Is Bumble Premium Worth It? Features, Price and Review

Is Bumble Premium worth it or not? And what more features exist in the paid version of Bumble that is not available in the free version? These are some of the many questions on the mind of every person who uses the Bumble app.

Through my test, I'll let you know about my experience with Bumble Premium and provide you with the crucial details you need to decide whether or not to subscribe to Bumble Premium.

I can thus guarantee that you won't fall for any nasty "honey trap" and will instead only spend your money on subscriptions that are valuable to you.

Is Bumble Premium Worth It? Features, Price and Review

What is Bumble Premium? 

"Premium" is a paid subscription to the dating app Bumble, just like the so-called "Boost." You will get many beneficial extra features and choices with this subscription that are absent in Bumble's free version.

However, "Premium" provides a far wider variety of features compared to the somewhat less expensive "Boost" subscription.

It is, in a sense, the "Ferrari" of the app's subscription plans, equivalent to the platinum subscription of the competitor Tinder.

The premium upgrades' purpose is to generate more matches, and in the next step, contact more women, resulting in more dates when you message.

Bumble Premium: all “Boost” features and much more

Here is an overview of the new additional functions that Bumble Premium offers you:
  • See who likes you (reveal likes/profiles and match immediately)
  • Incognito mode: be invisible in the dating app and only visible to the users you've liked
  • Travel mode: change your location and swipe in other cities around the world
  • Activate unlimited “advanced filters”

In addition, Bumble Premium includes all the features already included in the “Boost” plan:
  • Renew expired matches
  • Extend any number of matches by 24 hours
  • 1 free “Spotlight” per week
  • 5 “SuperSwipes” per week for free
  • Take back dislikes (“revocation” function)
  • Unlimited swipe through the profiles
Therefore, the "Premium" subscription can also be considered an enhanced version of Bumble Boost.

What do you get from all these functions in the app? I’ll tell you exactly that later in the test.

The cost of Bumble Premium

As with Tinder, Bumble subscription prices can vary slightly by a user based on factors like operating system, age, location, and gender.

So that you can still get a rough idea of ​​the costs for Bumble Premium, here is a price overview:

Bumble premium cost

Unlike Tinder, there are more different subscription periods available to you.

For example, if you want to test a specific function or only use it once, you can opt for a short period of just one day.

A great trial offer without too much risk, right?

The lifetime "premium" subscription is also interesting. From a mathematical point of view, this is useful if you want to use the paid version of Bumble for at least one year.

Overall, each subscription option (converted to the month) is cheaper the longer the term you choose.

Take a look at your specific offer

If you want to know the exact price for you, you should simply download the dating app for free and open it after registering to look at your account yourself.

On the overview page of your profile, under "payment plan," you can click on the different subscription options:

Bumble premium features

After opening the page, you will see all the costs. So now you know how many dollars you have to pay each time!

Is Bumble Premium worth it?

Is it worth paying for Bumble premium? In addition to the costs, you also want to know whether signing up for Bumble Premium is worthwhile.

After all, you work hard every day as a busy bee – and don’t want to throw your hard-earned money out the window.

So, to help you decide if the premium subscription features are necessary or not, we will now go through them in more depth.

1. See who likes you (Uncover Likes)

If you tap on the gray heart in the bottom right corner in the swipe mode, you will see pixelated profile pictures of women who have already given you a like (but who you have not yet liked back).

Now, with Bumble Premium, you can uncover these profiles and instantly make the match.

This feature is useful when dating online for two reasons:
  • You get a match directly in an uncomplicated way without having to swipe forever.
  • Many of these users are not displayed when you swipe because they are outside of your current search settings (age and distance). If you want to match these women, you first have to expand your search criteria and then swipe again until you get their profile suggested. It's very stressful and annoying!
Of course, you can also use one of the tricks from this article to uncover these mysterious profiles for free, similar to giving up Tinder gold. But if you’re unlucky when swiping, you’ll never see these girls’ profiles without the extra feature. The Bumble Premium subscription is worth it for this!

Benefit: high 🙂

2. Being invisible in incognito mode

With this, you are almost “undercover” in the dating app like a secret agent. Nobody can see you because your profile is no longer displayed as a partner suggestion to other users when swiping.

