How to Seduce a Woman: 13 Best Seduction Tips

How to seduce a woman and make her fall in love with you? Maybe you have your eye on a certain girl and don't know how to get close to her emotionally and physically. Or you feel alone as a man and would like to find and conquer the perfect dream partner...

In any case, you are now asking yourself when scouring the internet:

What's the secret to seducing a woman - for sex or beyond that for a committed relationship?

Exactly this question gave me sleepless nights when I was young.

Because at that time I was extremely unsuccessful with the opposite sex, was constantly rebuffed, and eked out a sad existence as a permanent single.

I asked myself desperately:

  • Why do some men have a (seemingly) magical attraction that women can hardly resist?
  • And why do these Casanovas have what feels like 3 partners on each of their 10 fingers (especially the 10th!) - while other men only get rejected and end up as "good buddies" in the friend zone?

So according to my experiences, I have long since revealed the secret of seducing women and debunked many a misleading myth.

The most reassuring news for you and your success:

Man(n) is not born a Casanova, and flirting is not inscrutable rocket science, for which one would first have to study at Hogwarts.

This means that ANY normal, average man can quickly learn to flirt and win the woman over with a few simple rules of conduct.

How exactly does this work in practice? You will find out now...

How to Seduce a Woman: 13 Best Seduction Tips

Seduce women: With these 13 tips, it works!

Let's start with "Adam and Eve".

A woman always decides EMOTIONALLY for or against you, and never rationally.

After all, this is about love and not about choosing the right home loan savings contract, right?

Seduction means you have to arouse sexual desire in the woman - a feeling of attraction and infatuation that goes far beyond friendship.

Only if you ignite this passionate fire/tingling in her stomach / whatever in her will she become curious about you, miss you longingly, and want to get to know you better on a date.

And only through this "motor" of sexual attraction will she be willing to get close to you physically up to test your bed's carrying capacity 😉 and a possible relationship.

However, the term “seduction” also includes the word “leadership” or “directing”.

This gives you another important rule:

As a man, you must not be passive when flirting, you must go on the offensive. You have to take the helm and "lead" the woman.

This means that you always take the initiative and push the process of getting to know each other and getting closer to each other.

Let her know that you are interested in her and want her - not just as a "good friend" but on a sexual level for a passionate relationship.

You can achieve all of this with the following 13 seduction tips:

1. Approach the woman immediately to speak to her

The first thing to do is to seek contact with the female sex in the first place. Logical.

It doesn't matter whether you're at a party or shopping downtown: If you see a pretty girl you want to win over, don't spend hours sneaking around her like a tiger around its prey!

As a result, you become more and more blocked internally because of the paralyzing fear of speaking, and your "target" will notice your insecurity and be turned off.

The game of seduction is then already lost before it has even really started.

When it comes to flirting, women like self-confident men who don't hesitate but get down to business!

So when you see an attractive woman you want to get to know and seduce, you have to overcome your shyness and approach her IMMEDIATELY.

Save yourself the funny flirting sayings like " Hey, I'm from Texas, may I test your horns?" "

I don't have to explain to you that this just comes across as intrusive and embarrassing...

2. Elegant style and good fragrance

Elegant style and good fragrance

Although the seduction of women is mainly based on your male behavior - but what use are the most beautiful words and touches if you smell like a boar?

So always make sure you look well-groomed, washed from head to toe!

A good perfume is the icing on the cake as it stimulates the female senses and can drive her crazy about you (if the rest of you is good).

As is well known, the eye also "takes part in love", you can also score successfully with your clothes - especially when you first get to know each other.

3. Irony, humor, and teasing (instead of "fact talk")

It doesn't matter whether it's at the very beginning when approaching or when meeting: most men have what I call a "fact fetish" when conquering.

This means these men only have factual, sober conversations about their job, hobbies, and other things when they get to know each other. So boring question-and-answer games with pure facts.

You can have this kind of dead serious small talk with work colleagues, great aunts, or your bank advisor...

...but a hot, tingling flirt does not result from this pure exchange of information.

So if you want to successfully seduce a woman, you have to show your humorous side and make her laugh. That's how the game works!

