Does My Ex Think About Me? 5 Signs It's True!

How many people have asked themselves the famous question "Does my ex think about me?" after a breakup? This is a question that everyone asks at one time or another. Whether you're still in love with your ex or just want to flatter your ego, it's natural to seek to analyze his behavior.

Luckily, there are plenty of unmistakable signs as to whether or not your ex is still thinking about you. However, we must remain vigilant. Your mind may seek to make you think it still loves you by amplifying your interpretation to protect you emotionally from disappointment. The 5 signs below should therefore be taken with caution. Every ex is different and may not act the same when thinking about you or, on the contrary, perform any of these signs without romantic feelings.

Does My Ex Think About Me? 5 Signs It's True!

He tries to have information about you it's because he's still thinking about you

Normally, a breakup marks the end of a relationship. Once the sad ending is set in motion, you must not contact each other afterward. Of course, this does not apply to couples who have children or property in common.

However, since the separation, your ex has not stopped sending you messages and calling you to find out how you are doing. Every week, you can be sure that you will hear new news from him. He will want to know what you are doing to keep yourself busy, if you have met someone else, how you are coping with the breakup, etc. If you're the one who broke up, it's obvious that he needs some time to digest the news and move on.

During this time, it is normal for him to seek news from the person he still loves. However, if your ex who initiated the breakup, strangely behaves in this case, several scenarios are possible. He can make sure you're okay because he's worried about you and knows he's hurt you.

He may also simply regret his action and want to come back to you. In any case, an ex who tries to contact you regularly is an ex who thinks about you! If you ask him to see you, he will jump at the chance without hesitation. No matter the place and the activity, he just wants to be with you.

Since he cares about your state of mind, he will become the perfect confidant. If you talk to him about a stroke of blues or a difficult event in your life, he will be there to support you as if everything were normal between you. If on his side, he's not feeling well, he will seek to find comfort with you. After all, you are the person who means the most to him!

All means are good to have a reason to contact you. He may, for example, call you only for administrative procedures or because he has found an old something of yours that you did not even think of anymore. By keeping your belongings and returning them to you one by one, he is sure to have excuses to make you meet him regularly. You will quickly notice that the reasons for contacting you become more and more futile as the weeks go by.

If you do not answer him, he will simply investigate with your relatives. He will approach your friends and family to try to find out why you are not answering, what you are currently doing, and if you are well. Moreover, he will try to stay close to your entourage to have information about you discreetly.

He is jealous

If your ex still thinks about you, it means he has deep feelings. You should therefore not be surprised that he is jealous and possessive. For him, you are still his. It is out of the question that he lets another person approach you and take what belongs to him. Jealousy depends on the character of people. He may never have felt any jealousy before, but with the prospect of permanently losing you for someone else, he begins to feel this unpleasant emotion.

Some exes are not going to dare to share their jealousy with you, especially if they are the cause of the breakup. Indeed, they believe that they do not have the legitimacy to reproach you and that you have the right to find happiness in the arms of another.

However, if you're the one who broke up, chances are your ex will start to get upset when he sees you with someone else. And this is completely normal, he can imagine that you cheated on him during your story and he still has feelings for you.

It's not for nothing if your ex is trying to find out if you have someone in your life. If you don't have anyone, he thinks he still has a chance to win you back or at least keep you close to him. On the contrary, if you have someone, the latter breaks all his chances of getting you back. Your ex will therefore naturally seek to keep the competition away and make you understand that he still has feelings by refusing to see you with someone else.

He is watching you on social media

Your ex is watching you on social media

Today, anyone can learn about someone through social media. Your ex has understood this! If you are in the habit even before your breakup of being often active and publishing regularly, be sure that if he still thinks about you, he will spend his days on your pages.

If you become a little less active, he'll think you can't post because you're so sad, or even worse, you're busy with someone else. In this case, he will develop jealousy and will seek to understand why you are not as present on the networks.

Are you online at 2 a.m.? It means you are still not sleeping. He can analyze this in different ways: maybe you just got back from a date or a party. Or on the contrary, are you the victim of insomnia because you think too much about your breakup?

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When you post a photo, if he thinks of you, he's bound to like it. You are still so beautiful in his eyes, how can he not like the photo? Instinctively, in his head, liking your photo will mean to your potential suitors that he is still in your life and that he will not let go of the matter so easily.

Similarly, it will seek to see who you follow by combing through the list of your contacts. He will search the profiles of all your relatives to see if they indicate what you do with your days. If you accept a new friend, he will automatically realize it since he spends a lot of time going through the list.

Does my ex think about me: he has changed

Whereas in the past he never remembered your birthday or your wedding anniversary, he suddenly regained his memory from the breakup. He will not hesitate to send you messages to wish you these very important days.

If you catch a glimpse of your ex, you may quickly realize that he is no longer the same. If you blamed him for things during your relationship, he no longer reproduces the same mistakes in front of you. He wants to prove to you by his behavior that he understood that he had to make an effort and work on himself.

Even in clothing, he has changed. During a relationship, it is common to gradually neglect one's appearance since one takes the other for granted without realizing it. He seeks to evolve and enhance itself, undoubtedly to seduce you again, for example by getting back into the sport if you have always had a weakness for sporty people.

If he thinks about you, don't be surprised to see him innovate in hairdressing. If you used to compliment him when he wore a certain outfit, if he knows he's going to see you, he'll wear it. The goal is obviously to show you that a new love story is possible between you.

Paradoxically, he can also remain stuck in the past, remembering good memories spent together with a lot of nostalgia.

He is in a rebound relationship

It makes sense that your ex would want to move on and meet another partner. If he gets into a relationship quickly after your breakup, it's probably a band-aid relationship.

He tries to settle down as quickly as possible in the hope of forgetting about you and getting his head above water. You can imagine it, but his new relationship is bound to disappear. Similarly, if your ex continues his relationship, you may think he's trying to get over you.

It's not uncommon to see a person get back together with someone who looks like their ex. Indeed, he seeks above all to replace you. What better than someone who shares traits with their ex to fill this role? Then it's time to tell your ex that you miss him if, of course, you do.

In the same vein, he will take his new partner to places where you used to meet. If he goes through a breakup again, you may feel that he does not experience it as badly as you. He remains insensitive to the departure of his new partner. And for good reason, it's you he wants!

As you have seen from the 5 points above about the question "Does my ex think about me?", it is quite easy to spot an ex who is thinking of you. Still, you have to be careful. If he thinks about you, it doesn't necessarily mean he wants to come back with you, maybe he just sees you as a friend!

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