Black Salt for Protection from Witchcraft, Spell, and Curse

How to prepare black salt for protection? And how to use it correctly? We are all familiar with the protective and purifying properties of salt. Black salt, on the other hand, is salt fortified with ash, coal dust, and various additions. It is a very effective and powerful preservative.

In this article, we will learn about the best way to prepare black salt and how to use it correctly to get protection against negative energy, envy, and curses.

Black Salt for Protection from Witchcraft, Spell, and Curse

What is Black Salt for Protection?

Black Salt, also known as witches’ salt, is an esoteric preparation used to counteract negative energies; remove spells or curses; repel nightmares and envious individuals.

Likewise, it is a valued ingredient for the execution of purification rituals (cleansing), exorcism, protection (home, objects, people), and the attraction of good luck.

Although there is no single recipe for Black Salt, most preparations include herbs (those called protective by practitioners of Natural Magic), black pepper, and coarse (or coarse) sea salt.

It is important not to confuse Black Salt for protection and witch salt, with other similar elements such as black salt from India (Kala namak or black salt from the Himalayas), and Molokai lava salt (or black salt from Hawaii).

Both Kala namak and Molokai lava salt have culinary applications (meal preparation). The Kala namak is even recommended in some Ayurvedic medicine treatments.

But in the case of the preparation of Black Salt for protection or witch salt, it should not be ingested under any circumstances, since it only has an esoteric purpose, and its intake can be harmful to health.

What Are the Uses of Black Salt for Protection?

You can use this multi-purpose salt whenever you need extra protection:
  • To purify your body from negative energy
  • In cases where removal and prevention are required
  • When you need psychic protection
  • Around your house, on door sills, on windowsills
  • To prevent nightmares
  • In your talismans
  • In your rituals
  • In your circle of protection

How to Make Black Salt for Protection?

How to Make Black Salt for Protection?

Before you start preparing the black salt mixture for protection, you will first need to provide some of the ingredients, which we mention:

What You Need:

  • Sea salt
  • Incense ashes (Be sure to keep the incense ashes you use in your rituals. At this point, your incense must be natural)
  • Coal or charcoal tablets (mini-tablets that burn easily with a lighter are available online or at tobacconists)
  • Black pepper
  • Mortar
  • Glass container for storage (Bottle, jar)
Optionally, you can add rosemary oil (purifying), lavender oil (to remove emotional pain, and grief, and purify the heart), and cinnamon oil (protective, strengthening).

How to Prepare:

Pulverize the charcoal in a mortar; Add the ashes and black pepper. Finally, add sea salt, and mix it counterclockwise for a while. If you are going to add oil, you can add a few drops at this stage. Finally, store it in a glass container.

To increase the effectiveness of the mixture, you can have tourmaline, selenite, and white quartz crystals with you while preparing it.

What is the Best Time to Prepare your Black Salt Mix to Get the Protective Energy?

The best time to prepare your black salt mix for protection is during the phase of the New Moon. Because during this period, you will be able to benefit from the lunar energy, which will allow you to have greater effectiveness and protection.

After preparing your mix, leave it outside under the Darkmoon overnight. The energy of the moon, which symbolizes strength and protection, will help you obtain cleansing and healing energy and will be especially useful when performing purification rites.

How to Use Black Salt for Protection from Magic?

To protect yourself from witchcraft, negative energy, curses, and the evil eye, there are many uses for black salt, which we mention:
  • Sprinkle black salt in front of your house door, windows, and in the corners of the garden to banish the negative energy emanating from your envious neighbor and intruders.
  • Hanging a small bag of black salt in the car can help protect it from theft from thieves, or envious people, especially if your car is luxurious and expensive, which is always vulnerable to vandalism, especially when you park it in popular neighborhoods where the black salt can disperse the energy of evil and envy emitted.
  • Putting a little black salt in the water while washing floors may help protect your home from witchcraft and the evil eye. You can do the same when washing or cleaning the car or any of your valuables.
  • If you have an annoying unwanted guest coming to visit you, sprinkle some black salt under the place where he sits. When he leaves, toss some black salt on the road he walked to prevent him from coming back, you can also use the black candle by dressing it with black salt to make a spell capable of Expulsion of negative people or entities.
  • Black salt can also be effective in the workplace. To prevent gossip and negative energies from annoying co-workers, put a small bag under your desk.
  • Before or after performing some rituals or spells to break curses or hex, you can use black salt to give a more effective magical effect by using it for purification and cleansing.
  • You can put a handful of black salt under the bed to get rid of nightmares.
  • To fortify the house and prevent any kind of witchcraft and curses, you can hang small bags of black salt on the doors or even in the garden trees.
  • To eliminate negativity and provide protection. You can place some small black salt bags in the corners of the bedroom.
  • You can cleanse your healing crystals by placing them on top of the black salt.
  • Putting some black salt in your hot bath can help you to purify and cleanse your body of negative energy and break curses.

What is the Correct Way to Get Rid of Black Salt?

Black Salt for protection absorbs negative energy and loses its effectiveness and its protective energy over time; For this reason, renew the salt you use once a week. Do not keep the salt you use at home.

So there are many ways to get rid of it, where some practitioners of this protection ritual type recommend burying him in a place far from your home like a cemetery or at a crossroads, you can also even throw him into the sea or a running river.

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