Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey by City with Best Clinics

Hair transplant cost in Turkey are one of the most important contributing factors to the popularity of this field, as they are significantly lower than the average prices for hair transplantation in the rest of European countries, in conjunction with the efficiency of hair transplant centers and clinics in Turkey, which provide high-quality medical services that are close to the level offered by the largest plastic surgery centers in Europe and the United States of America.

Turkey is one of the leading countries in hair transplantation in particular, and one of the most prominent destinations for those interested in the technique of hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey by City with Best Clinics

Some press reports estimated the revenues of hair transplantation in Turkey at about 1 billion dollars annually, with turnout rates estimated at 5000 clients per month.

In this article, we will discover how much a hair transplant cost in Turkey in the city of Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, and the best hair transplant clinics and centers in turkey for a successful operation.

Factors that determine the Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Some notice that there are vast differences in cost between one country and another, and one city and another, and sometimes another center or clinic and another clinic in the same area, so what is the reason? The cost sometimes varies not only depending on where you are but also according to the person who will have the transplant.

The most important factors that determine the hair transplant cost in turkey are:
  • The number of hair follicles planted on the scalp and the density of hair
  • Implant technique used
  • Implantation of natural hair or synthetic fibers
  • The center, clinic, or hospital where the operation will be performed
  • The experience of the doctor
  • Equipment and techniques to be used during the operation
  • Required examinations and tests
  • Consultation and care that will follow the operation
  • Anesthesia and analgesics that will be used during and after the operation
  • Providing accommodation, care, transportation, and a mother tongue translator for visitors and foreigners

Criteria for choosing the doctor or clinic to perform a Hair Transplant 

  • The doctor or clinic must have a certificate from a recognized medical college.
  • Obtaining fellowship from international associations such as the International Association of Hair Transplant Surgeons.
  • The doctor or center must be accredited by the local authorities in Turkey.
  • Finally, the doctor’s skill and experience in the field through his previous experiences.

How much does a Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

The hair transplant cost in Turkey is generally much lower than the average prices accepted in the group of countries located in their regional scope, whether European or Arab countries, as the average cost of the hair transplant process ranges from $2,500 to $7,500 / £1900 to £5800 including all required analyzes as well as means transportation to and from the medical center and sometimes the place of residence as well.

Among the most famous Turkish cities with a medical reputation and a large number of hair transplant clinics are Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, and Mersin.

Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

Istanbul is the most attractive tourist destination in Turkey and includes the largest number of medical institutions in the country, hair transplant clinics, and centers in Istanbul is known as Elite or Class A centers due to their high level of luxury, in addition to relying on the latest known medical technologies and cooperating with a selection of the best experts in Hair Transplant.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey within the city of Istanbul

The most frequent question is: How much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey within Istanbul centers? The answer requires a review of the approximate average cost for the hair transplant process in various techniques, which are as follows:
  • The average cost of FUE hair transplantation is $2000 / £1,470.
  • The average cost of FUT hair transplantation ranges from $1500 to $2500 / £1,100 to £1,840.
  • Also, the average hair transplantation using Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technology ranges from $2500 to $4000 / £1840 to £2,940.
  • The approximate average plasma injection ranges from $100 to $270 / £73 to £198, and the total value of the costs is determined by the number of sessions that the patient needs to undergo to reach the final result.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Istanbul

Cosmedica Clinic

Cosmedica was established in 2011 by Dr. Levent Agar, and during the previous years, he managed to achieve a wide reputation in the field of hair transplantation and is accredited by the JCI organization concerned with evaluating the performance of health care institutions.

Cosmedica clinic relies on the latest medical technologies known in the world in the field of hair transplantation. It also offers a variety of offers ranging from $2300 to $3100 / £1,690 to £2300, including pre-operative examinations, transportation, and an interpreter, in addition to hotel reservations for accommodation for two nights: to three nights. 

This is in addition to providing the opportunity to communicate in advance via mobile applications to inform the customer of the details of the appropriate procedure for him before traveling.


Dr. Yektin Bayer Clinic is one of the most famous hairs transplant clinics in Istanbul; Where the clinic performs various types of hair transplant operations based on a set of advanced technologies to ensure the best results, and the clinic cooperates with an assistant medical team of the most qualified doctors in this field.

Dr. Yaktin Bayer’s years of experience in the field of hair transplantation extend for nearly 20 years, during which he performed more than 4000 successful hair transplant operations, in addition to the clinic providing a large number of facilities, most notably the possibility of communicating with the doctor through Internet applications and then diagnosing the condition and informing the patient of the appropriate procedure for him before traveling.

Hair Transplantation in Antalya

Antalya has a large number of hair transplant clinics and centers, plastic surgery clinics in general, and hair transplant centers in particular. Over the past years, it has succeeded in attracting a large number of clients from different countries and has become a strong competitor to the rest of the leading Turkish cities in this medical specialty, especially Istanbul.

Antalya city medical centers have been able to attract a large percentage of incoming customers for several reasons, including that Antalya is a charming coastal city and one of the most important tourist attractions in the country, in addition to the keenness of the medical centers of Antalya to keep pace with technical development in this field and the cooperation of a group of senior medical specialists. Most of them are board-certified.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey within the city of Antalya

Prices for hair transplant operations in Turkey at Antalya centers are also one of the main reasons that have contributed to the increase in demand; They range from around $1,000 to $3,000 / £740 to £2,200.

Best Hair Transplant Centers in Antalya


Rotalife Center is one of the most famous hair transplant centers in Antalya, in addition to the availability of two branches within the cities of Istanbul and Izmir. All branches provide high-quality medical services and perform hair transplantation for women and men based on the latest technologies, in addition to giving clients a certificate of guarantee documented with the results of the operation.

