4 Ways to Message Someone on Tinder Without Matching

How do you send a message on tinder without matching? You stumbled across the profile of an attractive woman while swiping and you may have even given her a Like. Now you’re scared that she might never like you back and you won’t be able to contact her!

You would even (almost) sell your left egg to get a date with this lady 😉

Hence the question burning in the pit of your stomach:

Can I message on tinder without matching

On the internet, many people read the answers that say it's not possible.

That was the case in the past – but it’s no longer true today, as I’ll show you now!

4 Ways to Message Someone on Tinder Without Matching

Can you message someone on Tinder if you haven't matched?

Since the very worthwhile (paid) platinum subscription, there is finally a practical function in Tinder with which you can text someone without a match.

The platinum version of Tinder allows you to attach a message directly to your Super Like that you give the woman.

This extra feature is similar to functions in other dating apps such as Lovoo, where you can send Icebreakers to other users at any time.

You don’t want to get a comfortable platinum subscription?

Then there are still other ways to write to women without the need to match, via some tricks outside of Tinder.

So I don’t want to be a spoilsport where I will tell you below some tricks and how they work.

How to send a message to someone on Tinder without matching

Before you do anything rash that you will regret later, I must first warn you:


Immediately take your fingers off your smartphone and don't give this dream woman a like if her profile is open.

Reason: If you now "swipe away" the lady by giving her a like, her profile will disappear forever if she hasn't also given you a like.

But you have to keep her profile open because you will need the information from it if you can’t get a like from her.

1. Contact on Instagram

Use Instagram to send a message.

You can message many women on Instagram, especially the attractive ones with well-toned tight bottoms.

Because either they have linked their Instagram account directly to Tinder or have entered their username in the description text.

If that's the case with your girl, this is very easy; you can now text her with no match, just by opening her Instagram profile and sending her the message you want.

In your message, however, you should refrain from submissive compliments about how pretty she is. And don’t tell her you first saw her on Tinder!

Don't complicate it, pretend you accidentally saw one of his photos while you were looking for something on Instagram.

2. Use other social networks

She's not on Instagram, or at least she didn't mention her account?

Look in her profile description to see if you can find any indication that she is active on other social networks.

By that, I mean platforms such as Snapchat or Facebook.

If you discover a corresponding nickname in her profile text, you can also write to her there without having a match with her on Tinder.

If she hasn’t posted anything from other networks on her Tinder profile, you can also do a Facebook search like this.

Simply enter her name and place of residence in the search function.

But there’s only a chance of finding her if her first name is quite rare and she comes from a small town.

3. More dating sites

In my experience, women don't sign up for one dating app.

Especially when she feels lonely and longs for a partner; therefore, she is likely to be active on many dating sites and flirting apps to write with men.

For example, there was a woman from Tinder that I accidentally discovered on Parship a few weeks later and another on Lovoo.

So follow these three steps if you want to search for her on other dating sites:
  • Check her Tinder profile for useful information, such as distance, location, age, nickname, occupation, etc.
  • Go to other major dating sites and make the appropriate search settings that match her details to search for her specifically.
  • Write to her there, for example in Lovoo with an Icebreaker.
Maybe you’re lucky and she’s also on the other platform to find her prince charming.

4. Use Google Image Search

There is also a pretty clever trick circulating on the internet that you can also use if you want to message women from Tinder without a match:

Google’s reverse image search should make it possible to find the person on other platforms as long as they use the same photo on Tinder.
Use Google Image Search

To do this, proceed as follows:
  • Take a screenshot of the woman’s profile picture, or preferably all of her profile pictures.
  • Crop the screenshots so that only the pure photo is visible.
  • Transfer pictures to a desktop computer (or go to the desktop version of Google search on mobile).
  • Go to Google image search, click on the small camera symbol to the right of the search bar and upload an image.
Now Google should show in its search results on which pages the uploaded image is used (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), then you can send a message to the woman there.

Whether the trick works or not, however, is a good question.

First of all, the woman has to use the same picture from Tinder on other social networks.

And secondly, Google must correctly recognize and find this image in the search.

The rules to message a woman on Tinder without matching

Do you want to message a girl on Tinder without matching and send her charming messages to which she also responds enthusiastically?

Then you have to avoid some traps until the whole plan is successful.

The best thing to do is to follow these gentleman tips:

Save her information first.

If you like a woman but she doesn't like you either, she isn't interested. So, the match will not happen, and its profile will disappear forever.

Then you can no longer find the information you need to contact her on other platforms.

That’s why you should take screenshots from her entire profile page with all information (pictures, description text, name, age, occupation, and other information)

Start searching at the right time.

Calm down! Wait a day or two before starting the search. Maybe she’s been busy and hasn’t had time to date online.

She hasn’t liked you even after days, but you want to message this cute girl on Tinder without matching?

So search for her on the other platforms, just like I explained in detail above!

If you find her there, this is half the battle, lucky one!

Use the other profile pictures.

It was not without reason that the woman did not like you on Tinder. She didn’t find your pictures attractive enough (or she didn’t like the profile text and other information in your profile).

However, there is a high possibility that your photos are the cause, simply because they are not impressive.

Now, if you use the same 
pictures again on Instagram or other social media channels, she probably won’t reply to you either.

Logical right?

Therefore, first, make sure that you create better profile pictures and upload them to the platforms to have a second chance with her!

No desperate message, please!

How should you write to the woman in your first message?

Please refrain from these typical, embarrassing pick-up lines like:

"Hey, I saw you on Tinder and we didn't match... I thought you were pretty, so I thought I’d text you here! "

Does that sound good? No, such news is the absolute worst-case scenario!

Because your girl will think 3 bad things about you:
  • That you’re a fucking stalker desperate for a girlfriend.
  • That you are an unattractive man and get few matches (because if you had enough of women's choice, you wouldn't have to chase her, would you?)
  • You don’t have anything exciting to say if you write such boring stuff in the chat conversation.
With such a message, you shoot yourself offside four times over. It is then clear that she will not answer and certainly does not want a date with you.

I know. All of this sounds harsh. But nobody said that online dating is like a pony farm.

Write boldly and humorously.

Don’t even mention the nasty word “Tinder” in your messages, but pretend that you just happened to see them where you’re contacting them now.

And always text her in a way she wouldn't normally expect from men.

That means: send her a funny message in which you tease her a bit instead of slimy compliments. 

Always go into her profile individually (pictures, hobbies, etc.) so that your text doesn’t sound like an impersonal mass e-mail.

You should also ask her a question that she can answer in detail so that a real conversation can take place in the chat.

Is sending a message to someone on Tinder without matching a good idea?

You find that girl attractive and you want to get to know her, but messaging someone on Tinder without matching wouldn't be a good idea because:
  • Firstly, it takes quite a hassle to search for the woman and contact her on other platforms.
  • Second, she never liked you before, so the chances of her liking you elsewhere are slim.
Instead, you should ask yourself why you don't get any matches from the ladies you like. 

And if you have more matches, you also will have enough choices from hot girls.

And then you can write to all these women directly on Tinder and meet them in real life to save yourself from the stalking maze.

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