How to Get a Virgo Man to Chase You: (28 Ways That Work)

Are you wondering how to get a Virgo man to chase you? Are you dating a Virgo man and trying to attract him to you? Then you are a lucky woman, as the Virgo man is ideal for every girl, as he has a personality that is popular with everyone. 

He is also elegant and modest, but making a Virgo man chase you is not easy, so this article will help you better understand the character of a Virgo man and how to make him obsessed with you.

How to Get a Virgo Man to Chase You: (28 Ways That Work)

Virgo man and romantic relationships

The Virgo man rarely shares what is on his mind, but he will listen well to you as he is a very deep and thoughtful man. The Virgo man tends to enter into a romantic relationship slowly and carefully, as he likes to take his time getting to know someone before deciding whether he wants to pursue a romantic relationship. 

The first and most difficult step on the road to romance is getting this guy to notice you, but it's important if you want to make him fall in love and especially get him to chase you.

28 Ways to get a Virgo man to chase you

1. Be beautiful and elegant

Love for a Virgo man starts from the eye, just like any other man in the world. Take care of your appearance if you want to get him to chase you. Wear elegant clothes and apply sexy perfume, as a woman who does not care about her appearance is not on the Virgo man's list.

The Virgo man is rarely attracted to flashy and shiny hairdos, dresses, and accessories, but you can present yourself tidy, elegant, and clean, and also make sure that your dress is not provocative to the Virgo man, as this dress should not be cheap and vulgar, and you should also avoid using a lot of makeup and spraying strong perfumes. 

Pay attention to the smallest details of your appearance, as Virgo men are very attentive to noticing all the details and picking up the flaws.

2. Understand his sense of humor

A Virgo man is an expert at passing sarcastic comments without appearing rude compared to many other signs, so you need to understand his sense of humor, and you will realize that a Virgo man loves you if he laughs at your jokes and comments.

3. Keep your emotions under control

A Virgo man has mental maturity and an integrated personality, and he would like his partner to be as well. He doesn't want to see your childish side, let alone your mood swings, and prefers a woman who can control her affection.

So, to get a Virgo man to chase you, try to control your emotions and stay calm, as the Virgo man is a rational being, he usually feels aloof from people who display their emotions strongly, so try to show him that you control your sentiments, and logically talk to him as this will give more attention to how smart and sensitive you are.

4. Encourage him in everything he does

The Virgo man is a good critic, even of himself. Sometimes, he needs a lot of encouragement in whatever he does, so encourage and always be there for him.

Also, the Virgo man is passionate about his work and hobbies, so it is important if you want to get him to chase you to allow him to pursue his work without any interference. 

If he has any hobbies, he will pursue them seriously and passionately, so be supportive of his passion, for example, if he is on a sports team, try to cheer him up and attend his matches. Even if you are not interested in sports.

5. Respect others

To attract a Virgo man and get him to chase you, you need to have a respectful attitude in your dealings with others, such as saying please, excuse me, thank you, and when you are in a restaurant, treat the waiter nicely, even if you are not satisfied with the food or the bill, do not jump or shout, and try to solve problem quietly.

6. Have some culture

Since Virgo men prefer intellectual conversations, watching a play and going to a museum would be a perfect date a Virgo man would love. Try to spark an interesting discussion for an ideal date, and you can do that by doing a little research on a Virgo man and finding out what he's interested in. 

For example, if he's interested in art, research local art museums and art shows in your area, and plan a date together.

7. Respect the time

If you want to make a Virgo man chase you and fall in love with you, you must know how to respect and appreciate him, and committing to time is one of the ways to do so. Virgo is emotional, serious, and has good morals, and being late for an appointment with him is evidence of your lack of respect and appreciation for him. 

When you respect time and meetings date, this gives the impression that you are a serious and responsible woman.

8. Be tidy everywhere

A clean look and order are two interrelated things. Take care of the cleanliness and arrangement of your home, as he may visit you, and if he is chaotic, he will consider you messy and neglectful, and this is a bad thing that may alienate him from you. 

Since cleanliness and order are signs of responsibility, a Virgo man will not want to live with a woman who is unable to take care of her home, let alone an entire family.

9. Express your opinion freely to him

If you want to make a Virgo man chase you, you must be that woman who expresses her opinion with confidence and without shame. In every discussion or conversation, have your ideas. A Virgo man may want to take the lead, but he doesn't like dominance or control. 

