How to Get More Likes on Bumble? 10 Best Tips & Solutions

Life in the virtual "beehive" is not easy as a man: you swipe your fingers every day and see tons of profiles of sexy girls...but you still don't have any matches or likes on Bumble!

Even though you distribute tons of likes to the beautiful women you like so much, you simply get nothing in the dating app.

Or you are only liked by questionable bees who do not meet your expectations when looking for a partner (to put it politely...).

In the face of these problems, at some point you ask yourself full of self-doubt:

"Am I just not attractive enough as a man for the great ladies, or what's going wrong here in the search for sex and love?"

Don't worry, it's not about you personally, how you look or who you are as a person!

You too can become the adored "Match King" by just fixing a few bugs in Bumble and following the top 10 tips in this article.

How to Get More Likes on Bumble? 10 Best Tips & Solutions

Why it's so important to get more likes and matches on Bumble?

There is a very special reason why a high number of likes and matches is so important in Bumble:

Unlike in Tinder, the well-known principle “ladies first” applies in the Bumble app. That means women MUST message you first if you have a match. Only they can open the chat with a message in the next step.

Unfortunately, however, it is the case that "only" about 75% of the matched girls write to you, even after an extension of another 24 hours. At least that's what I experienced in testing.

This is due, for example, to the fact that the other women no longer like your profile on closer inspection, or they have other attractive men to choose from.

So about 25% of your matches in Bumble go unused since you can't contact them.

To compensate for this loss, you need a relatively large number of matches a day in the dating app, so that in the second step there are even more chat conversations from which a date can develop.

By the way, deleting your Bumble account and creating a new one (reset) does not help to get more likes.

But the good news:

I will help you and guide you to the promised land of Bumble, where milk and honey flow (and maybe other humor as well).

Note the following 10 tips:

Optimize your Bumble profile to get more likes and matches

Of course, when it comes to online dating, the first impression counts! What the woman sees with a quick swipe must appeal to her at first sight - as always in love. Otherwise, there is no Like.

Therefore, the first and most effective measure is to give your Bumble profile a thorough polish, just like you did on Tinder.

Increase your male attractiveness and show your personality at the same time so that your counterpart recognizes many similarities between you!

This is how you become a honey-sweet eye-catcher that the ladies stick to:

1. Upload better profile pictures

Unattractive profile pictures are the most common reason why men don't get matches on dating apps like Tinder or Bumble.

What women see when swiping in the male profiles is often a mixture of horror and freak show.

So the first step for you should be to pimp your profile photos.

Be a cool man and avoid these typical photo mistakes:
  • Selfies, especially in front of the mirror
  • Pseudo-cool pics with sunglasses that don't show your face
  • Macho show-off pictures in or in front of the car
  • Sleazy topless snaps to show off your muscles
  • Group photos where no woman can know who you are
  • Shots that are too bright or too dark / have poor exposure
  • Photos where you are too short (because the camera is too far away)
  • Bad backgrounds (e.g. in front of the white wall or in the untidy living room)
  • Grimacing or constantly looking too serious
  • Uncivilized party photos that make you look like a drunk 
  • Inauthentic clothing, such as ill-fitting suits
Bad Bumble profile picture

Ok, what instead? Tips for good profile pictures are:
  • Have a good buddy take a photo of you - please do not take selfies.
  • Show a friendly smile.
  • Do not look into the camera in all the pictures, but deliberately look past it. With a thoughtful, serious look you show another interesting side of yourself.
  • Wear stylish clothing that suits you and your type (e.g. a neat, long-sleeved shirt or t-shirt).
  • Always ensure an exciting background - for example with the beach and sea on vacation.
  • So that the background is not too distracting, make it slightly blurred with the so-called "bokeh" effect.
  • Don't just pose like a model for the camera. Instead, upload spontaneous-looking snapshots to Bumble that show you doing interesting activities (on vacation, at sports, at concerts, making music, together with pets, etc.).
  • Optimize your images through thorough post-processing on the computer or in a mobile app. Here you can, for example, crop them, remove dark circles/pimples and bring in more contrast, which makes you appear more attractive. If necessary, ask someone who has the necessary knowledge for image editing for help.
  • Bring variety to your picture gallery. You should show many different facets of your personality in your photos. This gives the woman an impression of who you are and what makes you special as a man. 
Here is a successful example of a very masculine-looking picture taken at the beach:

Bumble profile picture

If you are still unsure, ask other people (e.g. friends) for their honest opinion. Or let other users rate your photos anonymously on the Photofeeler platform!

2. Write interesting profile text

If a woman finds your pictures appealing, she often looks at the text in your profile. Based on your descriptions, she then decides whether she likes you or not.

