Black Garlic Oil (Mayu): Recipe, Uses, and Benefits

Mayu, scorched, or black garlic oil is one of the best ways to consume black garlic, as it will give your dishes a unique and distinctive flavor and guarantee you endless health benefits.

So, in this article, we show you the two best recipes to make black garlic oil that you can add to many of your dishes.

Black Garlic Oil (Mayu): Recipe, Uses, and Benefits

What is black garlic oil?

Mayu, or black garlic oil, is a Japanese condiment that is used in many dishes like ramen bowls, stir-fried noodles, and seafood. Most people already know all the benefits and properties of black garlic, among which we find antioxidants, antiseptics, and antibiotics.

Experts recommend eating between 1 and 3 cloves of black garlic a day for fasting so that the body can better absorb and metabolize all of its components.

How does black garlic oil taste?

Thanks to the natural fermentation process of black garlic, it changes its visual and sensory properties. And it turns black and creamy in texture with a taste that has sweet and tangy notes reminiscent of truffles and licorice.

Of course, when you add other ingredients to the recipe, such as thyme and black pepper, the taste will change and become more bitter and salty.

Black garlic oil recipe


To make Mayu, you will need:
  • Half a liter of extra virgin olive oil to be smooth.
  • 20 cloves of black garlic.

How to make Black garlic oil

1. Crush 20 cloves of black garlic (you can use Amefruits Gourmet black garlic) with ½ cup of olive oil until they break up into small pieces.

2. Pour the mashed black garlic cloves with all the extra virgin oil into a bowl. Now your Mayu is ready to use in your favorite dishes.

Extra tips

  • You can add rosemary or any other seasoning of your choice. 
  • You should keep in mind that the longer you soak black garlic in the oil, the more flavor it will gain.

Roasted black garlic oil recipe

Roasted black garlic oil recipe


    To make roasted black garlic oil, you will need:
    • 3 heads of black garlic, sliced crosswise.
    • 2 cups of olive oil.
    • 5 veins of fresh thyme.
    • 1 or 1/2 teaspoons toasted black pepper seeds.

    How to make Roasted black garlic oil

    1. Prepare the oven by setting it at a temperature of 150 ° and installing the mesh rack in the middle of the oven.

    2. Put the heads of black garlic in a small oven tray, and add olive oil, thyme, and black pepper.

    3. Cover the tray tightly with aluminum foil and put it in the oven. Leave it for about an hour until the garlic is soft and golden in color.

    4. Allow the oil to cool slightly and filter it into a clean bowl without discarding the garlic. 

    5. Get rid of thyme and black pepper. After that, the roasted black garlic oil will be ready for use.

    Extra tips

    • Peel the roasted garlic and consume it as is or add it to eggs, chicken, steak, or meat.
    • You can replace olive oil with sunflower, canola, or vegetable oil.
    Tell us in the comments whether you plan to try this recipe at home or not.


    Is black garlic oil healthy?

    Most people do not find eating garlic for breakfast a good idea because it can cause digestive problems and bad breath. But what many people do not know is that black garlic oil does not cause the same side effects as raw garlic, as its benefits are up to 10x.

    Many studies have shown that black garlic helps improve heart function in coronary artery patients due to its abundance of antioxidants. It also helps to boost immunity mainly due to the high concentration of SAC and SAMC. Black garlic can also contribute to the prevention of colon cancer.

    What is black garlic oil used for?

    Like regular garlic, scorched garlic oil can be used for many purposes:

    Black garlic oil is usually used as a condiment in ramen broth with chili oil. It can also be added to main dishes, especially seafood such as grilled fish or shrimp. Additionally, adding scorched garlic oil to the salad with lemon juice, a little soy sauce, and white wine vinegar will add a fresh and delicious flavor to the salad dressing.

    Also, scorched garlic oil can be used for cosmetic purposes. For example, it can be applied several times to the hair, as it works to nourish it from the roots, stimulate its growth faster and protect it from breakage thanks to its content of keratin. Therefore, hair experts advise using shampoo rich in black garlic as it benefits the hair.

    Is mayu good for ramen?

    When you add a little of it to your bowl of ramen, you will get a more delicious taste thanks to its rich and smoky taste. However, it is advised not to add much oil as it will make your bowl of ramen very bitter.

    What are the side effects of black garlic?

    Despite the health benefits of black garlic, it has some side effects, such as causing bloating and digestive problems, and regular use of it changes the smell of the human body, which is very annoying for some.

    Is Mayu scorched garlic oil spicy?

    No, it does not taste spicy. After roasting black garlic in the oven, you will get a slightly refreshing and smoky flavor.

    How do you store black garlic oil?

    You can store the roasted garlic oil in a jar at room temperature for several months, but you should test whether it is fresh and fit for consumption by smelling it. You can also keep the roasted black garlic in the refrigerator for up to a month and use it when needed.

    Can you buy black garlic oil?

    If you do not want to make Mayu at home, you can buy it either from the grocery store or a supermarket, however, the easiest way to get it is by buying it online from the Amazon website.

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