Best Men's Haircuts for Oval Face of All Time

Are you in need of ideas for men's haircuts for oval faces? Are you wondering which ideal men's haircut to choose? You will discover in these lines the best selection of men's haircuts for oval faces this year.

The oval face is a face shape that is not considered a defect. But rather, it's one of the most attractive men's face shapes compared to round and square faces.

Where face shapes differ for both sexes, and it is agreed that the identification of these shapes does not depend on gender, of course, but what needs to be looked at is how to take care of appearance in line with different face shapes.

Also, the oval face is the perfect shape for all types of hairstyles suitable for your face. So, to help you choose the most beautiful hairstyles that will distinguish you from all men, in this article, we will show you long and short men's haircuts for oval faces, haircuts for full oval faces, as well as men's haircuts for slim oval faces.

Best Men's Haircuts for Oval Face of All Time

Best men's haircuts for oval face 

1. Short messy hair

Short messy hair for men

Short messy hair is one of the best-recommended hairstyles for males with oval faces. Where this hairstyle helps to highlight the features of the face without much complexity, it is simply a little messy and more attractive.

2. Ivy league haircut

Ivy league haircut

This hairstyle is perfect for an oval face, but if your face is round, one of the tips for reducing the roundness of a face is to play on the lengths of the sides. By shortening the hair at the nape of the neck and temples and keeping more length on top, the volume will highlight your jawline and make your face appear more oval.

3. Medium-length hairstyle

Medium length hairstyle

If you are not a big fan of shaving appointments, these are for you. Let your hair grow to mid-length and comb it slightly back to give it a volume on top. 

4. Pompadour haircut

Pompadour haircut for male oval faces

By adding more volume to the top, this hairstyle will highlight the facial beauty and support its features. This is why the pompadour hairstyle is a great idea for men's oval faces. A comb, a little hair styling wax, and you're done. Accompanied by a light beard, the face will appear more refined.

5. Long curly hair

Long curly hair for oval face

This hairstyle has appeared over the past years and has proven to be suitable for men who have an oval face this year. But the disadvantage of this hairstyle is that it is uncomfortable for the face in some positions.

6. Undercuts

Undercuts men hair style

To enjoy short hair with the possibility of styling it, the undercut hairstyle will be perfect for the man's oval face. With a very short length and then longer up to the top of the head, this is a hairstyle that lasts for several weeks and is easy to style.

Also, for a bolder and more distinctive look, you can add a blonde color to your hair.

7. Messy hairstyle

Messy hairstyle for men

It's no coincidence that more and more men are opting for messy hairstyles. There are different ways to make this type of hairstyle.

For a look that's both cool and stylish, opt for the "bun," a bun that pulls all hair into a ball at the back.

The current trend is to throw everything back and strike a balance between the too tidy and the too messy.

8. Buzzcuts

Buzzcuts hairstyle

Yes! Many celebrities have already opted for this style, including actor Colin Farrell, famous Brazilian footballer Ronaldo and French rap star Soprano. 

Your premature balding or laziness of spending hours combing your hair in the morning can make you lean toward this extreme style but no less elegant than the other men's haircut oval face.

Evidence: Think of all the famous actors or athletes who have already opted for a shaved head to emphasize their style and masculinity! It is perfect for the man who wants to emphasize his personality.

9. Mullet cut

Mullet cut

More and more fashion blogs indicate that the ultra-trendy haircut this year for men is the mullet cut! This old haircut for men that appeared in the early 80s may seem to you just a joke at the moment, to the point where you think it will never reappear. 

However, we think that this haircut will be very suitable for a men's oval face, also there is more time before it disappears again.

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