It can also be due to a bad or boring "About Me" text, which is why you haven't had any matches in Bumble so far.

In a good profile description, please refrain from desperate-sounding statements about how long you have been single or how longingly you are looking for a girlfriend for your great love.

Copied love sayings from grandma's calendar as well as pure lists of hobbies, character traits, and other facts make the girls yawn in the app.

Instead, I recommend that you enter an interesting or funny introductory question in the profile text, especially for Bumble:
  • "What would you do if you were a man for a day?"
  • “What do you prefer – pizza or sushi? Please do not disappoint me!
  • "What's your favorite show on Netflix to watch all night?"
  • "What's your perfect start to the morning?"
  • "Can Chuck Norris message women on Bumble?"
The huge advantage of such sentences is: Our human brain is wired in such a way that we always want to answer questions (from a psychological point of view).

The questions also provide a super simple template for women to text you on (and more productive messages than just a "Hi, how are you?", too).

All of this together significantly increases the chances that you will not only get a match but also that she will write to you with humorous answers afterward.

This can then easily develop into an exciting chat conversation until the date!

3. Answer the profile questions

Don't have matches in Bumble? Then make your profile even more interesting in the next step and use other options!

Unlike in Tinder, for example, in the dating app Bumble, you have the option of answering up to three given questions in your profile.

But refrain from negative answers and show your humorous side. Even seemingly serious profile questions should be steered in a light and funny direction:

Serious question answer funny

If you make the woman laugh and/or she discovers a great similarity between you, she is more likely to give you a like.

Of course, you don't just have to play the clown like other men often do. You can also answer one of the questions emotionally in-depth to give an insight into your personality:

Serious answer profile question

In my experience, it is also very effective to tell “Two truths and one lie” in your profile question:

Profile funny question

This invites the women to an exciting guessing game and arouses such curiosity that they often write to you with many messages.

4. Fill out all profile information

You should also provide as much information as possible in the dating app - about sports, pets, religion, political views, smokers/non-smokers, and more:

Bumble profile details

Filling out this "personal info" is a good tip, especially if you're not getting any matches on Bumble.

The reason:

With the so-called “extended filter” function in the app, all of these points can optionally be defined as search criteria (see also below!).

Logically, this increases the chance that you will be found by the right women if they specify these things accordingly in their search.

And since you perfectly match her wishes when looking for a partner, there is of course a relatively high chance that she will give you a like (and you will have a match). By the way, it can be helpful to select the "relationship" option for "I'm looking for..." so as not to scare off the majority of good ladies.

In addition to being easier to find in the search, your information will be displayed high up on your profile page:

Personal Infos Bumble

In this way, even users who do not use the “extended filter” can quickly determine when swiping whether you, as a potential match, have important things in common for a relationship.

5. Verify your profile / account

Finally, you should go through the steps to confirm your profile. This will give you a verification icon (blue shield with a star) attached to your profile.

It's sort of a "seal of approval" when it comes to dating on Bumble.

Bumble profile verification

The users recognize that you are real with your account - and not one of those fakes that unfortunately often romp around on dating platforms.

Your trustworthiness increases again with the verification, which means that you can also get more likes.

Change your search criteria on Bumble to get more likes 

But it's not just about an attractive profile if you want to get more likes in online dating. Because if you want to be seen, you first have to be found by swiping!

In plain language:

Poor search settings can be another reason why you are not collecting matches in Bumble. But I will also help you fix that.

6. Set appropriate age and distance

Maybe you're searching the dating app for women whose prey pattern you don't match at all in terms of age and distance.

Two examples to illustrate what can go wrong here:
  • Let's say you're in your mid-30s and looking for sexy young sexy girls between the age of 18 and 25. Unfortunately, most of these girls have set in the app that they want to see guys up to their early 30s max.
  • Maybe you are looking for a partner within a radius of up to 100 kilometers, but many women have set the radius search to a much smaller extent. In this way, you will never be displayed as a partner suggestion to the distant users to whom you give a like.
Such incorrect settings mean that you like women diligently, but many never see you when swiping. You simply "miss" each other because these ladies have incompatible search criteria.

To fix the problem, go to the search settings and redefine the criteria under "Date Filter":

Bumble date filter

Just like in the Tinder app, based on my experience, I recommend defining an age range of about +/- 5 years (related to your age).

For the distance, I would choose a radius of no more than 50 kilometers. However, this is an average for medium-sized cities.

In densely populated cities, 20 to 30 kilometers can be enough, and if you live in a village or the countryside, you may have to go up to 80 kilometers.

