Which Hand to Wear Evil Eye Bracelet? For Correct Use

Which hand to wear an Evil Eye Bracelet? Many may know the effectiveness of the evil eye bracelet and its ability to protect them from envy and misfortune, but some may not know how to choose the right hand to wear it, so it is essential to know the different and distinctive ways to wear the evil eye bracelet because that simply can make a big difference in terms of its effectiveness and impact on your life

So, in this article, we will know which hand wears the Evil Eye bracelet. What are its benefits? , And how does it work?

Which Hand to Wear Evil Eye Bracelet? For Correct Use

Which hand to wear Evil Eye Bracelet?

First of all, you should know that you can choose which hand you want to wear the evil eye bracelet, depending on the reason for wearing it.

So if you are in an intimate relationship with your partner and you want to protect this relationship and keep your personal life private and prevent others from intruding on you, then it would be better to wear the evil eye bracelet on your left wrist, which will repel negative influence other people such as jealousy, hatred or envy. Because the heart is on the left side of the chest and is closely related to feelings and sensations.

But if you are a successful person and you have many achievements in your life, especially at the professional and financial level, then you must wear the Evil Eye Bracelet on your right wrist because this will provide you comprehensive protection for your professional life and will give you more luck and positive energy to achieve more successes and making more money, It will also positively affect other aspects outside your personal life.

From our point of view, it would be better to wear an Evil Eye bracelet on your left hand because its effectiveness will be greater as the left side of your body reflects your emotional side to its direct connection with your heart. It will also give you a more positive effect, especially on your personal life, and their appearance will be more consistent and aesthetic, especially with your watch.

As we said, you can wear the evil eye bracelet in any hand you want, depending on the reason, but it is very important to know that this bracelet will not work unless you believe in its benefits and positive impact on you, as some of these benefits may seem exaggerated to you, but the psychological factor plays a vital role in obtaining these benefits, where if you believe that this bracelet can make a positive change in your life, this will help you feel relaxed, happy and positive.

But if you think that an evil eye bracelet is just a piece of jewelry that will not give you any positive and psychological impact on your life, then I do not advise you to acquire this bracelet before you change your view because it will not be useful in this case.

What is the Evil Eye Curse?

An evil eye curse is simply a nasty glare that causes harm, misfortune, and embarrassment to other people.

The evil eye curse can work when the onlooker wants to, or even when he does not have negative thoughts toward another person, that is, unintentionally.

Therefore, the evil eye bracelet was made to protect you from negative thoughts and envy that can come to you intentionally or unintentionally from others people.

According to some cultures, the evil eye can occur in the form of three types: intentional, unconscious, and invisible, and the most harmful to others is the conscious eye, which is full of evil and envy.

Therefore, if all people wear an evil eye bracelet, all the energy of envy and evil will return to its owner.

What are the benefits of wearing an Evil Eye Bracelet?

Which hand should you wear an evil eye bracelet?

The original meaning of the blue evil eye bracelet is to provide protection, as this bracelet protects you from invisible evil and unintended negative sensations from others. It also gives you good luck and also helps you to stay healthy and feel happy. Other benefits of this bracelet are it expels negative vibes and protects you from Bad intentions and misfortune.

Here is a detailed explanation of some of the benefits of an evil eye bracelet:

Feeling happy

Simply when you are away from the stress and negative feelings that can surround you throughout the day as a result of stressful work or excessive thinking, here you can only be happy and this is what happens when you wear this bracelet, which will keep you away from stress and negative vibes, as the blue eye lifts your spirits dramatically Great in tough times, even when you’re sick, and makes you feel kind of happy and comfortable.

Protection and summon good luck

Throughout history, the name of this bracelet has been associated with good luck, as the blue eye is said to attract the wearer with good news and positive vibes. It is also said that this eye protects the wearer from dangers by making them more careful to avoid disasters and calamities that may befall them, such as car accidents.

Feeling energetic

Because of its expulsion of negative feelings that can accumulate over time, this bracelet gives you a kind of positive energy that makes you feel more active, which in turn will make you accomplish your daily tasks more comfortably.

Focus and serenity

That kind of calm and serenity that the blue eye releases will keep you more focused in completing your daily work, especially school work that requires concentration and calm.

Good feeling

When you wear this bracelet, you will feel comfortable and reassured, and you will become more social because of the positive energy that emits from the bracelet.

How does the Evil Eye Bracelet work?

The evil eye is a spell or magic that works to fight the world of evil and reflects the bad intentions of its owner. Its history dates back thousands of years, through different cultures and civilizations, where it was invented by the ancient Egyptians, who thought that the symbol of the open eye would protect them and rid them of the world of evil.

The Evil Eye was known in ancient Turkey by the name of the Nazar Boncuk charm. It is also called the Turkish Evil Eye. At that time, the Turks believed that this eye had a magical ability that could protect them from calamities and disasters and attract them the good luck. The Turks also believed that when the blue eye broke, it was a sign that its mission had succeeded and it was time to replace it.

Despite the myths and the different stories and tales that we may hear about the uses of the evil eye and its effectiveness, its symbol still retains the same always in the same meaning that is to get rid of bad luck and bring good luck.

Can you buy an Evil Eye for yourself?

Yes, suppose you are thinking of buying any of the evil eye jewelry. In that case, you can certainly do this by yourself, as this will allow you to choose the appropriate jewelry to wear and the colors that you like. In contrast, this bracelet will give you positive vibes and will prevent negative energy and evil power from reaching you.

This bracelet is truly a symbol of positivity that will follow you in your path. You can simply trust in the evil eye that will stop misfortune and accidents before they happen.


The evil eye bracelet is a precious piece that you can wear either on the left or right hand, depending on the reason, and it will look beautiful and harmonize with your other jewelry. But most importantly, this bracelet can provide you with the necessary protection against bad intentions as well as give it positive vibes that will make you feel comfortable and happy throughout the day.

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