Malaysian Girls: The Complete Guide for Successful Dating

Have you always been attracted to Malaysian girls? Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia that lies partly on the Asian continent and the island of Borneo. 

Malaysia is famous for its beautiful beaches and wonderful nature, but what distinguishes this country also is another thing that men are looking for, which is Malaysian girls.

So in this article, we will learn about all the characteristics of Malaysian Asian girls together and give you the most important tips to successfully seduce them.

Malaysian Girls: The Complete Guide for Successful Dating

The mentality of Malaysian girls

It is so important to understand the mentality of a Malaysian girl if you want to have your chances with her. Indeed, the cultural differences can be quite large between the inhabitants of Malaysia and your country.

On paper, the country is officially Muslim. In practice, it can be considered moderately religious.

Therefore, it will not be particularly difficult to succeed in seducing a Malaysian girl, even if she considers herself a nun. However, they are not quite as simple as Thai girls where there is no religion at all.

Nightlife is rare in the country, but it will be quite possible to sleep with a Malaysian girl without actually marrying her.

How to successfully seduce a Malaysian woman?

How to successfully seduce a Malaysian woman?

When you get to know a Malaysian girl and you want to seduce her, you will meet two different profiles. The first is the one who will be embarrassed and not dare to talk to you. The second is the one who will look at you with wide eyes and instantly fall in love with you.

As you can imagine, you shouldn't waste your time with women from the first profile. It will be a waste of effort and will lead to nothing in the end.

By immediately focusing on Malaysian girls who seem to be already interested in you, you’ve already done over 90% of the job. 

Then all you have to do is be polite to the girl, just show her that you are a good guy and that you aspire to build a serious and successful relationship.

Activities that Malaysian girls enjoy

Activities enjoyed by Malaysian girls

However, there may be some Malaysian girls who are going through some tough times. In this case, it will be necessary to find activities to do in her company that could impress her at least a little.

Since the country is relatively poor, you can invite her to do some things that may not cost you a lot of money but are off-budget for her.

Here are some examples :
  • Take her to a restaurant with some foreign food. Try a French restaurant if you can find one. Otherwise, take her to a non-Asian restaurant.
  • By reserving VIP seats, you can go to watch a movie with her. You will then be in a very comfortable chair and have waiters who will bring you drinks. The effect will be guaranteed for the Malaysian girl you want.
  • If you are near the sea, offer her some nautical activity. For example, a ride in a boat that seems trivial to you may impress her, as many girls have never set foot on it.

Things to avoid when seducing a Malaysian girl

When attempting a seductive approach with a Malaysian girl, it is important not to offend her feelings. It would be a shame indeed to screw up an attempted flirtation by making mistakes that are easy to avoid.

Here are some examples of what not to do with a Malaysian girl:
  • Religious beliefs. If the behavior of the majority of the population seems to be secular, the fact remains that the country is officially Muslim. Avoid making jokes about religion at all costs.
  • Lack of knowledge about the country. Make sure you know a little about the history of the country and the local culture. There is nothing more upsetting to a Malaysian girl than a man who knows nothing about her country.
  • Make amalgamations between the communities. The country has about 60% ethnic Malays, 25% of Chinese origin, and 10% of Indian origin. Each community has its own culture and does not mix with the others. It will be more suitable to use flirting techniques reserved for Chinese and Indian women if you are trying to seduce one of them.
  • Commenting on the cost of living, for you, the prices in the country will be low, but the prices will be high if you have a local salary, so avoid making comments about the low cost of living with the Malaysian girl, she may feel insulted or may take advantage of you to pay her what she wants.

Marry a Malaysian woman

Marry a Malaysian woman

If you want to marry a Malaysian woman, you must first think about all that entails. Remember that marrying a girl is something that is supposed to last your lifetime. Is this really what you want?

Then are you sure the Malaysian girl loves you? o
r is she just pretending to get papers?

Avoid being naive on the subject, as this is entirely possible due to the poverty in the country.

Finally, what type of ceremony do you want to follow? The local custom or that of your country?

This is also an important point to consider when getting married to a Malaysian woman. You must know that the decision is not up to you alone; the bride’s family also has a say in this matter.

Where is it possible to meet Malaysian women?

You can meet Malaysian women mostly in Malaysia! Do not expect to have the opportunity to easily meet them in European or North American countries, as very few of them live abroad.

If you can find Filipino or Chinese girls in many countries, it would be very difficult to happen with Malaysian girls.

Also, the country exports very little labor abroad, and most of the inhabitants stay in their country, where it is very difficult for them to travel outside their regional area.

Meet Malaysian Girls on a Dating Site

If you want to meet a Malaysian girl, the best option would be to start seducing her from a distance using a dating site that specializes in Malaysian dating, this is ideal if you are not in the country yet or feel more comfortable behind your screen.

You will need to use a specialized site that allows you to meet Malaysian girls. And most importantly, these girls also want to get acquainted with a foreign man. Fortunately, this type of dating platform exists and is called Malaysian Cupid.

Meet a girl from Malaysia on a dating Site

Outside of the origin country, many other search criteria can be configured according to your preferences. The best dating site will then offer you the profiles of serious single women with whom you might have affinities so that you can select your favorites. 

On the best dating site, you can define your profile of the ideal woman by specifying:
  • The age range
  • The color of the skin
  • Types and hair color
  • Woman's length
  • School and university background
  • Professional sector
  • Religion
  • Marital status
  • Favorite activities and hobbies
  • Dress style
  • Sexuality
In addition to many other options depending on the filter results, you can then refine or expand the search as you wish.