The center’s experience is estimated at nearly 17 years, during which it has performed thousands of successful hair transplant operations, and it also allows the possibility of communicating with the medical team via phone and e-mail applications and obtaining a free consultation on the case before starting the 
travel procedures.


The branches of the Hair Med center specialized in hair transplantation are spread in many Turkish cities, including Antalya. The center offers various and constantly renewed offers. It also adopts the inverse relation method between the number of implanted grafts and the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey, meaning that the cost decreases as the number of grafts increases. 

The 1,000 FUE grafts cost $2,200/£1,600, while for 4,000 grafts the cost is $2,800/£2,100

The Hair Med Center includes a selection of senior doctors in the field of hair transplantation, led by Dr. Ibrahim Askar and Dr. Muhammad Ali Bozkert, and you can learn more about the nature of the procedure Through direct communication with the center via the Internet.


The New Hairline Center is part of the Medical Park Medical Complex, which is ISO certified, and performs different types of hair transplant techniques based on the latest known medical technologies in this specialty.

The center allows the possibility to discuss the details of the medical procedure and the trip in advance through the Internet, and The offers presented by him include the costs of consulting services before and after the operation, as well as all necessary examinations and analyses without adding any additional fees.

Antalya city

Hair Transplantation in Ankara

The importance of the city of Ankara stems from being the administrative and political capital of the country, as it is considered the second largest Turkish city in terms of population after Istanbul. Accordingly, it was natural for Ankara to contain a large number of therapeutic institutions in general and cosmetic centers for hair transplantation in Turkey Particularly, which is witnessing a high demand from expatriate customers and residents alike.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey within the city of Ankara

The cost of hair transplants in Turkey at centers and clinics in Ankara city ranges from approximately $900 to $2500 / £670 to £1850.

This relative disparity in cost estimation is due to the difference in the technology used in the procedure and the level of luxury provided by the medical center in addition to the total cost of any hair transplantation It is determined according to the patient’s condition and the number of grafts used in the hair transplantation process.

Best Hair Transplant clinics in Ankara

CIVAS Clinic

CIVAS Clinic is one of the most prominent hairs transplant clinics in Ankara, due to its 18 years of experience, during which it has performed thousands of successful operations, in addition to its founder, Dr. Ekrem Civas is one of the most famous international experts in this field and is certified by the American Board of Hair Transplantation.

Hair transplant cost in Turkey within the CIVAS clinic include accommodation and internal transfers, in addition to the opportunity to book direct online as well as the possibility of discussing the details of the process through online applications before traveling.


Elmas Health Group is one of the largest medical institutions in Ankara and is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health. The medical institution provides numerous medical services, including hair transplant operations, which are performed with the latest methods such as Micro FUE and DHI technology, under the supervision of a group of experts in this field, including Dr. Kok, the customer service team of the center works to find suitable hotels and provide transportation and other services to incoming customers, and the medical center also allows procedure details to be discussed and to receive offers via instant applications by phone or e-mail.


Fahmi Arman clinic is described as one of the leading clinics in the field of hair transplant in Turkey, as its founding dates back to 1998, and during that period it performed many successful operations.

It was also one of the first clinics to adopt FUE technology in hair transplantation, starting in 2004, and the costs of hair transplant operations in the clinic range from $1,500 to $3,000 / £1,100 to £2,200, and the final value is calculated according to the condition of the patient and the type of technique used.

It also provides its clients with a large number of facilities, most notably the possibility of remote diagnosis by registering the electronic form available on its official website.

Hair Transplantation in Izmir

The cost of hair transplant in Turkey within the centers and clinics located in Izmir is significantly lower compared to other cities, as in the case of comparing the prices of various types of hair operations in the main cities in Turkey, where we find that the average prices in Izmir start from $700 / £510 and do not exceed the $3000 / £2,200 barrier, which put it on the map of competition in this field and enabled it to attract clients from European and Arab countries.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey within the city of Izmir

The cost of hair transplant in Turkey in the centers and clinics of the city of Izmir is estimated based on the condition of the patient, the number of follicles to be transplanted, as well as the type of technology used in the process. In general, it can be said that the approximate average costs of types of hair transplant operations in Izmir are as follows:
  • The average cost of an FUE hair transplant ranges from $700 to $3000£520 to £2200.
  • The average cost of FUT hair transplantation ranges from $1000 to $2000£740 to £1,470.

Best Hair Transplant clinics in Izmir


ISO-certified Longevita hair transplant clinic is one of the most popular hair transplant clinics in Izmir and Turkey in general, he is keen to keep pace with known technical development in this field to achieve the best results, in addition to cooperating with a group of doctors and experts in this field.

The approximate average price of hair transplantation in Longvita ranges from about $1600 to $2000 / £1,180 to £1,470, and the clinic provides a high level of comfort and luxury and provides the service of organizing trips for incoming clients, represented in hotel reservations, airport reception, and an interpreter.


Clinic Baytekin is classified within a group of comprehensive beauty clinics, as it includes almost various specialties of cosmetic medicine, including the hair transplant process, whose cost varies depending on the type of technology used in it.

The cost of a FUT hair transplant is from $950 to $2500 / £700 to £1850 with the same operation using the FUE technique, and the cost of this procedure ranges from $1500 to $3000/ £1100 to £2200.

Cooperation with Dr. Shagan Paitkin's clinic provides the opportunity to perform more than one plastic surgery during the same trip. It is also possible to learn about the latest offers available from the clinic through direct communication on the Internet with the customer service team.

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