How to seduce a married woman in 6 steps

Are you in love with a taken or married woman? And you don't quite know how to deal with the situation?

Don't worry my friend. I have the right 6-step method at hand.

I am now telling you how to seduce a married woman and win her over. But also what dangers you steer towards yourself.

Are you ready? Here we go!

How to seduce a married woman in 6 steps

Step #1: I'm in love with a married woman and that's okay

Hey man!

Even if the whole situation seems a bit strange to you, there is one thing that you have to understand:

It's okay that you're in love with a married woman.

It's okay if the woman is in a happy relationship and maybe even you have dreams of getting rid of her man.

It's okay if she has kids to take care of and you don't care about them at first.

It's okay if you're in a happy relationship and you're still in love with another woman.

It's okay if you're a Bible-believing Christian and have sworn to be celibate forever. 

Even then you may want to conquer this woman.

It's OK.

Because so far it's just thoughts and feelings. And they just happen.

To some extent, we can exercise control over them, but to another large extent, they just happen.

We have little control over it.

From time to time we humans put the most absurd things in our heads and judge ourselves for it.

Do not do that. It's just thoughts and feelings.

What matters is what actions you decide to take and how much responsibility you take on for them.

Step #2: Be a man - 100% in your power

Before you rush into making the woman fall in love, stop.

Take a deep breath.

Take a deep breath into your body and your balls.

And make yourself aware that you are in a very dynamic field of relationships here.

Everything you do will have consequences.

Not only for you. But also for the woman.

For her husband.

For their children.

For your wife and your children if you have any.

Your actions can have a huge impact.

I don't want to give you a guilty conscience. You have your values ​​and I have mine.

For example, I would never steal a man's wife just because it's possible.

But you have to decide that for yourself.

It is important to me that you decide against it instead of blindly surrendering to your sex drive and your butterflies.

As you consider what you want from the woman in the first place, always keep the consequences in mind.

Ask yourself:

What does this mean for me, in the short and long term?

What does that mean for her?

For her environment? And what about my environment?

How will I evaluate this decision when I look back on it in 5 years?

And what kind of man does this journey make me? Does that make me a better man to be proud of?

Or does that make me a weakling or a coward that I despise?

As you weigh various choices for yourself in this article, keep coming back to these questions and review your choices with them.

Think about it and bear the consequences

Step #3: Sex date? Affair? Or find a girlfriend? What do you even want?

Maybe you have a deep need to finally find a girlfriend.

Maybe you're just screaming, "Damn it, I want to!"

Or you want to have a nice, romantic date with this woman without any obligations.

If you are not so clear right now, I would like to suggest this step again:

Be as clear as possible about what you want.

This way you can approach the woman much more directly and have a better chance of winning the woman over to you.

Plus it saves pain.

But if one person wants sex and the other wants a relationship, this can lead to major emotional conflicts.

Especially when old ties are dissolved, you not only pull down the woman and yourself but also the environment around you.

The clarity will also keep your head clear.

It may be that after a few minutes, you feel that you don't want that much from the woman.

You may think you are in love with a married woman.

But maybe you also realize that you just want a little sex. And you can theoretically get that from other women too.

Think about what you want. This will also make it easier for the other woman to make an honest decision.

This not only saves her and those around her from serious complications.

It also makes your relationship much more prosperous since the cards are on the table from the start.

If you want a relationship with her

I want to say a few short words about what happens if you decide to want a relationship with this married woman.

I would think twice about dating a woman who thinks it's moral to leave her partner for you! Such a partner will also consider it appropriate to leave you for someone new when things aren't going so well.

This type of woman moves from partnership to partnership, always hoping to finally find the right one who will make her happy. So be warned! 😉

Step #4: Calm down, drama queen!

Hand on heart: Would the whole story about this married woman still be so interesting if she were single?

What if no other partners, no children, and no drama were involved?

Some many men and women fall in love, over and over again, only with almost unattainable people.
  • The man who is always on business trips and never at home
  • The woman who lives 800 kilometers away
  • The man who just has to save the world for a moment
  • The woman who is taken, married, or a new mom.
There are deep psychological reasons why these people keep coming together and falling in love with each other.

Now comes the exciting part: As soon as the physical or emotional distance is removed, for example:
  • The man stops his never-ending business trips
  • The long-distance relationship moves to the same street or apartment
  • The man no longer wants to save the world and the mother finally got her husband and her toddler out of circulation.
Then these new couples find each other happily for a short time.

And then remember later:

“, we're not that good together. The only thing that worked for us was the drama and the distance we kept."

And that can happen to you too. In the worst case, you then slip into an on/off relationship with this woman.

So my friend, hand on honest heart:

Are you a good match?

Are you made for each other?

Or is it the forbidden unattainability and the longing that binds you to this woman?

Be honest here and think carefully about the answer to this question, especially if you want to find a woman for a partnership.

A woman hugs a man

Step #5: Action! Seduce the married woman

All right, you've probably chosen the woman. Then let's get to work and get this woman into your bed.

