What is Swipe Surge on Tinder? All You Need to Know

What is Swipe Surge on Tinder? You're no doubt sitting at home or outside with your friends. Suddenly, you get a notification on your phone for the so-called Tinder "Prime Time", also known as "Swipe Surge".

This notification says (roughly speaking): "Hey, you too can come online on Tinder and make great matches while swiping. A lot is going on here at the moment!"

Now you ask yourself the question: what exactly does this job mean? Does this make sense to me? And if so, how can I use it to create more matches?

In this article, I'll clear up all of these questions about what is Tinder Swipe Surge, what is the best ways to use Swipe Surge on Tinder to get more matches and to take the guesswork out of the game, and I'll end with other helpful tips for more matches.

What is Swipe Surge on Tinder? All You Need to Know

What is Swipe Surge on Tinder?

The term "prime time" is known mainly from television. What is meant is a certain time in the evening (e.g., 8:15 p.m.) when most people sit in front of the TV watching their favorite TV show.

It's the same with Tinder: there are also certain times when a large number of users are active on the dating app (like swiping or chatting).

Tinder's "Swipe Surge" feature now works quite simply:

Once Tinder detects a high level of user activity in a particular area (activity is up to 15x higher or more), the so-called "Swipe Surge" starts working automatically.

The offline users in the relevant radius then get a push notification that they should also come online in the dating app and start swiping - which many of them will certainly do.

The result: more people are online, and the virtual 'party' can start...

What happens during Swipe Surge?

If you're online on Tinder during a surge, swiping is also a little different than usual:

In the profiles of the partner suggestions, users get a message in the bold green text if the person is also online and swiping.

At the same time, Tinder mainly shows profiles of active users when swiping.

Logical: It's all about getting these users together quickly through matches so they can start chatting immediately and possibly even get to know each other on a spontaneous date.

According to the motto: "Hey, are you here at the festival too? Cool, let's meet in front of Dixie's toilets in five minutes..." :-)

Well, such experiences can also lead to big love.

When and where does Swipe Surge happen on Tinder?

When does Swipe Surge happen on Tinder?

There is no specific time or place for this. The "Swipe Surge" can start anytime and anywhere where many Tinder users are active in a certain area at the same time.

For example, at major events with crowds (concerts, carnivals, city festivals, etc.), it can suddenly happen that you get a notification for Tinder "Swipe Surge".

I often get an "invitation" to "Swipe Surge" on Sunday evenings when I'm home.

That's because, at this time in the big city, many people are out and active on Tinder - even if they don't gather in a small space like at a concert.

And how long does a Tinder swipe surge last?

According to Tinder, the whole thing can take minutes or even hours, depending on how long the crowd activity at that spot on the dating app lasts.

Manage Swipe Surge on Tinder

To get something from "Swipe Alarm", you must activate push notifications on your smartphone. Only then can Tinder tell you your current "Swipe Surge".

You must also activate the 'Swipe Surge' function in the app settings so that other users can see if you are online and swipe during a Swipe Surge.

That also increases the visibility of your profile during this time, which in turn increases the chance of matches.

To enable Swipe Surge on Tinder:

1. Tap on the avatar icon at the top and then on the gear icon to get into the settings menu:

Enable Swipe Surge on Tinder

2. Then scroll down to the menu item "Swipe Surge Manage" and tap on it:

Scroll down to the menu item

3. In the last step, activate the option "Show me in Swipe Surge":

Activate the option "Show me in Swipe Surge"

Are you all done? OK! Now the fun can begin for you too :-)

Is Swipe Surge on Tinder worth it?

What is the real benefit of Swipe Surge :

As mentioned earlier, your profile will move to the Partner Suggestion "group" as soon as you go online. That means you increase your visibility significantly during the "Swipe Surge" and appear increasingly in front of women.

And it's completely free!

Even the pure facts sound good at first:

According to Tinder, user activity on the app increases 15x during the swipe surge and the chance of matches increases (reportedly) by a whopping 250%.

That would (allegedly) lead to starting a chat conversation 33% faster.

Sounds pretty good, right? Almost too good to be true.

In my opinion, there is a big mistake in thinking here!

Sure, you'll be more visible to the women around you during a "Swipe Surge" once you start swiping on Tinder, and there are a lot of active female users around this time too.

However, this does NOT necessarily mean that you will get significantly more matches.

Because the other men around you naturally sense their chance and come online like vultures because they want a piece of the cake.

That means that the advantage of more active women + increased visibility of your profile is offset by the fact that you have much more male competition during "Swipe Surge".

Solution: It is best to use the Tinder “Boost”!

However, there is something you can do to solve the problem and get ahead of the competing men on Tinder again.

I recommend you use the Boost function in Tinder during a Swipe Surge.

The great advantage of this tip:

As explained in this article, the Tinder Boost always makes the most sense when many women are active in the app.

Simply because you have the best chance of more matches with it.

And with the "Swipe Alert" you know well that it's the best time for the boost (because there is a high level of activity) - Tinder rubs it in your face with the push notification.

If you activate the boost in Tinder during the Swipe Surge, you should have a bit more visibility with your profile than the other active men, and this can give you at least a slight advantage.

More tips: Use Tinder to 'counter-cyclical'...

All these strategies don't help. Do you get almost no matches on Tinder? Neither through the "Swipe Surge" alone nor the Boost function as additional help?

So, you have to optimize your profile further because profile pictures and description text are crucial for more matches.

I also advise you as a pro tip to do the opposite of what most other users do and to use Tinder to "counter-cyclical".

You don't have to run to the electronics store like the tumultuous masses and fight for the cheapest TV or the latest smartphone in the hope that you'll still get something (figuratively speaking)!

In specific terms, this means:

Don't start swiping in Tinder when it's "Swipe Surge" - but consciously choose a time when few users are active.

There are fewer women here (and therefore fewer potential matches), but also you compete against fewer men.

If you are the proverbial "cock in the basket", the matches might work better.

And maybe a chat will turn into a hot date or even great love!


What does Show me in Swipe Surge mean?

After activating "Show me in Swipe Surge" on Tinder, this feature will allow you to get a push notification when there is a surge of user activity on Tinder in your area. As Tinder says, Activity can be up to 15x higher during Swipe Surge.

What does it mean when someone's profile says Swipe Surge?

Users who choose to participate in Tinder Swipe Surge, their profiles will appear first to other users who are swiping at the same time. Also, their profiles will appear with a special Swipe Surge badge, which means they are currently looking for a match on Tinder.

Do you have to pay for a Swipe Surge?

The Tinder Swipe Surge function is completely free, as it is included in all free and paid Tinder editions. When you create an account on Tinder, this feature will be activated automatically, and you can disable or reactivate this feature easily through your profile settings at any time. 

Why haven't I seen a Tinder Swipe Surge yet?

If you never get a Swipe Surge push notification since you started using Tinder, it means you didn't enable the feature in your settings, or the Swipe Surge happens out of your relevant radius.

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