To continue, if some of the single profiles are presented to you by the dating site, just send them invitations as a first step. Usually, responses don’t take long if the Malaysian woman of your choice also likes your profile and is attracted to you. 

Thus, you must create an explicit profile with a photo that highlights you on the marriage platform to create affinities. Don’t hesitate to explain your expectations and talk a little about yourself, to allow serious women to form a first opinion of your qualities.

Rules for Dating Malaysian girls online

In the face of differences in cultures and ways of thinking, you should deal with your meetings with Malaysian girls with more accuracy and decency.

On the best dating sites, if you want to win the heart of the girl of your dreams, you must follow some rules that will help you achieve this easily. It will be easier for you to understand these things if you already know the Malaysian mentality. 

Therefore, to find love and prevent the single women you’re courting from being traumatized by your Western clumsiness and habits, you must first know which topics of conversation to avoid or from what angle you approach them.

This stage of cultural awareness is necessary because the laws of seduction are not the same on all continents. 
Thus, what may seem normal in the West may, on the other hand, be taboo or inappropriate topics in Asia. In fact, in Malaysia, we know that culture and religion are closely related. 

Note that women are mainly divided into five categories: traditional Malay, non-traditional Malay, Malay-Chinese, Hindu-Malay, and Indian Malay. However, although some women are a minority, they are also Christians. Thus, the girl who belongs to one of these religions greatly influences her habits, principles, way of thinking, and goals in life. 

However, don’t let that scare you to consider a serious meeting with her. Indeed, these Asian women are also very open-minded. However, always have the courtesy to ask them if they are okay with discussing a topic that may be inconvenient for them. 

What topics should you talk about with a Malaysian girl?

To have the best chances of pleasing a Malaysian and finding love on the best dating site, focus on classic topics like hobbies, travel, sports, work, and food ...

To create more affinities, try talking about yourself but also knowing more about her life. Indeed, the serious girls in this region like to talk and express their feelings, but they especially love to be listened to. 

So, even if you are not an expert at the art of Asian seduction, listening attentively will give you the best chance of conquest. 

This is an easy way to let her know that she is important to you because when a single woman feels that you care about her and listen to her, she will be more inclined to trust you.

So if you are looking to build a serious romantic relationship, the first step in dating Malaysian girls is building confidence.

The Art of Seducing Malaysian girls online

The art of seduction women from Malaysia online

Serious Malaysian woman dating sites usually offer two methods so that you can easily match with the chosen girl. 

Indeed, by creating an account on this type of marriage platform, you will have a personal space with an inbox and a free chat interface. 

In most cases, you will be able to chat directly in live video with the girl you plan to conquer or marry. It may sound funny, but some people are easily intimidated by being seen by virtual people. 

Malaysians are rather reserved women and can be reluctant to video chat from the first conversation. 

Also, don’t be offended if she only exchanges text messages with you at the start of your romantic encounter. While you wait to video chat with her, you can still share your first photos.

Then, it's up to you to break the deadlock and give a more serious dimension to your relationship.

Once trust is established, you will then be able to see your sweetheart’s face every time you speak to her.

How should you behave during your first video conversation?

During your video conversations on a dating site with a pretty single Malaysian girl, courtesy, gallantry, and respect are very important qualities for building a successful relationship.

However, you should know that Asian girls at the beginning of the dates rarely show their feelings to their suitors. So don’t think that they don't feel anything for you despite this.

Indeed, the fact that she keeps chatting with you on the dating site is already proving that you are the right person for her and that she also hopes your free date leads to a serious relationship. 

In the context of your romantic conversations, you will realize that the expressions on her face become more emotional, and you will be able to read her feelings through her eyes and smiles.

On the other hand, once you find a serious Malaysian girlfriend, you may also feel awkward with some of her words.

What are the topics you should talk about during your video chat?

Anyway, stay in the seduction game. If your Asian sweetheart shocked you, just tell her to change the topic of conversation. 

However, it is advisable to cover all the topics during a romantic meeting, to know the common points of view.

Moreover, this serious discussion is necessary since some Malaysian families only consent to the marriage of their unmarried daughters to a Western man on the condition that the latter changes his religious belief. 

Also, it will be necessary to address some questions related to the education of children to prevent the co-education of spouses from becoming a problem in the future.

Have a conversation when dating a Malaysian woman

While profiles of serious single Malaysian women are abundant on dating sites, winning over your girlfriend can be tough. Even if you are a great seducer, there is still a language barrier to overcome as there are many local languages like Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Tamil.

So you must improve your English or learn some basics of the Malay language so that you can talk more easily with country girls.

Why is knowing the country's culture important?

To better satisfy and increase connections with them, it is also advisable to learn more about local culture and traditions. Showing your knowledge during your meetings with Malaysian women will also be one of the main assets of seduction.

However, during your conversations through the dating site, you may be surprised by your lack of knowledge of the country's culture. So, you can take advantage of the situation to ask her to tell you more.

This will be an opportunity to discuss different topics, like talking about the characteristics of your country, where you can be sure that these points will make your conversations more interesting.

Talk about gastronomic specialties, traditional ceremonies, religious rites, and lifestyles in your country to improve your chat conversation. And ask her to teach you her native language, which allows you to prove to your Malaysian woman that you care about everything that concerns her.

Conclusion on Malaysian Women’s Flirtation

Our article on flirting with Malaysian girls is coming to an end. We hope you liked it and that it will make it easier for you to date a girl from Malaysia.

Flirting with a Malaysian girl isn't complicated if you know how to do it correctly. We have given you all the necessary advice in this article, and it is worth just applying them.

However, when you learn more about the Malaysian woman you want, it’s important to use a more personalized flirting approach. This will be more effective in seducing Malaysian girls.

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