How to Protect Yourself from Witchcraft and Envy? 7 Ways

How to protect yourself from witchcraft and envy? We often hear that So-and-so envies So-and-so, or bewitches him, or that he harbors evil for him, so the second So-and-so is afraid of So-and-so and fears envy. Here the energy protection is broken, the aura around him that protects him is broken, and all negative feelings enter him.

In this article, we will learn how to close the energetic aura, how to protect ourselves from witchcraft and envy, and prevent it from reaching us.

How to Protect Yourself From Witchcraft and Envy? 7 Ways

How to protect yourself from witchcraft and envy?

The protection from witchcraft and envy begins with the elimination of fear because fear opens the chakras, the energetic aura, and the energetic field around the person; To receive anything randomly.

Fear and anger are among the things that break self-protection, and they are the two qualities that Satan exploits to enter a person and destroy his life. The more anger or fear a person becomes, the more willing a person is to receive negativity.

Therefore, as we said, anger breaks a person’s energy protection, and all evils and negative feelings enter him, and it is easy to penetrate. The same thing to fear as well. When fear increases, faith decreases. If faith in your heart is 80%, this means that fear is 20%, and vice versa, they are two interrelated things that affect each other.

To protect ourselves from witchcraft and envy, we must make the power of faith cover the area of fear; Because that is the only way to protect against witchcraft and envy. If you are afraid, do not fear anything but God. 

As for the other creatures that humans use to harm you, they cannot hurt you unless you are psychologically weak and full of fear, anger, and anxiety, then this evil hidden power will control you and make you like a body without a soul.

7 Ways to protect yourself from witchcraft and envy

  1. Recite verses from the Bible or other holy books, according to your religion
  2. Perfuming the house with sandalwood and lavender incense
  3. Wipe the place with water and salt daily
  4. Avoid staying in dirty and dark places
  5. Doing spiritual activities such as yoga and meditation
  6. Preventing ourselves from fear; Because fear is the entrance to envy, magic, and Satan.
  7. The enchanted person bathes and massages his whole body except the face and hair with salt and lavender oil for seven consecutive days, and if a day is interrupted, he starts again and re-bath with salt for seven consecutive days without interruption.

What is the role of desired fear and unwanted fear to protect yourself from witchcraft?

There are two types of fear:
  • Desirable fear.
  • And the unwanted fear that should be eliminated.
As we said, the only desired fear here is the fear of God. Whatever your faith, religion, or beliefs, you must believe in them because it will make you feel safe and reassured, and that there is another powerful ability and energy capable of protecting you from witchcraft and its evil.

This desirable positive fear must always be within you because it will make you feel that there is another force capable of protecting you and that all other creatures, however powerful they may be, are incapable of harming you and will give you the confidence and the energy protection you need to deter and repel the malicious forces of witchcraft.

Therefore, you should know that the battle here is a battle of psychology and energy, where the witchcraft will keep waiting for you until you weaken in a moment of your life in which you feel empty and enter into a whirlpool of sadness and doubt, to start penetrating your soul and destroying your life.

It is very important to know that witchcraft does not attack you directly because it simply cannot harm people who are strong psychologically and spiritually. As witchcraft has a certain period to fade and disappear away, so your strong faith and your life full of activity, tranquility, and positive energy will make witchcraft ineffective and then it will be just a passing negative power, I stalked you, then collided with that positive force that protects you, then it vanished alone without affecting your life in any way.

As for the unwanted fear, it is the uncertainty of divine protection and the weakness of faith, and this bad thing must be fought within ourselves.

So, optimism here is very important, for according to thinking, the results will come. If you think good, everything will be good, and if you think bad, everything will end in bad. Therefore, we must all think positively of things and be strong, because this is the first way to protect against envy and witchcraft.

What is jinn possession and marriage of a human with a jinn?

We often hear stories that So-and-so is possessed, or that So-and-so is in love with a jinn, or that a jinn married a woman, or that there is witchcraft buried somewhere. Well, is all of this true?

Witchcraft has certain methods, and the magic of witches, whatever it may be, has no significance besides divine protection, so the most a witch can do is to enchant your eyes and deceive you; That you see things that are not true, but he cannot harm you, and whoever says that there are jinns who married a human, this is not true, they are in the world and we are another world, so is it possible that for example, a person marries an animal or an inanimate object?

Of course not, all of these are fantasies or the product of psychological diseases, and they often affect some women because of their excessive emotionality, and their inability to attract the love of a partner, so each of them thinks that there is a genie in love with her or so on.


At the end of this article, which talks about how to protect yourself from witchcraft and envy, we can say that witchcraft cannot affect anyone unless that person is afraid, mentally weak, confused, and lacking in faith. As for a person who is psychologically strong and full of love, positivity, and faith, he will not be able to be affected by any type of witchcraft no matter what.

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