How To Sell On Noon? Best Comprehensive Guide

How to sell your products on UAE? Many retailers tend to enter the world of e-commerce, whether through online stores of their brands or through selling platforms that allow retailers to sell their products through them. But some retailers want to take this step but don't know where to start. Therefore, today we will talk about how to sell on one of the most popular selling platforms in the Arab world, Noon.

How To Sell On Noon? Best Comprehensive Guide

What is the Noon platform?

Noon store started as a permanent online shopping store for the sale of various goods and products about six years ago, with funding from the Saudi Public Investment Fund, whose share is 50%, with a contribution from Emirati businessman Mohammed Al-Abbar, the Kuwaiti Al-Shaya Company and other investors with a total investment of one billion dollars. is one of the most famous shopping sites for selling goods in UAE and the Arab world, whether from accounts belonging to individuals or companies, and there are hundreds of thousands of accounts already registered in it, either as sellers or as customers with frequent visits estimated at millions per month, so Noon reserves a large proportion of trade Electronics in UAE and the Arab world.

As for the possibility of customers buying products in Noon, it is large, and the technologies of being on the phone with a mobile application have increased the success of these sales because Noon constantly provides different features to its customers, which prompted hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies to prefer it as the best center for selling online. 

Despite this, you should know The Noon site charges fees on the accounts you sell through, and displaying thousands of one product may be confusing to the visitor and cause him to distract from the product you offer him, which will affect you in selling and at the same time affect the way the product is pricing compared to these competitors.

How To Sell On Noon?

These are the necessary steps to get started selling on Noon UAE:

1. Registration and payments

First step: Create a customer account on Noon UAE from here.

Second step: Visit the noon seller's website from here.
  • Log in with the information you entered when creating a customer account in the previous step.
  • Select the country in which your business is located.
  • Enter your store information (e-mail, store name, legal company name, company number).
  • Attach the following documents (commercial register, commercial license copy, ID card or passport copy, value-added tax certificate).
Note: If the product type is related to health, such as medicines, etc., or cosmetics, a letter of authorization to distribute these products must be attached.

Third step: Your information will be validated within 48 hours, after which your store will be activated.

Fourth step: Fill out the bank information form from here after it has been stamped by the bank and the company and send it to

2. Fulfilment

The step is that you log into Noon seller and select one of the available fulfillment options. There are several methods to sell with Noon:

The first model: selling by Noon or called Fulfilment by Noon (FBN)

One of the advantages of this method is that you have complete control over the prices of the products in front of you, and all you have to do is put each product inside the boxes until it is ready to be shipped. The rest is done by Noon, which is:
  • With this model, the Noon platform will be responsible for everything related to the selling process, from storing the products to shipping them to the customer. You will be solely responsible for the pricing of your products. The most important feature of this model is the speed of shipping products to customers, as the order will be shipped to the customer within only 24 hours.
  • The site checks the products and maintains your goods.
  • You can ship your orders directly from the Noon warehouses to the customers who make the purchase. 
  • You will receive all customer questions as you will have to answer them.

The second model: selling by the seller or called fulfilled by the partner (FBP)

  • With this model, you will be responsible for storing and pricing your products. As well as managing your orders, meaning that when you receive an order for one of your products, you will receive an email notification, and the choice will be yours to accept or decline the order. Then, the Noon platform will receive the order, package it and ship it to the customer via Noon Express.

3. Add products

To add products to the Noon platform, you have two options:
  • Option 1: is to choose products already in the noon catalog, but you must link each of your products to similar products in the Noon catalog.
  • Option 2: Add your products, but you must add your products to the Noon catalog before you start selling them.
Except for the following products

There are a set of conditions that the sent products to the Noon warehouses must meet, such as:
  • The products must have a number or code with clear instructions.
  • The shelf life of the product must be at least one year.
  • The product must have a barcode.
  • The displayed product must have all sizes and colors.
  • All shipping information must be clear next to each product.
  • Perfumes and cosmetics must contain numbers so that they can be distinguished.
  • The materials used in packaging must be transparent.
  • It is forbidden to use any inappropriate cards on the site.

4. View products

This is considered one of the most important points, especially in online shopping, because the customer cannot see the product directly.

He has no choice but pictures, so if you want to convince the customer to buy, you should take care of your product's presentation, that is, the way you shoot the products.

The Noon platform is concerned with this issue, as it requires several conditions in terms of displaying images, such as: that the quality of the image is very high, that there should be no comments or logos on the images, that the image size is not less than 660 x 900 pixels. For example, each product should have front, back, and side photos, as well as details about the materials it is made of.

If the products are bags, they must contain front, back, and inside photos, in addition to clarifying the size of the picture. For jewelry, two photos showing the details of the piece can suffice.

