How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post? 4 Best Steps

If you're wondering how to see who saved your Instagram post using your iPhone or Android device, we may we can help you. After checking the profiles that follow you, you feel like some of them are spying on you. 

Not only that, you think these followers are downloading your photos and stories and then reusing them without your knowledge.

In this article, we will tell you how you can find out who saved your Instagram post and how many times it's been saved. Also, we will tell you how to stop them.

How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post?

Can you see who saved your Instagram post?

Officially not, but it may be possible! First, I regret to tell you that there is no official way that enables you to see who saved your Instagram post, as the application did not provide any feature that enables you to know this, whether through a notification or an icon, and this because of the Instagram keenness to providing strict protection to the privacy of the application users.

So, all you can do is see how many people save your Instagram post by switching from a personal account to a business or creator account.

However, I can tell you that there are some other steps that you can follow to see who saved your Instagram post, as you should know that these steps may seem a bit cumbersome and are only suitable for accounts that have a low number of followers. Keep reading to find out more.

How to see who saved your Instagram post?

If you are wondering how can you see who saved your Instagram post, This is currently not possible, so you need to use one of the solutions below. I can’t promise you that you’ll find out soon enough. It’s like trying to figure out who’s storing your photos. However, with a little patience, it will be easy to find out who saved or downloaded your content.

1. See how many times your Instagram post has been saved

The first thing you should do to see who saved your Instagram post is to look at how many users saved the photo or video you posted. It is not mandatory, but it greatly simplifies the work.

To see the number of people who have saved your post, you must have a business account. If you don’t have it, you need to go to Instagram settings and switch to a professional account. 

To activate it, you need a Facebook Page to link it to. However, once you move on to the professional account, make an interesting and trustworthy post.

After a few hours, go back to the post and tap it to view it. At this point, tap the View Insight option. Among all the information you find, you will also find the number of post saves. You’ll find it next to the bookmark icon.

As you may notice, the bookmark icon refers to the total number of people saving Instagram posts. Of course, it will be much less than those who only saw the post. So most followers are excluded. All that remains is to find out who saves Instagram posts by analyzing this information. Read on to find out how.

2. Check screenshot notification

Even though you found the number of post saves, you will still wonder how to see who has saved your post on Instagram. Yes, because you want to know the exact names of these people. Well, to know it, it is best to check the screenshot notification on Instagram Stories.

This notification is very useful to see who is viewing your Instagram profile. Not only that, but it is also ideal for this purpose.

Often people who are interested in a person on Instagram tend to screenshot his posts or record his stories because Instagram Stories cannot be saved. 

Therefore, it is very likely that this person has the habit of spying on their “victims” by also downloading the photos and videos that they share on the feed. Then, to see who saved your Instagram post, you might just need to see the screen in Stories.

To do this, post a story or more and wait. After a while, check the list of users. To find them you have to tap on the history and while viewing it press the number of views that appears on the bottom left. Then touch the eye icon. In this list are the names of those who watched your story. 

In addition to the profile names, if someone took a screenshot, there is also the notification screenshot, similar to the sun with rays. If you find any, those profiles are likely related to who saves Instagram posts. Write down their names and continue reading.

3. Try blocking suspicious users

Now that you know who takes screenshots and records your Instagram Stories, now try blocking this suspicious user. Go to their profile and tap Block. 

After blocking the suspicious account, publish another relevant post, and after some time, check if anyone saved it. If you do the calculations correctly, you will notice that the total number of people who saved your post has decreased.

Finally, you managed to find “the intruder”. Now you can decide whether to blacklist him or hide your stories from him.

4. Viewing a user’s Instagram feed or other social profiles

For more confirmation, another step you can do is to view the Instagram feed of the suspicious user or his other social profiles. If you do not find anything, this means that he did not share the posts that he saved or that he shared them on other social platforms.

You can do this if he has a public account, but not if he has a private account. In the latter case, you can find it on other social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. See if he posted any of your content there.

Pro trick:

There is a simple trick is to use Google Image, which will enable you to know if your photos or videos have been reused on other social platforms, where all you have to do is take one of your photos that you think someone has saved and then upload it to Google Image and do the search.

If one of your photos has been reused on other social platforms, you will be able to find out through the images search results, where you will be able to view these accounts and know their owners and take appropriate action.

Other ways to see who saved your Instagram post

There are many third-party applications that some claim can help you to see who saved your Instagram post, but in fact, this is not possible.

Therefore, the method that we have explained remains the most effective to help you for determining the identity of who saved your Instagram post.

However, there is still a method that can be effective, which is to take direct action, such as asking your followers if they've saved your Instagram posts. 

To do this you will need to take a screenshot of the post you want to ask your followers about, next download the screenshot in a story with the addition of a message to your followers such as:

“Hey, guys! I have some curiosity to know who saved this post? I will be very happy with your answers”. 

After that publish the story, where your followers will be able to reply via the direct message.

Can you prevent people from saving your Instagram post?

Switch to a private account. Currently, there is no available way to prevent users from saving your posts, the only solution is to switch from a public to a private account.

It is of course a security procedure to be used only in cases where you fear being spied on and have no interest in having a public account.

With your private account, you can say: “You are not running away” because whoever wants to be your successor must be accepted by you. There is more control over the followers. Also, those who aren’t your followers can’t see your activity or interact with your posts and stories.

As a result, among the followers of a personal account, some save Instagram posts much less likely.

Why can't you see who saved your Instagram post?

As we said at the beginning of the article, Instagram does not show you the profiles of the people who have saved your post for reasons related to protecting the privacy of users in the app.

In the Instagram app, you can currently see only the total number of followers who have saved your posts. Many third-party apps promise to tell you the exact names of who has saved your photo or video, but in reality, most of them give you false and fake information. 

On the other hand, Instagram does not share this information in the API. For this reason, app developers can't “pick up” them from the social network.


You can only see the number of people who have saved your post on Instagram, but you cannot know who they are. However, the method we have explained will help you narrow down the identity of the people who save your Instagram photos or videos, which will need some guesswork and time to figure out who saves or reuses your posts.

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