7. You have likes in Bumble but no matches

Which "corporate files" are still slumbering in your basement? One often experiences the following situation when dating:

In the "Who likes you" section, Bumble shows you that you have received likes - recognizable by the pixelated profile pictures of (hopefully attractive) women:

Bumble likes but no matches

But no matter how long you bloody swipe your fingers, you simply won't get a match with these mysterious users.

Is this some dirty trick by the app developers to make you spend money on a paid subscription?

No, not!

There is a simple reason why these likes do not become matches in Bumble: the women in question are outside the search criteria you have specified.

The solution is therefore not rocket science either, but rather simple for us men:

Expand the search criteria temporarily by setting the distance and age range to the maximum! The profiles of these girls will now move up in your "deck of cards".

This means that if you start swiping now, you usually get to see the women quickly so that you can like them back and make the match.

Once that is done, you reset the search settings to the “normal values” that are favorable for you.

Or you can make it even easier for yourself and get a paid subscription with which you can uncover these likes directly. This works in a similar way to Tinder Gold.

8. Use "Advanced Filter" function

If you don't have any matches on Bumble, you can optionally use the so-called "sniper technique" (this word is a spontaneous invention of mine) to find a partner.

What do I mean?

Like a sniper, you specifically pick out the women in online dating who could be a particularly good match for you.

To do this, tap on "Advanced filters" in the search settings menu and specify the search filters that match your personality:

Bumble advanced filter function

It's not that complicated. A few examples:
  • If you have profile pictures with your cute dog, only search for users who have pets.
  • If you're a heroic sports and fitness junkie, set "Sports: Common" as your search criteria. 
  • And if you're politically "conservative," you'll include that trait in your search -- leaving the punky brats or bad-tempered feminists aside.
A very good option for searching that Tinder does NOT offer!

You certainly understand this filter principle:

With the right search filters in the app, when you swipe you will only see women who think like you. Due to your outstanding similarity, there is a high chance that you will be liked back more often and accordingly get more matches.

But I would not define more than two search filters. Because then the users are “sifted out” so much that when you swipe you run out of partner suggestions faster than the water in the Sahara.

You don't want to be left out of the water like the fish, do you? So what!

Change your swipe behavior as a man to get more likes and matches on Bumble

Now you know the main reasons why men don't get likes and matches in Bumble. You also know what you can do to get bees swarming around you like a lush meadow of flowers.

However, there can be other matching problems in the dating app that are related to your swipe behavior:

9. Always be picky about swiping

In the free Bumble version, the number of likes you can give each day is severely limited. In my experience, even more than in Tinder.

So you should be very careful with this “capital” – and not randomly like everyone you see while swiping!

This quickly leads to you liking masses of women every day whose type doesn’t suit you at all as (potential) partners. Accordingly, you will hardly get any likes back from them. Result: little a or no matches in Bumble.

So be economical with your precious likes! Take a close look at the women's profiles and only like selected women who have a lot in common with you in terms of a relationship.

10. Bumble Tells You "Missed Match"

But sometimes the opposite also happens in the dating app: Men don't get any matches on Bumble because they are too picky when swiping or judging something superficially.

How do you know if this is the case for you?

When swiping to the left (dislike), a yellow popup sometimes appears briefly. It says that you "missed a match".

These are women who liked you, but now you don't like them back. Once you've "wiped" them away, there's no way to bring them back from obscurity. At least not in the free version of Bumble without a subscription.

Okay, there may be reasons for putting these ladies on the moon. Maybe you didn't like them.

But could it also be that you made your decision too hastily or were too critical?

Here would have been an easy way to get hold of a match.

So take a close look at each profile and consider whether it is worth getting to know the lady better. You can always end your chat and break the match if you don't like their answers!

Precisely because you are currently getting little to no matches, you can use these moderately attractive contacts to practice texting and improve your online dating skills.

If you follow the tips in this article, you'll soon be booming - so you can start texting with the hot women!

Even More Matches: Step into the Bumble Spotlight!

Finally, a tip on how to become the absolute king of the bees and how to get the "match machine" really going.

Have you refreshed your profile as I advised you? Have you followed all the other tips in this article? And now you get a few matches regularly (one to three a day) after a test?

And you now want to be the absolute rock star when looking for a partner in Bumble in the next step?

Very good, I will help you with that!

It's time to take the dating app to the next level:

Bumble spotlight

Get Bumble's paid Spotlight feature, individually or as a bundle. The money is well invested because as soon as you activate this feature, you will be shown to the women in your area for 30 minutes.

This increased visibility in the "spotlight" ensures that you get a lot of likes in a short time (if you have an attractive profile!).

To activate the "Spotlight", it is best to choose a time of day when many women are online and happily swiping - for example on Sunday evenings. Then you have the best chance of getting lots of likes and matches!


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