How to Get Unlimited Likes on Tinder: 3 Best Tricks

How to get unlimited Tinder likes? If you use Tinder, you have certainly reached the like limit more than once.

After too many Swipes, you can not give any more likes in the free version.

But can you exceed the Tinder Like Limit and get Unlimited Likes without paying for it?

So in this article, we will tell you whether there are still effective tricks in 2022 to get unlimited Tinder likes.

How to Get Unlimited Likes on Tinder: 3 Best Tricks

Is Getting Unlimited Likes on Tinder still possible in 2022?

If you use Tinder free version, then you cannot get unlimited likes number on Tinder per day. So the number of likes that you can distribute is limited.

(It’s impossible to say exactly how many Tinder Likes you get per day, so we more on that later)

But wherever there are rules, there will also be ways to circumvent them.

However, there have always been two cool tricks to Get Unlimited Likes on Tinder and continue swiping profiles to the right, even if you’ve used up your free Likes.

But are these Tinder Tricks for more free likes still possible in 2022?

I want to spoiler and can tell you that one of the two previous options for unlimited Tinder Likes will no longer work in 2022.

But the second option is still possible.

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Get unlimited likes on Tinder by changing your phone date

Until the beginning of 2019, it was still possible to use an ingenious trick to keep getting new free likes on Tinder without paying for Tinder Gold, Tinder platinum, or Tinder Plus Premium subscription.

So far, you could simply change the date and time on your phone to deceive Tinder and get new likes.

Because the like limit on Tinder is only valid for 12 hours, and when these 12 hours are over, you can distribute new likes again.

So, you could simply go to the settings on your phone and set the time forward by at least 12 hours, and you get a new set of free Tinder Likes again.

Unfortunately, this will no longer work in 2022.

In 2022 it will no longer be possible to circumvent the Tinder-like limit by changing the time on your phone. So you can no longer get Unlimited Likes on Tinder by simply turning the time forward 12 hours.

It was likely that this trick would eventually stop working.

Because it’s always a cat-and-mouse game between users and app developers.

We always discover some tricks and hacks to trick systems, which then work for some time before the platform developers find a way to stop this behavior.

However, even in 2022, there is still a way to still be able to like profiles, even if you have reached the Tinder Likes Limit.

By simply sending yourself women profiles that you like as a recommendation, you can then swipe them to the right the next day.

Get unlimited likes on Tinder for free by sending a profile recommendation to yourself

In recent months, Tinder has been coming up with new features and functions to make the app more interesting.

For example, there was the addition of Tinder Festival mode, which allows you to set up Tinder dates for festivals you’re going to.

Or the new Tinder University mode, with which you can specifically search for matches at your university or technical college.

In addition to these new functions, there are always some updates and improvements.

And you can now use one of them to get Unlimited Likes on Tinder to a certain extent.

Tinder has recently added the function that you can recommend profiles to a friend and send them by email.

And of course, you can also enter your own as the destination address and save this interesting profile temporarily, then call up this profile the next day when you have likes again and swipe it to the right.

This method can be a bit cumbersome. But if you see a profile that you like, but you don’t have any more likes, it’s a good way not to lose sight of this woman.

Because it can be annoying if you find a cool profile but have no more likes, and it is usually the case that a different profile is displayed when you open the app again the next day.

Therefore, this way to get Unlimited Likes on Tinder is a good option.

This is how you send a Tinder profile to yourself as a recommendation and bypass the Tinder Like Limit:

1. Open the profile that interests you by tapping the “i” in the bottom right.

Bypass Tinder Like Limit for free: open the profile that interests

2. Tap “Share the profile of…”

Share the profile

3. Choose Email as an option and send the profile to your email address.

Choose Email as an option

4. If Tinder likes are available again, open the profile via the link in your email inbox and give this lady a Like. 

Get unlimited likes on Tinder by opining the profile link

Important note: If this trick does not work, it may be because the dating app has closed this bug in the latest version. However, you can try this method again after updating the application.

3 Best Tricks to Get Unlimited Likes on Tinder

In the past, you could get and distribute unlimited likes numbers on Tinder, even in the free version.

Now, this is no longer possible.

Every free Tinder user has only a limited number of likes available every day.

If you have used up your Tinder Likes, there are a few things you can do to keep swiping right and matching.

1. Wait 12 hours

The easiest option is to wait 12 hours.

Just put down your phone and immerse yourself in life, then keep swiping 12 hours later.

Because Tinder replenishes your like contingent every 12 hours, you can swipe profiles to the right again and get the chance of potential matches.

However, if you are one of those people who are impatient and can’t wait, check out the options below.

2. Buy Tinder Gold, Platinum, or Plus

If you can’t wait and sending a profile to yourself and then liking it later, is too tedious for you, then there is no way around Tinder Gold, Tinder Platinum, or Tinder Plus.

Because if you buy one of these premium subscriptions, you can instantly get unlimited likes on Tinder every day.

In addition, paid subscriptions offer many other functions such as:
  • Undo swipes
  • Tinder Passport (tinder in other places)
  • 5 super like every day
  • 1 free boost per month
  • See who has liked your profile beforehand (Tinder Gold and Platinum only)
  • All 10 top picks of the day like (Only Tinder Gold and Platin, in Plus and the free version only 1 like for top picks per day)
  • Write to users even without a match (only Tinder Platin)
  • Users who you have given a Like will see your profile sooner when they swipe (Tinder Platinum only)
  • See Who You’ve Already Liked (Tinder Platinum Only)
In regards to Tinder membership Pricing, there is no uniform price. But the exact prices always vary somewhat depending on age, sex, location, subscription period, etc.

But you tend to have to spend between around $9,99 to $29.99 per month for Tinder Gold, Tinder Platin, and Tinder Plus.

3. Recommend your profile by email

If you don’t feel like paying for Tinder but still don’t want to lose this hot girl again, you can simply send the profile to yourself as a recommendation as a 3rd option to bypass the like limit as described above.

As I said, this is a bit tedious and cumbersome.

But sometimes, I see profiles that are so blatantly pretty that I’m willing to invest 20-30 seconds to send the profile to my email as a recommendation.

And when I’ve done that with a few profiles, the next day I just go to my email inbox, click on the profiles, and then give them a Like.

It’s worth trying out this option if the Limited Likes on Tinder is annoying you again and you still don’t want to lose sight of a profile, even if you’ve reached the maximum number of Tinder Likes.

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