to convert more users to paid customers but also prevents spam and bots.

This means you will probably have fewer free Tinder likes per day if you behave like a scammer, i.e., you swipe profiles far too quickly and like each profile. So you have to be selective and take a few seconds when swiping each woman's profile.

Taking your time swiping and being selective will not only bring you more free likes per day but also makes you a great success on Tinder.

As is known well, Tinder uses a sophisticated algorithmic system to decide which women's profiles are displayed to you and vice versa.

And through numerous tests, we were able to find out that the algorithm evaluates your profile better, for example, you have more success on Tinder if you:
  • Take 4-5 seconds for each profile
  • Look at all the photos and read the description
Rather than just random swiping, the same goes for the distribution of likes and dislikes.

If you are picky and don’t swipe every profile to the right, but only those that you like, this behavior will also be rewarded by the Tinder algorithm and you will see prettier women in the future and get more chances of matches.

This behavior is especially important in 2022 because Tinder has been using a new algorithm since March 2019.

Why does Tinder have a daily like limit?

When the limited likes on Tinder have introduced some time ago, there was a great outcry in the community.

Many were used to just swiping wildly without any limits. And it makes sense to be angry and see it as just a marketing ploy to convert more users into paying customers.

And of course, this will also have been one of the reasons behind Tinder’s decision to introduce a like limit.

But another important reason is the annoying and growing number of scammers, spammers, and bots.

Because without limited likes, it will, of course, be a lucrative business for scammers and spammers to use Tinder for their criminal activities.

They often used Tinder to lure men into paid subscriptions to sex sites or trick them with common scams.

Of course, this “business model” is now less lucrative if the scammers have to pay for the swipes. Especially when they keep losing their Tinder subscriptions and have to buy them again after they have been exposed and blocked.

And the third reason why Tinder introduced a limit on likes is that they wanted to improve the quality of matches and user experience.

Because "mass swiping", i.e., liking every single profile, regardless of whether you like it or not, and swiping thousands of profiles to the right every day was, unfortunately, part of the agenda for many users in the past.

And since that, of course, doesn’t contribute to a positive user experience and negatively affects the quality of the matches. So this limit of likes is logical.

Do the Tinder limited likes make sense? (Pros and cons)

The limited likes on Tinder per day make sense, where Tinder also draws a positive balance and proudly announces that the like limit only has positive effects.

Just 10 days after the introduction, there are said to have been 25% more matches per like than before.

And Tinder cover letters sent out increased by 25% per match.

Thus, the concept of quality instead of quantity seems to be working, which Tinder was striving for, according to Tinder CEO Sean Rad.

And there are another very encouraging statistic thanks to the new limited likes in the Tinder app: contact by scammers or bots has fallen by a whopping 50%.

So, we only find the like limit positive?

Pros and cons of the limited likes on Tinder

  • More quality instead of quantity.
  • Focus on the matches you find interesting.
  • Easier overview, since you only have matches that you are interested in.
  • More interactions between matches.
  • Fewer spam bots and scammers.

  • As a user, you feel restricted in how you use the app.
  • You can’t swipe as much as you want.
  • If you want unlimited swiping, you have to pay (or use one of the tricks above).


In all, the limited likes you get on Tinder are a good idea.

Because not only does it keep spammers and scammers away, but the quality of interactions is also better.

With such daily limited likes on Tinder, you can focus more on the matches that interest you.

And besides, it doesn’t make sense to swipe too many profiles a day anyway because as I said, the Tinder algorithm doesn’t “like” that at all and will “punish” your profile if you swipe right too fast a lot.

Therefore, it's better not to like a lot of profiles per day anyway if you want to be more successful on Tinder in general.

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