He would appreciate it if you had a different point of view than his, and he will gladly listen to you. So don't hesitate to say how you feel and be open-minded. 

10. Be honest

Honesty is one of the qualities most men love in women, and it can make get a Virgo man to chase you madly. No man likes a woman who lies, and neither does a Virgo man. For him, the absolute truth is better than a lie, no matter how simple the lie is or whatever its purpose. So being an honest woman is what makes a Virgo man trust you and be attracted to you.

11. Don't overdo things

As I said at the beginning above, a Virgo man does not like a woman who cannot control her affection. So try to avoid exaggeration of your feelings, thoughts, or reactions, and keep everything simple. Overreacting prevents a Virgo man from liking you and shows him that you are a reckless and impulsive woman. Just try not to complicate things and be calm.

12. Cooking to perfection

The easiest way to get a Virgo man to chase you is to be a good cook, and this applies not only to the Virgo men but to most of the others men's zodiac. Just show your cooking skills! A dish you make at home is better than a dinner in a fancy restaurant. 

This is what a Virgo man prefers. For him, a simple and delicious meal made by your hands is enough, as long as you made it with love. You can prepare the meal he loves at home and eat it in a romantic public place such as the seaside or public garden.

13. Let him take the lead

Most men always love a woman who gives them leadership. So give him the initiative and decision by letting him take the lead to hug you or kiss you or decide how you will spend the weekend. Let him take the initiative and don't complain, you will get him to chase you when you master how to deal with him.

14. Be self-reliant

To get him to chase you, you must be a strong and independent woman because he is drawn to women who can rely on themselves and carry out their tasks without the help of others. So be yourself, and don't hesitate to take the initiative to do things on your own. You may attract his attention and make him want to chase you by seeming strong and independent.

15. Be his best friend

The Virgo man may sometimes lack romance. Marriage is not his goal, but if he is emotionally attached, he finds in marriage the appropriate solution, provided that the emotional relationship is based on friendship. 

And he may turn away from you if you can't stir him up on the mental level before the physical level. Be the honest woman he trusts blindly, do not break or give up, treat him as if you are his friend, listen to him, and share his worries and concerns.

16. Appreciate and praise him

Encourage and praise him in front of everyone, as this will make him happy. He believes very much in the capabilities and skills that he possesses, so Virgo man loves women who praise and thank him and seek to know his interests and personal desires and help him achieve them as much as possible, and make him feel that he is the best and strongest man ever and that he is the perfect person.

17. Don't restrict him with your jealousy

Do not spoil your moments of love with excessive jealousy. You can make him feel jealous and loved but without exaggeration. Leave him to practice his routine without bothering or monitoring him and messing with his personal belongings, such as his phone, out of suspicion and jealousy.

Be careful not to interfere in his life matters exaggeratedly. You have to realize the right time when you can withdraw and not be in his life when he prefers that because he wants to act freely in his affairs.

18. Don't be hesitant to commit 

Women who are not afraid of commitment appeal to Virgo men. Hence, if you want to make him chase you, you must be prepared to commit to him. Feel free to share your time, passion, and love with him. You'll be able to capture his attention and make him pursue you if you're willing to commit to him.

19. Show your intelligence

The Virgo man loves intelligent and logical thinking that comes out of awareness and rationality, so showing the intellectual side and how a woman thinks about life is one of the things that attracts the Virgo man, and do not make your appearance the basis of your conversations with him, try to be deeper and make him feel your intelligence so that he finds you attractive and becomes obsessed with you.

20. Be loyal to your love

Virgo men are fiercely devoted and expect their wives to be just as loyal. Be devoted to him at all times if you want to be the love of his life. Show him you will be there for him through good times and bad by being by his side. 

To get a Virgo man to chase you, keep in mind to always be true to who you are and what you stand for. That way, he will eventually respect you more and fall in love with you.

21. Seduce him with your sweet talk

The easiest way to get a Virgo man to chase you is to seduce him with your sweet words about his attractive looks and personality. Express how much you like him and how difficult it is for you to resist him, as this way he will feel his manliness and therefore he cannot resist you.

22. Be spontaneous

To get a Virgo man to chase you, try to touch him spontaneously. Touch his face sometimes and his hands at other times. These gentle movements may ignite the flames of love in the heart of a Virgo man. But pay attention, try not to pretend because a Virgo man hates a woman who pretends to be someone else, and he will feel that she is deceiving him.