The only exception is that the people who liked you will still see you and can like you again.

As a guy, this premium feature is essentially worthless (unless you're worried that other women will see you on the dating app or that your ex-girlfriend, coworker, or neighbor).

Because with the incognito mode in Bumble, you lose the chance of being liked by other girls first, since your visibility is zero.

So this will dramatically reduce the number of likes and matches you get!

Benefit: low 🙁

3. Change your location (Travel Mode)

Bumble premium travel mode

With this feature of Bumble Premium, you have the option to change your location in the app and swipe to any other city around the whole world! By the way, there is this same feature in the Tinder app called the passport.

However, travel mode only makes sense for dating if you travel a lot and want to meet beautiful ladies in faraway places.

The extra function gives you a very convenient option to collect matches at the destination before you start your journey and write to the ladies beforehand.

However, you can only change the location for seven days before it returns to "Normal" mode on its own.

However, the biggest issue with the "Premium" feature is that Travel mode appears bold on your profile.

This could make many serious women looking for a partner skeptical because they think:

"Oh, this man won't be around for too long and will soon depart. Thus, it is pointless to match him."

So ladies who want to fall in love and are looking for a lasting relationship through travel mode should be put off.

It is, therefore, more suitable for long-distance searches for pure chat conversations, non-binding dates, and short-term affairs.

Benefit: medium 😐

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4. Unlimited “Advanced Filters”

Unlimited advanced filters of Bumble premium

In the free Bumble app version, you have two so-called “advanced filters” available. In addition to age and distance, you can use this to specify other search criteria that are important to you when dating.

The possible settings for you as a user are, for example:
  • How many times do exercise
  • Religion
  • Political attitude
  • Smokers/non-smokers
  • Children
  • What to look for on bumble (relationship or just sex)
  • Only show verified profiles
  • And a few more things
With Bumble Premium, you can activate not only two but an unlimited number of these filters at the same time, but these filters are utterly useless.

I recommend never setting more than the two free “advanced filters” that come with the free Bumble version. In my experience, this is quite enough for the targeted search for a partner.

With more than two active filters, the search settings are also so specific that there are only a few women whose profiles meet these criteria (logical, right?).

Result: After a relatively short time, you will run out of partner suggestions when swiping.

So if you're not looking for a hidden princess in Bumble, you can save yourself all this filter fuss!

Benefit: low 🙁

5. Extend all matches by 24 hours

Here, Bumble Premium is worth it! You have a match with a honey-sweet woman, but she doesn’t message you within the first 24 hours? You wait and wait for her to make the first move as the yellow bar gradually shrinks?

As a man, you know the situation pretty well!

So that the good lady doesn't disappear again, the Bumble free version gives you the option of extending ONE match per day by a further 24 hours, so the cool thing about this dating app:

With the “Premium” subscription, you can now get an unlimited number of matches per day with the 24-hour extension.

For men with a high number of matches, this is pretty much the best feature in the subscription, in my opinion.

Because it can happen that women don’t have time to write to you or forget it in their stressful everyday lives.

With the extension, you maximize your chances of being contacted by them in all matches.

So this is how you get the most out of Bumble for more dates!

The prerequisite, of course, is that you have mastered the rules of flirting in the chat room and asking the woman on a date at the right moment.

Benefit: High 

6. Renew expired matches

This function is not included in the free version but only in the Bumble subscription: You can renew matches where the 24-hour deadline for writing has expired.


Unlike point 5, this includes two more types of contacts:
  • Matches where you missed replying to their first message within 24 hours: I think you don't need this feature because I guess you will take every opportunity to make an attractive match in online dating anyway. However, if you forget to reply within the deadline, this feature will be practical for saving the contact.
  • Matches that you extended as a man but still didn’t message you: If a woman didn’t message you even after the extension, she most likely doesn’t want to message you. At least that’s my experience. And do you want to get to know a lady for whom you are only “third choice”? So going into the third round with the match is not very promising.

Benefit: medium 😐

7. One “Spotlight” per week for free

Bumble spotlight feature

Would you like to crawl out of the dark corners of Bumble and step into the spotlight?

