How to Get Your Ex to Unblock You: Best Strategy

Your ex blocked you, and you don't know what to do to get back in touch? Don't panic, there are many solutions to make this happen. Today I will teach you how to get your ex to unblock you.

You're stuck, that's for sure. You are blocked from social media and your phone number from your ex, and you do not know what to do to get out of this situation. Well, first you have to ask this question:

How to Get Your Ex to Unblock You: Best Strategy

Did your ex block you on everything?

First, you need to determine the extent of the blocking, and how far your ex blocked you. It's a strange term, but to put it simply, you can find yourself in two scenarios: 

You can be blocked on all social media, SMS, and phone, which means you can be blocked on everything.

Or you could be partially blocked only on social media but still, be able to communicate via SMS with your ex.

Said like that, it seems very simple, but in reality, it is so difficult to know. 

One of my friends told me she had the experience of asking a friend to block her number on her mobile. 

She then texted her to see if anything remarkable was happening and if she could tell she had been blocked. Nothing at all, her mobile showed the sms as having been sent.

This means that you can thus be blocked without even knowing it by your ex and think you can communicate with them, but in reality, it is not. This brings us back to our strategy for the day, which I want to share with you.

How to get unblocked by your ex?

The method I will reveal to you today is a strategy that I developed after discussions with many people, those who told me that they had succeeded to get unblocked by their ex.

All these people told me that they did not understand what had prompted their ex to unblock them and that in reality, they had done nothing in particular. 

What they told me during the conversation baffled me a bit. I wondered how that was possible, so I dug a little deeper into the question and discovered that they all had one point in common.

All those people who get unblocked by their ex set up the same thing without even realizing it, and that was what allowed them to get unblocked by their ex.

To explain it to you, the best I have found is to draw a parallel.

Imagine for a moment that you are still a child and your mother or father took you to the park. You arrive at the park excited at the idea of ​​being able to do the slide, the swing, and the turnstile. 

You jump on the swings and start having fun. But out of the corner of your eye, you see a group of kids playing on the turnstile and having a blast. 

You are immediately attracted to this turnstile, and you want it. But the kids can't stop playing on it. Result: you feel left out because you just want to be able to play with these children but you can't. 

So what should I do to get my ex to unblock? 

You are in a position of exclusion from the group. However, what I noticed is that those who get unblocked by their ex did exactly that. By using their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in a way that makes their ex feel left out of a host of thrilling activities

Whether your ex is on the outside in a position of withdrawal from you, you have therefore understood what you have to do: share your daily life, your activities, and the hectic life you've created for yourself since the breakup!

An effective strategy based on a true story 

Get unblocked by an ex

Now, as promised, I will tell you about a true story of someone who implemented a strategy that I found very effective, and I'm sharing it with you today to inspire you! 

This person is Mary, and what she has done is brilliant. She was partially blocked by her ex, which means she could text him, but her ex had blocked her on social media. So if this is also your case, do not hesitate to get inspired and apply her strategy with your ex. 

Mary, therefore, wanted her ex to unblock her on Facebook and Instagram to show him the changes she had made in her life after their breakup. 

She, therefore, had the idea of ​​changing her profile picture and choosing one that she knew would interest her ex because it evoked a good shared memory. And she just casually told him about it by text.

She just said to him “if you have a moment, go see my Facebook profile picture, I think you will recognize it!” 

But the problem is that he couldn't because he had blocked her. But what she told him sparked his curiosity and caught his attention enough to make him want to know what it was all about. 

So he had to unblock her to be able to see her profile. You see, Mary implemented the strategy I told you about in this article: she placed her ex on the outside, and she put him in a situation where he was excluded and thus where he could not obtain this that he wanted

Put your ex in a situation of desire, and you will realize that you will solve a lot of problems with them! 

It's your turn to find THE situation that will make you cry for joy "My ex unblocked me!" " 

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