How to Find Out Who is Behind a Fake Instagram Account?

How can you find out who is behind a fake Instagram account? Instagram, like other social networks, was created for entertainment and commercial purposes. It's a great platform for meeting with friends and family. 

In some cases, these forms of commercial exploitation are for people who want to develop their business, and they can become hunting grounds for the innocent.

And we’re not just referring to bullies because there are quite a few in the world who use social networks to annoy people of any age and gender. 

There are also scammers, those people who use the most diverse tricks to make the noblest of hearts fall into their traps and end up taking part of their money.

If you have discovered a coincidence that someone is impersonating you or your friend on Instagram, or if you suspect that one of the Instagram accounts you follow is fake, this article will help you to find out who is behind this fake Instagram account.

How to Find Out Who is Behind a Fake Instagram Account?

How to tell if an Instagram account is fake?

Anyone can create a fake Instagram account to appear as another person, company, or product. Here are some helpful steps and tips you can follow to help you find out a fake Instagram account.

1. Verified accounts

Social media sites are aware of the problems that fake accounts can cause on their networks. For this reason, large social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow account verification.

Instagram verifies the identity of the person with the famous blue tick, this mostly happens with the accounts of famous people such as artists and athletes who have a large number of followers.

That is, if the Instagram account of this famous person does not have the blue tick, it is simply a fake account.

For the account to be officially verified, the account owner must submit a request with additional identifying information. This information may include a verified phone number or email address. For individual accounts, an official photo ID may also be required.

2. The low number of followers

It is common for the Instagram accounts of celebrities and large companies to have several thousand, or even millions, of followers. However, most of the fake accounts have very few followers and always have fewer followers than the real person or company.

3. Using a default or fake profile picture

If the account has a default profile picture (not a person) or it's the same as other accounts, it's probably a fake account. If you are trying to check if an Instagram account is fake, you can also look at its photos to see if more than one photo has been posted. 

The fake Instagram account often doesn't have pictures, or you can find one picture randomly found on the internet.

Note: If the account is new, it may take some time for the person to post photos. Also, not everyone may want to post their photos online.

Many fake Instagram accounts also steal other people's photos and use them as profile pictures. If the account is not someone you know who has a picture of a model, a beautiful person, or a person in revealing clothes, the account is likely fake.

4. There is a spelling error in the username

Incorrectly spelled name is a common mistake and a frequently used tactic when creating a fake account. When you create an Instagram account, it is created using an identifier system. Therefore, it is easy for anyone to create an Instagram account with the same name or the name of your friend, even if it is in use.

5. Read a person's bio 

Before accepting a friend request on Instagram, look at the person's bio. If what he's writing doesn't sound like something real life would do, ignore the request. If you have already accepted the request, unfriend.

Tip: If most of the posts are related to a product or service, the account is likely fake as such accounts are frequently created to promote a commercial product.

6. Impersonate other people

Another common tactic used by fake Instagram accounts is to use a letter that looks like another person's name. For example, you can replace the "m" in "trump" with an "n" which most people who look at the name "Donald Trump" won't notice.

7. Special characters and spaces in the username

On many sites, all that is required for a unique account is not to use the same characters as another account's name. So, some create unique accounts by adding some letters or symbols between the names. For example, "DonaldTrump", "Donald_Trump", "Donald-Trump" and "Donald.Trump". They are all valid and unique account names.

8. There is a word at the beginning or end of the real username

Adding a word like “a”, “the” or “real” at the beginning of the account name is another way to create fake Instagram accounts.

Adding words at the end of a username like “ed”, “ing” or “s” is another way to create a fake account. For example, many people won't notice the extra "s" in their "Donald trumps" username.

9. He does not have accounts on other social media sites

If the Instagram account is real, this person most likely has an account on other social networks, in which they have already been registered as a user for a long time, and they will most likely use the same username or a very similar variant in the other networks.

However, if you search on other social media for a username and don't find it, it means that this account is fake.

10. The big difference between the number of his followers and the people who follow them

On sites like Instagram and Twitter, if a person follows significantly more people than they follow, it is often a clear sign that the account is fake and a person who creates fake accounts often uses a program that automatically follows other people in the hope that they will follow them again and increase of the number of followers.

How to find out who is behind a fake Instagram account?