Irony, humor, and teasing (instead of "fact talk")

You achieve this through ironic and teasing remarks in several ways:

  • Slightly provocative questions: "Do you like good food or are you one of those women who just listlessly suck on the lettuce leaf?"
  • Funny answers: "What hobbies do I have? I sort paperclips by color, and I'm making my first atomic bomb...and I'm also rescuing kittens from drowning to ease my conscience!"
  • Naughty statements: "The fact that you play handball gives you plus you've got a grade of 4 plus!"
  • Giving nicknames: "Hey, you have interesting curls, should I call you Goldilocks or rather Marilyn (like Marilyn Monroe)?"
  • Slip into “roles”: “Good morning Miss Moneypenny, this is James Bond. Shall we go rogue hunting tonight? Then there's a martini as a reward – shaken, not stirred, of course!”
Humorous teasing is a particularly powerful technique in seduction because grandma was right when she said: "Teasing makes love!"

Always grin a bit playfully, so that she takes your statement as a joke and doesn't get it the wrong way!

Also, be prepared for some shit tests on their part that you must pass to reach the next level.

4. Don't text forever on WhatsApp

Don't text forever on WhatsApp

What I just said about conversations in “real life” also applies to your text communication:

Instead of just exchanging serious messages with pure facts, you should flirt with the woman properly in WhatsApp to further build sexual attraction and thus increase your chances of meeting.

But don't make the mistake of texting back and forth aimlessly on WhatsApp as most men do. Instead, use the right moment to ask her out and win her over!

Pure writing is simply too impersonal in the long run because you can only really seduce this woman if she is "live and in color" in front of you. Logical, right?

It can also happen that she loses interest at some point while writing forever because her emotions for you cool down again.

At the latest when another interesting man suddenly appears in her life, you are history for her...

5. Demonstrate masculine confidence

It's no secret: women are attracted to men who radiate self-confidence. Guys who have that "certain something" that makes women's hearts beat.

If you want to seduce a woman, you have to show masculinity. This includes, for example:
  • Dominance: Despite all female emancipation, the girls love self-confident men who set the tone and "show the way" on the date (literally).
  • Clear opinion: Don't be submissive just because you want to please the woman. Always expresses your opinion openly and honestly, even if you contradict her and offend her. This also shows self-confidence!
  • Goals in life: Anyone who lives aimlessly through the day like Donald Duck comes across as anything but attractive. Find a mission that you get up and fight for every morning.
  • A thirst for adventure: Just sitting at home and watching Netflix or gaming on the PC? "What a bore!" she thinks disappointed. So look for exciting hobbies and go on trips! Then you will experience great things and also have interesting stories to tell on the date.
  • Protective Instinct: Women as the “weaker sex” are instinctively attracted to men who can protect them. It gives them a good feeling of security... So show typical protective gestures! For example, take her by the hand when you walk through dark city streets in the evening or accompany her home safely at the end of your meeting.

6. Playing with attention and distance

Playing with attention and distance to seduce a woman

It's the biggest mistake when it comes to seducing women: Most men believe that all they have to do is play the nice and courteous "gentleman" to conquer their beloved.

So these "nice guys" shower the woman with slimy WhatsApp messages, give her expensive gifts on the date and sit on her sofa for hours listening to her problems.

These guys think:

" If I give her as much attention as possible and prove that I am a good and honest man with a noble character, in time she will fall in love with me!" "

But that's not how flirting works, you urgently need to learn that now.

Anyone who writes a thousand WhatsApp messages a day and always comes on command like a well-behaved lapdog quickly seems boring.

Constantly playing only the listener and helper also shows a strong subservience, which is also not crowned with success.

That's why you would do well to withdraw your attention from time to time if you want to seduce this woman.

Make yourself rare - become their star!

That means for your contact:

DO NOT contact her non-stop every day, DO NOT answer every message immediately, and do NOT be in front of her apartment door three minutes later to carry her moving boxes!

As a good seducer, submerge for a while as if you were the Titanic himself.

You will notice with enthusiasm:

" OH wow, he doesn't chase after me and doesn't align his whole life with me like all these other submissive guys. He has a strong, independent personality! "

This way she will find you much more interesting - and start missing you.

7. Attractive body language and looks

Attractive body language and looks

Your body language is also part of masculine, self-confident charisma. Never walk around like a crouched squirrel, because that shows fear, smallness, and despondency.

So comrade, walk upright and chest out please (but without it looking artificial and like monkeys)!

Then you put on a smile that makes women's hearts melt like butter...

The look is also decisive for a good seduction of women.

If you look deep into her eyes and maintain eye contact on the date, you not only show courage but also automatically create a deeper connection between you.