With Bumble Premium, you get one "Spotlight" per week for free, and this means:

As soon as you activate the function in the app, your profile has much higher visibility for 30 minutes. So women in the area are given preference. It is the same principle in the Tinder Boost.

This extra feature is quite helpful for dating, as it allows you to be visible to more users and, consequently, to generate many matches in a short time.

However, for this principle to work, you must first make an interesting profile text and attractive profile pictures for men.

By the way, you can also buy Spotlights individually without having to subscribe. This is the ideal solution if you don't want any other extra features in Bumble besides Spotlight.

Benefit: high 🙂

8. Five free “Super Swipes” per week

Get five free “Super Swipes” per week

The SuperSwipe in Bumble is the same as the Super Likes in Tinder. It serves to draw the woman’s attention to you with a kind of “enhanced compliment” and indicate that you are interested in her.

In Bumble Premium, you get five free SuperSwipes per week. That’s about 20 a month.

Sounds good at first, but it's too bad for male users! 

You don't have to give Super Swipes on Bumble because this behavior looks very needy in online dating.

It is comparable to a sleazy Rosenkavalier who shows up on a date with a large bouquet and immediately declares his love.

Girls also think you consider yourself unimportant as a man and therefore need to beg for their attention with a Super Swipe. That doesn't exactly speak for healthy self-confidence.

In addition, attractive women are so blatantly showered with SuperSwipes that even these types of likes are nothing special for them anymore.

Benefit: low 🙁

9. Take back dislikes (“backtrack”)

Bumble backtrack feature

Every man knows the situation: You accidentally swipe left in the dating app – and the attractive blonde is “wiped away” with a dislike.

Or you realize your swipe to the left was a mistake and regret your hasty decision.

The "backtrack" feature in Bumble Premium can be a lifesaver in these situations. This provides you the choice, similar to Tinder, to reverse the previous dislike and, in the following step, graciously like the profile.

My experience:

Anyone who is always very relaxed, concentrated, and "carefully" swiping in the app does not need this feature. It's useful for people who quickly swipe their fingers back and forth, like flapping a bee's wing.

Benefit: medium 😐

10. Unlimited swiping on the Bumble app

In the Bumble free version, the free swipes per day are used up relatively quickly, like Tinder.

As a result, you can only set a certain number of likes each day and thus only get a limited number of matches. Very annoying all the time!

If you want to break these chains, Bumble Premium is worth it.

You now have the fantastic possibility to use the dating app to distribute an unlimited number of swipes and likes.

However, you should have an attractive profile. This is the only way to increase your number of matches.

Additionally, this unlimited swiping is only helpful if you live in a reasonably densely populated region or larger city or if you expand the search settings (age, distance).

Otherwise, you have browsed through the partner suggestions in your area relatively quickly anyway, regardless of whether with or without a swipe limit.

Benefit: high 🙂


In my opinion, the Bumble Premium subscription is worthwhile because of all the advantages it provides.

Above all, these features and options on Bumble are helpful for us men:
  • See who has liked you immediately and create the match directly.
  • Extend an unlimited number of matches
  • Take back dislikes if you belong to the fast type of man when swiping.
  • Renew expired matches
  • Distribute an unlimited number of likes
  • “Spotlight” function (which, as I said, can also be purchased separately)
  • Travel mode if you are traveling in distant cities and are looking for uncomplicated dates there.
Due to the extended range of functions, it is also completely understandable that “Premium” is more expensive than the slimmed-down “Boost” in direct comparison.

Another advantage is that you can test the subscriptions for as little as one day or one week.
So if you are still unsure, you are only taking a small risk with such a term – as long as you cancel the subscription in good time!

Bumble premium subscription is worth it, but only after optimizing your profile.

It doesn't matter whether you decide on the "Boost" or "Premium" offer; in the end, the following rule applies in any case:

Bumble Premium subscription is worth it if you have attractive profile pictures and descriptive text. After signing up, this should be your first step as a user before thinking about any subscriptions!

Because if you are traveling with a lousy profile, hardly any women will like you or write the first message in the chat after the match.

Then even the most ingenious Bumble Premium is of no use to you, and you should better use the app for free in this case.

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