These are some of the effective ways that can help you to figure out whos behind a fake Instagram account:

1. Find an Instagram account email

One of the best ways that can help you find out who is behind this fake Instagram account is to search for their email.

To do this, open the Instagram app. Type the username in the top search bar. In the Instagram bio, check for any emails. Alternatively, check for an "Email" button (and click it). If there is no email, the person is not sharing it publicly.

2. Using a private Instagram Viewer by iStaunch

A third-party tool can help you find out who is behind a fake Instagram account, as this tool will track the owner of this account and reveal his true identity.

So, simply launch the Private Instagram Viewer by iStaunch to discover who created an Instagram account. Enter the username and allow the program to track the real user.

However, tracking the real user will require some extra effort, as you have to access his emails and some contact details to find out who created this account.

3. Check likes and comments

To increase interaction, some people who create fake accounts on Instagram sometimes use their main account to leave some comments and put likes, where this mistake can lead to exposing them.

Therefore, if you notice, by following up on comments and likes, that one of the accounts puts likes on all posts and sometimes leaves some complimenting comments, it is very likely that this person is behind the creation of this fake Instagram account.

4. Report a fake Instagram account

The Instagram company may help to check any fake account if it is involved in any illegal activities. However, due to the privacy policies and policies of the sites, they will not share this information with you unless a court orders disclosure of it.

5. Track the Instagram account IP address?

Tracking Instagram Profile IP Address is one of the ways that can help you find out who is behind the fake Instagram account.

So any device connected to the internet has an IP address, which is a unique identification. It may be traced using a variety of methods, although determining who owns an IP address is not always possible.

An IP address may be tracked using a variety of online tools. One method is to use the website, which will display the IP addresses, ISP, and IP address location.

6. Ask the owner

The best way to find out who is behind this fake Instagram account is to interrogate the owner in the hope that he will tell you the truth about his identity and the motive behind his creation of this fake account.

Since this scammer is unlikely to reveal his identity to you, In any case, you can take advantage of some other the tips we provided  so that you can at least know the appropriate action that you can take to keep this scammer away from you by taking the necessary measures to protect yourself (for example you can block the user in question or report him)


Can you report a fake Instagram account?

Yes, it is possible on all social media sites. However, as mentioned above, creating a fake Instagram account is not against the law or the terms of the site, so unless that account is doing something illegal like harassing or threatening you, most sites will not take any action against the fake account.

Can you use the phone number to look up someone’s social media account?

Go to the Spokeo search page and type in the phone number. When you click Search Now, you'll get a report containing details about the phone number. It might contain the whole name, age, residence, family information, and social media accounts.

How to block a fake Instagram account?

Blocking a fake Instagram account is simple. All you have to do is open the Instagram app, type the username of the person you want to block in the search bar, open his profile, then click on the three dots on the top right, and click "Block."

Can you track a fake Instagram account?

A fake Instagram account is tough to track down. You might try comparing the account's profile photo with others on Instagram, but it might not be enough. However, some programs and apps promise to be able to detect fake accounts, but these are almost certainly scams.

Why would someone create a fake Instagram account?

Here are some of the reasons why someone might create a fake Instagram account:
  • Harassing others.
  • Spying on others.
  • Collecting information about you to steal your identity.
  • To remain anonymous and no one knows him on the Internet.
  • Make false statements about you or your business to damage your reputation.

Is creating a fake Instagram account illegal?

Creating a fake Instagram account is legal as long as it is a sarcastic account and does not commit a crime or violate the terms of the site.

How do you file a case against a fake account?

If you are unable to prompt the site to take any action, you can contact your local police department if you know who is behind the fake account.

Can the FBI trace IP addresses?

Yes, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation can trace IP addresses for any device. It has very advanced means that enable it to do so easily.

What to do before calling the police department

  • Print or take screenshots of all harassment posts to get clues if any are deleted.
  • Write down all attempts to contact the social media platform administration and any of their responses.
  • Copy the fake account page link.
Tip: If you are being harassed or offensive posts, do not delete or hide them as they may be necessary to get evidence in the case.

If the local authorities cannot do anything, consult an attorney who can advise you about your rights and potential actions you can take to protect your identity online.


Unfortunately, not all Instagram accounts can be verified. However, you can search to determine if the account is fake or not.

So in this article, we have mentioned some ways to help you find out the fake Instagram account and who is behind it, also some things related to verifying this fake account, which we hope will help you get to the truth.

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