When you've taken yourself

Oh, there was something else! Have you made a clean sweep of your home yet?

If you don't have a girlfriend, you can skip this step.

But if you have someone sitting at home who loves you and above all monogamously :

Then make a clean sweep and call it quits. That's still better than when she finds out about it from behind or you suddenly introduce her to your new partner.

Is this hard now? Well, my friend, these are the consequences. Be a man and have the balls to play open cards.

One last note

Honestly, your endeavor will probably fail.

Most people don't want to get out of their social fabric. And sometimes that's a good thing.

Maybe this woman has been in a dead relationship for some time and is just waiting for you. Then you have a very good chance.

Yes, of course, this woman is not your ex. But these inner processes are similar, or at least it will do you good to take good care of yourself.

So finally to the woman:

There are three scenarios in this whole in love with a married woman dilemma:

Scenario A: You want her and she doesn't know it yet.

Scenario B: You want her and she wants you too.

Scenario C: You want her and she doesn't want you.

Scenario A: You don't know yet

If she doesn't know your intentions yet, start flirting with her normally.

Just like you would do to any other woman.

Don't be so direct and don't give clear terms to your interactions.

You can flirt with her and use all the words of indirect seduction and don't have to call it flirting.

You can meet her for two and have adventurous and romantic dates and you don't have to label it as a date.

Flirt with her and touch her, Date her.

Keep increasing the crackling between you.

And then, after some time, untie the knot and kiss her. And then seduce the woman into sex.

The difference from “normal” seduction is the following:

You massively build up the sexual tension without her noticing it so directly.

You have hot flirts that she can enjoy without worrying about the outcome beyond that.

If you come up with terms like flirting, dating, and sex right away, she'll remember all the consequences on her. Please do not rush.

Take it slow and easy. Have fun and don't count on her getting into you.

And if she does, you can move on to the next scenario.

Scenario B: She wants you too

This scenario begins as soon as both of you realize that you desire each other.

You should have kissed at least once, or even better, had sex at least once by this point.

Put your card face up on the table and say whatever you want.

Do you remember step 3?

What do you want?

A few times non-binding sex?

Date? An affair? Or a real relationship?

Tell her openly and don't expect her to give you an immediate answer.

She probably has a lot more at stake in this decision than you do.

Give her time and don't rush her. Just keep meeting her and enjoy the shared experiences with the woman.

Be patient and compassionate throughout the process. This woman is burdened by her old relationship and it's just not as easy as it would be if you were dating a single woman.

Please note: As soon as you realize that this woman still really loves her husband and that she is getting herself into big social difficulties: Let go of the woman.

Hey man! I know it's hard to let a great woman go.

But please believe me: you don't want to be responsible for destroying a loving relationship.

be fair That gives you extra points with the karma god. 😉

When she holds you down

If you're unlucky, you end up with a woman who never makes the jump.

Maybe she just likes having you by her side as a little sex toy and doesn't want to give up her family for you.

Maybe she's just too attached to her family with commitments and loving emotions that she can't break free.

Either way, she probably won't choose you right away.

Give her some time but listen carefully when the same excuses keep coming up, such as:

My husband is going through a difficult phase right now, I can't tell him yet.

I want to wait until the kids are out of school.

I'm still waiting for a job promotion so I can stand on my own two feet.

If you notice that she keeps putting off your being together and she doesn't say an exact time, which is short, please let her know:

You have no future with this woman. Let her go.

A man with a married woman

Scenario C: She doesn't want you

If you are in love with a married woman but she doesn't want you, save yourself the trouble of trying to seduce the woman.

Maybe you're not her type. Maybe an uncertain future with you is too crass for her.

Maybe she just loves her husband and is loyal to him.

Do not try to seduce this woman because you are running into windmills here.

And even if you managed to get a woman out of a happy relationship: 

You'll never rest if another guy doesn't steal this woman from you. 

It doesn't matter what a badass man you are.

Because a woman who leaves her husband for another guy will if in doubt, do so a second time.

Don't blame yourself for that. just let her go.

Step 6: The Royal Road – Come into Abundance!

There will always be women who inspire you.

Sometimes she won't be able to choose you. And sometimes you don't care for them.

You will not get around the bittersweet pain of disappointed love in life.

But the more you are in abundance with yourself, the easier this pain becomes. And the better you can deal with the fact that it doesn't work out with a certain woman.

I want to show you what it means to live in absolute abundance with women.

I want to show you what it's like to wake up every day next to the love of your life.

I want to show what it's like to be so emotionally and sexually fulfilled that every woman is immediately attracted to you and wants you.

I will show you a way that will lead you to abundance and that will certainly make things easier with this married woman.

Do you understand what this abundance is?

It is as simple, just let the right woman be attracted to you as a result of being a confident and strong man who is steadily moving toward professional and personal success.

Then I guarantee that you will live happily for the rest of your life when you find a woman who is intellectually and physically compatible with you. After that, you will never need to think about how to seduce a married woman.


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