How to Know If Someone Restricted You on Instagram?

How do I know if someone has restricted me on Instagram? Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms around the world, where the application has achieved great success thanks to its innovative way of working as it relies on images and short videos only, and its images are of high quality, Which makes it preferred by many users over other social networking sites.

However, Instagram, like any other social networking site, is not without annoying messages or spam and that's why the app has added various features to reduce this inconvenience, such as Restrict or Block.

So, there are many reasons why we restrict people on Instagram. For example, maybe you don't want them to see your posts or photos or don't want them to interact with them, but what if your account is restricted by someone else?

No matter the reason, there's no official way provided by the application to know if someone has restricted you on Instagram. 

How to Know If Someone Restricted You on Instagram?

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram?

Most social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, do not notify their users when a friend or someone restricts them. 

Perhaps because they see that this can negatively affect their psychological state. Imagine that you wake up in the morning and look at your phone screen, and you find the message "John restricted you!" notification.

I don't think you will be happy after seeing this notification where this person visited your profile and then clicked "restrict" in response to a negative situation you created.

Either way, since you can't directly tell if someone has restricted you on Instagram, sometimes you might suspect that someone has.

For example, if you notice that they don't post photos as often as they used to or that their stories aren't showing on your homepage.

While this doesn’t necessarily confirm that the person has restricted you, they may have deactivated their account or stopped posting temporarily. 

However, some many ways and signs that will calm your curiosity a bit and help to know if someone restricted you on Instagram.

1. Comment on one of his posts

When you restrict an account on Instagram, you will be able to control their comments on your posts where you can approve them or not, and for this reason, if someone has restricted your Instagram account, you can find out this by commenting on their photos or posts, if your comment didn't appear immediately, that means it has already restricted you.

However, be aware that your comment may appear later when this person approves it from their account, and in this case, there is another way to know if they restricted you or not, which is by asking another friend to verify your comment on the person's post, if you suspect that this comment does not appear to him, it means that he has restricted your account.

2. Send him a message (DM)

Another way to know if this person has restricted you on Instagram is to send a direct message to this person. 

You can do this by searching for the user account, clicking on the message icon, typing anything in the text field like a welcome message, point, etc., and clicking send.

If the suspect has not seen your message and you cannot find out their online status, this is clear evidence that they have already restricted you.

3. Check the activity status

Although it is less effective than other methods, it can help you know if you have been restricted on Instagram or not.

First, you will need to create a secondary Instagram account, then enable Show activity status on your main account, as well as on your secondary account that you created. 

To do that, Go to settings and then privacy. From there, you can enable the activity status feature.

Once you have activated the feature, You can head back with your main account to the profile of the person who you think has registered you.

If you cannot view the active status of this user, it means that you have been restricted.

For more confirmation, you can switch to your secondary account, and if their activity status is visible, then without any doubt, you have been restricted from this person.


What is the difference between a block and a restriction on Instagram?

Block is a feature known to everyone because it is available on almost all social media with which you can completely block anyone and prevent them from seeing your posts or commenting on them, etc. 

As for Restriction, it is a different feature that was added to prevent cyberbullying. This feature prevents other people from seeing or interacting with your posts, knowing that they will be able to see your photos, and is therefore not considered a complete block.

How to restrict someone on Instagram?

Restrict or blocking an Instagram account is easy because all you need is to enter the account and click on the options menu, then choose "Block" from the list and the account will be blocked immediately, but at Instead, you can restrict the account only by following these steps:

1. Open the Instagram app on your Android phone or iPhone.After that, Go to the account of the person you want to restrict, whether through search, the following list, or from anywhere else.

2. If you are following this person, you will see a “Following” button next to a small arrow, click on it.

3. Now, click on the “Restrict” option, where this account will be completely restricted and your posts will not appear on their home page.

4. You can restrict again by following the same previous steps, but this time click "Unrestrict".

Remember that when you restrict any Instagram account, it does not mean that it is completely blocked, as it will still be in the follower's list instead it will not be able to see or comment on your posts and also will not be able to send you messages or see your interactions and comments.

What happens when I restrict someone on Instagram?

Restricting someone on Instagram is different from blocking, in that restricting the account will prevent it from seeing your posts or photos, but it will be able to visit your account and view it.

How to tell if someone restricted you on Instagram?

Many indicators can help you know the person who restricted or blocked you on Instagram easily, as all you need to do is search for him in the search bar at the top, and if you find the account but it is not in the list of followers, it means that he unfollowed you, so there is a high possibility that he restricted you.

In return, if you don't find the account at all, it means that it blocked you.

You can also try to send a direct message to the user. If he did not respond to it in a short time, this means that he restricted you.

Who can restrict you on Instagram?

Everyone who has an account on Instagram can block or restrict you, even if he is not one of your followers, as this person can be your friend or a member of your family, and even an unknown person you do not know.

Can a restricted account see your stories?

Although this feature allows you to limit users' interactions without blocking or unfollowing them, they will still be able to see the stories that you post. 

However, if you want to hide your stories before you publish them from some users that you have restricted, you can do so by activating the Hide Stories feature on Instagram, which will enable you to create a list of people you'd like to hide your stories from.

Can you prevent someone from restricting you on Instagram?

This is not possible, as Instagram allows everyone who has an account on the platform to use this feature on anyone who wants to restrict it, where this falls within the principle of personal freedom that Instagram provides to each user.

Why would someone want to restrict them on Instagram?

Someone may want to restrict you on Instagram for several reasons:
  • You are bullying him in the comments.
  • You are sending him annoying messages.
  • There is a personal dispute between you and this person.
  • This person may try to hide things they don't want you to know.

How to avoid being restricted on Instagram?

To avoid being restricted on Instagram, some of these practices may help you:
  • Do not post inappropriate content( sexual content or violent).
  • Do not post provocative comments and call for violence.
  • Don't bully others in the comments and stories.
  • Avoid sending annoying and repetitive messages.
  • Do not post spam or promotional links, as this will annoy others and thus restrict your account.
  • If you are using content that is not yours, this means that you are ignoring copyright rules, which can lead to the restriction of your account on Instagram.


At the end of this article, we have explained to you how to know who restricted you on Instagram in detail, as we showed you some effective ways to make sure of this, but in the end, this remains a personal problem between you and this person, and of course, it will not be possible to remove the restriction or block unless that person does this from his account, as there are no programs or ways to do this without the consent of the other person.

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