23. Be gentle with him

Being gentle and innocent at times, attractive and sexy at other times, a Virgo man cannot resist the delicate and attractive movements of a woman at the same time. In this way, you will win the heart of a Virgo man, and he will be attracted to you until he falls in love with you.

24. Show that you are interested in him

The Virgo man loves attention, such as making eye contact with him when talking to him, gestures that show interest in talking to him, and also trying to keep up with him in his news, making him feel that you are interested in his affairs and he becomes more attracted to you.

25. Be fun and lighthearted

Fun makes the relationship between you more comfortable and relaxed, as laughter and Humorous from you affect him and pushes him to do the same thing, as he shows the humorous side of his personality when dealing with his partner to continue and grow the relationship after making sure that this woman is the right person for him.

26. Look into his eyes

To make a Virgo man chase you, It is important that you act cute and don't hesitate to smile from time to time when you look into his eyes and make sure he will not be able to resist these attractive looks.

27. Prepare a surprise for him

By showing interest in the things he enjoys, such as buying him a small gift or writing a letter to him, it is also possible to plan a small outing to spend some fun time together. The Virgo man will appreciate that and will be more attracted to you.

28. Be patient with him as possible

Virgo men usually do not reveal their feelings quickly because of their cautious and rational personalities, so if you want to win his heart and get him to chase you, you must be patient with him and not try to pressure him. Eventually, he will commit when he's ready when you let nature run its course.

Other Virgo man questions 

Virgo man in love

Does a Virgo man like to be chased?

Although Virgo men are reliable and loyal, they can sometimes be a little timid when it comes to romance. You'll need to attract a Virgo man's attention and appeal to some of his most important personality traits if you want to make him chase you. Be patient with him because once he's hooked, He will fall in love with you fast.

What a Virgo man wants to hear

  • I want to be with you
  • I trust you
  • I love you
  • I am so happy to be around you
  • I want to get to know you better
  • I think of you a lot and miss you
  • You are the only one who understands me and makes me feel special.

How do you make a Virgo man obsessed with you

  1. Get to know his character.
  2. Be yourself, and don't try to be anyone else.
  3. Tell some jokes to lighten his mood.
  4. Show good manners.
  5. Not to exceed the limits he draws.
  6. Have a cool nerve.
  7. Not being too enthusiastic and impulsive.
  8. Don't ask him to commit from the beginning.
  9. Support him to achieve his dream.
  10. Let him do anything that interests him.
  11. Avoid quarreling with him.
  12. Talk to him calmly instead of yelling.

How do you make a Virgo man miss you like crazy

  1. You must take care of your beauty and elegance to remain charming in his eyes, as he is attracted to elegant and classic women.
  2. You must show the Virgo man that you care about your family, as the family is among the first concerns of the Virgo man, and in this way, he will miss you like crazy.
  3. The Virgo man hates lies and tends to be frank, honest, and open, so you must be honest with him, as he is attracted to the candid woman that surprises him with her frankness.
  4. The Virgo man loves a woman with a strong personality and self-confidence.
  5. You must care about his problems and be a good listener, always try to give him support, then he will miss you like crazy.
  6. The Virgo man does not like fakeness and always tends to simplicity and spontaneity, so you must be spontaneous and genuine.
  7. Try to respect his personal space and not transgress it, so do not put pressure on him, as the Virgo man never accepts to cross the line with him.

How to make a Virgo man regret losing you

  1. Keep calm
  2. Pretend that you started a new relationship
  3. Focus on achieving your goals
  4. Keep shining and showing off
  5. Show him that you don't need him
  6. Fill your schedule so you're too busy for him

How to know if a Virgo man likes you

  1. He tries to make you feel spoiled women
  2. He shows you his weakness
  3. He gets out of his comfort zone
  4. He tries to get close to you by helping you
  5. He pays attention to your little details
  6. He tries to talk to you for a long time
  7. He asks you what you did today
  8. He introduces you to his friends
  9. He admires your accomplishments
  10. He tries to know everything about you
  11. He tells you his secrets without shame
  12. He suggests doing activities together
  13. He tries to please you in every way
  14. He surprises you with unexpected actions

How to get a Virgo man back

  1. Give him space to calm down
  2. Get yourself busy improving your life
  3. Don't try to make him jealous
  4. Respect his limits, and don't pressure him
  5. Be nice
  6. Deal with your feelings separately
  7. Don't expect him to apologize
  8. Attract him with your smart conversation
  9. Show him that you understand the reasons for the relationship breakup.

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