Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt: All You Need to Know

The Hawaiian black lava sea salt is collected by drying seawater and then processed with charcoal of volcanic origin. It is this process that gives it the dark black color and which will also give it a slightly smoky hint in taste and smell. The charcoal salt has numerous beneficial properties and is therefore used in various fields as well as in the kitchen.

Discover with us in this article the most important information and tips that you will need to use correctly this type of black salt and take advantage of its properties rich in minerals and flavors.

Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt All You Need to Know

Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt: Origins and Properties

Salt is considered a sacred ingredient by the Hawaiians, who have been using it in many rituals for thousands of years. Hawaiian Black Sea Salt, as is red salt from Hawaii. It also comes from the island of Molokai. Here, once collected by drying seawater, it is treated with vegetable carbon of volcanic origin. It is this process that gives it its deep black color which will also give it a slight hint of smoky taste and aroma.

Hawaiian black salt is also called black lava salt due to its volcanic origin.

What Does Hawaiian Black Lava Salt Taste Like

Thanks to its complex composition packed with minerals, Hawaiian black lava salt is known for its strong smokey taste with a touch of sweetness at the end, which makes it suitable for dishes that need to add a distinctive smoky flavor. This salt can be used as a substitute for Indian black salt as it will add a light smoky citrus flavor to your dishes.

Benefits of Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

The benefits of Hawaiian black lava salt depend on the chosen variety. Like Cyprus black salt, the benefits of Hawaiian black sea salt are not different from the rest of the other forms of salt which we can mention:
  • Hawaiian black lava salt aid the digestive process, as well as is known for its absorbent properties that help absorb gases and is therefore used as a remedy for bloating and preventing flatulence.
  • Black lava salt has a low amount of sodium which contributes to regulating fluids and regulating body hydration levels, therefore is recommended for those who suffer from water retention problems.
  • In the medical field, Activated charcoal is used in the treatment of different kinds of poisoning due to its ability to detoxify the body in cases of ingestion of toxic substances. It can also play an important role in treating the effects of toxic mold on your health.
  • The activated charcoal can help fight premature aging in addition to protecting liver and kidney cells and supporting the health of the adrenal glands.
  • Increasing the sodium intake, can help restore the electrolyte balance in the body and relieve muscle cramps.
  • Because of your low sodium levels, some confusion in brain function can appear, so increasing your salt intake can help improve the way your brain works and mental clarity dramatically.
  • May relieve heartburn: Acidity occurs due to gastric acid reflux, and taking it may help to get rid of acidity or heartburn, as it reduces GERD, which in turn reduces gastric acid reflux.

What Are the Side Effects of Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt?

Despite the many health benefits of Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt, its excessive intake may be accompanied by many side effects, such as nausea and vomiting, so its daily amount should not exceed 6 grams for healthy people (about one teaspoon), and 3.75 grams for infected people High blood pressure (equivalent to about 3/4 teaspoon), and eating it in large quantities may lead to some health problems, which include the following:
  • Kidney stones: Excessive intake of Hawaiian black lava sea salt constantly may lead to the accumulation of salts in the kidneys, and raise the risk of kidney stones, which are accompanied by many symptoms, including pain and difficulty urinating, and you may lead to a need for treatment with medications.
  • High blood pressure: Although it contains less sodium compared to white salt, its excessive intake leads to increased sodium consumption, Hence, high blood pressure.
  • The possibility of causing dental problems: Black lava salt contains fluoride, to which excessive exposure may lead to what is known as fluoride poisoning, a condition in which fluoride accumulates on the teeth and causes them to distort and differ in color from the natural color.
  • Osteoporosis, excessive salt intake in general, including black lava salt, increases the amount of calcium that the body gets rid of, and this may affect bone health, and raise the risk of osteoporosis, so people with osteoporosis should especially pay attention to the quantities they eat of all types of salt.
  • Underactive thyroid: Hawaiian black lava salt does not directly cause hypothyroidism, but because it is iodine-free, its use in place of table salt (which is usually iodized) may affect the function of the thyroid gland, which needs iodine to produce its hormones, so it is always recommended to use Iodized table salt with black lava salt or find another source of iodine in your diet.

Uses of Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt

The uses of black lava salt especially concern cooking, however, the beneficial properties of this salt are also used for body care.

In the kitchen

Hawaiian black salt can be used in place of common table salt, but keep in mind that the flavor changes are slightly more bitter and with a more smoky aroma. It is therefore recommended for flavoring dishes based on vegetables, meat, fish, or eggs.

Furthermore, we cannot neglect the aesthetic aspect that black salt gives to the dish, due to the processing with vegetable charcoal, which gives the dish a more creative and attractive side.

To Improve digestion

You can drink a glass of water or milk with a teaspoon of Hawaiian black sea salt added on an empty stomach in the morning, as this mixture may also help prevent constipation and eliminate toxins from the body.

Body care

Not only in the kitchen but the properties of black salt are also beneficial for body care. It is used to make purifying and smoothing baths and scrubs as it eliminates dead skin cells, improves skin tone and luster, and maintains the correct pH value.

Black Salt Scrub for Skin

Preparing a scrub is simple, place a spoonful of almond oil and a handful of black salt in a bowl, and mix the two elements until you get a homogeneous mixture. Then just pass it on to the affected skin area using circular movements. To obtain stimulation of blood circulation it is advisable to rinse with cold water at the end of the treatment.

Where Can You Buy Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt?

If you want to get some Hawaiian black lava salt to try, you will not need to travel to the island of Hawaii to buy it. So you can search on the Internet for the best offers provided by specialized online stores and order the quantity you need at the best price.

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