These are other important instructions for uploading pictures on Noon:
  • At least one photo must be provided for each product to be sold, and sending more than one photo is preferable.
  • The colors in the image must match the original product because this is one of the site conditions.
  • The photo must be with a white background because this shows the product more clearly.
  • All reflections and illusions in the image must be removed through the Photoshop program before sending it to the site.
  • It is strictly forbidden for the image to contain any watermark or unclear logo.

5. Product Control

You can control many details related to the products like:
  • SKU product code
  • Stock Quantity
  • The prices
  • The product status (meaning you can unpublish any product to your account at any time)

What are the Noon seller fees?

The commission on sales is the source of profit for the selling platforms, so it must be present. The percentage of commission imposed by the Noon platform on sellers varies according to the type of product and according to the method of sale that the seller previously selected, whether selling by Noon FBN or Noon FBP, but it ranges from 3.9% to 27% of the sale price. And these are the most important things that will help any merchant to sell on the Noon platform.

Regarding money transfer, the amounts collected from sales are transferred weekly to all sellers on the Noon platform.

If you are a shop owner and want a sales system that facilitates the tracking process of sales between branches and sales platforms directly, you can try the Rawaa sales system for free now for 14 days.

Pros of selling on Noon

The popularity of Noon

Noon is an Arab exhibition and a big online market, and starting to sell on Noon will bring you a huge and well-established customer base, so you can rely on Noon’s popularity to increase your sales, but remember that you will pay for each product you sell up to 27% of the product price, not to mention that you will not Your name is visible in a way that makes the scholars love you, for they buy from Noon and not from you.

Noon is easy

It is easy to start selling on Noon. Using Noon is almost very easy, and you can operate your account once Noon management approves your account after entering your information.

Excellent customer service

Noon provides you and your customers with excellent customer service, so if you or your customers have a problem, you will find someone to help you quickly.

Noon is big

The Noon store is huge, attracting millions of Arab buyers and hundreds of thousands of merchants as well, a feature that may not be very good in the similar products crowding.

Cons of selling on Noon

Lack of design control

You cannot modify the appearance of the interface of the sale account or print it with a character other than the yellow character of Noon, and you cannot in any way communicate with customers, nor will you have control over the payment process or the development of your audience.


Noon has rules about what can and can't be sold, and not only that, payments are restricted, and you are constantly required to provide your tax information.

You must pay the transaction fee

Did you know that for every product you sell, Noon will take from you 4% to 27% of the product price, in addition to storage fees, which can serve as a trimming of your profits, which will be remarkably affected, especially with the low-profit margin.

You may pay a fine

Noon requires you to pay a penalty of 100% of the product price if your product is poor, out of stock, or miscalculated in price.

They can sell your products

According to Noon's terms of sale, Noon has the right to purchase the product from you and resell it to the customer at their discretion. Therefore, you must abide by the warranty and return policy and payment terms.

They have the right to dispose of your products

Not only that, but Noon has the right to dispose of your product however they want if you do not receive the returned products from the warehouse, which may threaten your stock they have.

They have the right to add a discount to your products

Also, by agreeing to the Noon terms of sale, you agree that Noon can add discounts to your products without referring to you.


How can I do business with Noon?

There are some steps that you can follow to become a Noon Seller:
  1. You must upload several documents like; Valid ID card, valid commercial license, VAT registration certificate, and bank account details.
  2. If you sell one of the following products; Health and beauty products or children’s products, you will need to upload a purchase invoice or an authorization letter giving you the right to distribute.
  3. All terms and conditions of the site must be read and accepted.
  4. You will receive a response after confirming the validity of the submitted documents within about 48 hours.

Who can sell on Noon?

Any company registered in the United Arab Emirates or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can hold a valid license that enables it to sell through Noon. If you have a valid license, you must have a real bank account.

How long does it take to obtain approval to become a noon seller?

It will take about 48 hours at most until your information is verified. If the required data is correct, your Noon seller account will already be activated on the site.

Is selling on Noon profitable

It is difficult to determine if selling on Noon is profitable or not, especially with the high percentage of the commission that Noon takes from the price of each product you sell (up to 27% of the product price), so it is necessary to put Noon as a secondary option to expand your sales and focus on building a brand Business with loyalty and sincerity of customers.

Is noon a dropshipping?

You can use a dropshipping service, use Noon's warehouse and fulfillment services, or hold stock in your warehouse while selling on Noon. The latter is typically the most cost-effective option because no upfront stock purchase is necessary. The choice often depends on the capital of every seller, which will determine the type of service he will choose that fits his budget and strategy.

Is it better to sell on Noon UAE or an online store?

Selling on Noon has its benefits, of course, because you display your products on a platform with millions of registered accounts in UAE, but do not forget that there is intense competition from Noon itself, which is a competing seller for you. As for your store, you have freedom and control as you build a relationship with your customers, giving them coupons and reminding them of baskets Purchase they have left, and know their opinions on your products.


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