How to Fill Out a Receipt Book Correctly and Easily

How to fill out a receipt book? A receipt is a written acknowledgment of receipt that certifies that a specific sum of money or goods has been received. If you are running a business or making any sale, it is good practice to have a receipt that you and your buyer can use to maintain your accounts.

The receipt will therefore be considered as a contract between the buyer or the seller and you, and it will also allow you to keep track of the various expenses that you make.

So in this article, we will answer how to fill out the Receipt Book and the correct way to use it.

How to Fill Out a Receipt Book?

How to Fill Out a Receipt Book

To fill out a receipt book correctly you can follow these steps:

1. Buy carbon paper receipts to speed up the process

If you are filling out your receipts by hand, consider purchasing a carbon paper receipt pad. Thanks to this, by filling out a receipt, you will have two copies that will be ready, one for you and one for the customer.
Carbon paper receipts are also often denominated and carry the information required for a sales receipt. Otherwise, they will present a template that you can fill out clearly and correctly.

2. Fill out all handwritten receipts with a black ink pen

To ensure that your receipt will be legible, you must fill it out using a black ink pen. Your receipt should be a permanent record and to do this you should avoid filling it out with a pencil or colored ink pens which might fade over time.
When filling out a receipt by hand, be sure to write large and legible so that it is easy to read. If you are using carbon paper receipts, press down on the tip of the pen when registering so that the ink will show through in the second or third copy.

3. Use a stamp

You can use a printed company stamp or blank pre-printed receipts with your company name. To make receipts more official, you must stamp your company stamp on them.

You also have the option of using pre-printed receipts that bear your company logo and name. This will make it clear to the customer that the products are from your business or company and be a useful reference in case the receipt needs to be used in the future.

4. Include all the information needed for sales receipts

Whether you’re filling out a receipt by hand or creating a copy in a text document on a computer, you’ll need to make sure you incorporate the basics like:
  • The seller’s contact details
  • The buyer’s contact details
  • The date the transaction was made
  • Details about the product
  • The amount of the transaction
  • The payment method
  • The signature of the seller and that of the buyer

5. Make sure you have all the information

Check that you have all the information required for a rent receipt. A rent receipt is required for a tenant if the tenant pays with cash or a cashier’s check and wishes to keep track of these payments. It is also useful for the owner because it serves as proof of the rent collected. 

In addition, some countries require landlords to issue rent receipts to tenants. If you are trying to put together a rental receipt for your tenant or landlord, you need to make sure it includes the following basic information:
  • The total amount of rent paid
  • The date the payment was made
  • The full name of the tenant
  • The full name of the owner
  • The address of the rental unit
  • The rent pay period
  • The payment method used (check, cash, etc.)
  • The tenant’s signature and that of the owner

6. Consider printing a free copy of the receipt

If you want to develop printed receipts for your company or business, be aware that several receipt copies are available for free on the internet. Simply print them out and stamp them with your company name to personalize them for your daily transactions.


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