Not for nothing does it say that the eyes are "the window to the soul" also in love!

In the right situation, you can cast a hypnotic spell on the woman with your gaze, almost like the snake Kaa in the "Jungle Book" :-)

Such sexual tension between you – this is often the magical moment when conquering, just before you can start kissing!

8. Complimenting her sexually

How are you supposed to ignite the fire of lust in your lady of hearts when you have a (symbolic) knot in your "best piece" and are at war with your male needs?

So be open to your sexuality as a man instead of shamefully suppressing it if you want to seduce this woman!

For your lived masculinity, this means that you signal to her that you want to be her lover - and not just her "good buddy" to watch football.

You can achieve this, for example, with sexual compliments (please do not be suggestive!).

Say to her in a calm voice while looking deep into her eyes:
  • "Wow, you look insanely sexy in that dress today!"
  • "Aren't you ashamed to drive me crazy with your outfit?" (smiling ironically)
With such compliments, you clearly show her that you perceive her with her sex appeal as a potential partner and not just as a platonic friend.

9. Create a basis of trust

Create a basis of trust to seduce a woman

So far, the tips in this article have been more about how you as a man create a sexual attraction in the woman so that she is into you...and her mouth is watering just thinking about you (and not only there:- D )

A successful seduction up to sex also includes trust, at the latest on the second or third date, when she is supposed to come to your house.

This is particularly important for the so-called "weaker sex" since women are physically inferior to men and when dating they need to be sure that the potential partner does not pose any danger.

Now how do you gain the trust of this woman while flirting to conquer her?
  • On the one hand, you should present yourself as a reliable man. Always respect your agreements and show up on time for the date.
  • Also convey to her that you live in “orderly conditions” socially, i.e. don’t take drugs, have a solid job and only come into contact with a crime when of the night of the crime on Netflix.
  • Always be honest with her and don't tell her any lies - even small white lies will eventually be exposed and burst trust like a soap bubble.
  • Above all, you should tell lots of personal stories from your life (family, friends, hobbies, etc.) so that the woman can get to know you better and know what kind of man you are.
If you can find a lot of similarities between you in the process, it will also create a strong bond between you, making it easier for you to seduce the woman.

It's especially effective when you confide in her a (positive-sounding) secret that not many people know about you.

This is a special vote of confidence on your part, which will make her trust you more!

10. Romantic atmosphere on the date

Romantic atmosphere on the date

If you talk to each other in the city at the station toilet, where hectic crowds rush past you, there will of course be no romantic mood.

Don't get me wrong: It's certainly good to meet in a busy place on the first date so that the woman feels safe.

To get closer to each other undisturbed when it comes to love, you should take your girl somewhere quieter in the next step.

Suitable date ideas can be, for example, the cozy bar, as long as you have a cozy corner there for yourself. Or the idyllic park, where you can sit and relax on a bench.

If the perfect atmosphere is created, the woman can also feel comfortable and get into a suitable mood. This creates the desired sexual crackle, which you urgently need for success in seduction.

Of course, the idea is to go to your home for a good glass of red wine and “Netflix” (* wink *). Because on the cozy sofa under the cuddly blanket, you get closer to each other... and the bedroom is not far away either :-)

11. Bringing up emotional topics on the date

If you want to seduce women, you have to leave the factual level in the conversation and talk about feelings.

And no, I don't mean worrying talks like at the therapist, where you pour out your heart for hours and talk about problems like your ex-girlfriend or your screwed-up childhood.

Such negative topics spoil the mood - or make you appear as a vulnerable fawn (which does not come across as masculine, but rather arouses "mother feelings" in the woman and catapults you into her friend zone).

Instead of making this mistake, you should talk about POSITIVE things to conquer them.

Good topics of conversation for the date are, for example, the last Christmas party or the last beach holiday when you shuffled barefoot through the hot sand and later admired that beautiful sunset.

Describe the beautiful scene to her in great detail, "paint" a picture in her head!

Since women have fine "antennas" and are emotionally very receptive, such positive, graphic descriptions are quickly contagious.

There is a high probability that she will also start to rave about her good time on vacation and associate this pleasant tingling in her stomach with you!

12. Touch on sexual topics in the conversation

Let’s talk about sex, baby…

At some point, you should also inconspicuously(!) draw attention to sexual topics. So you can heat the fiery crackling in your conversation to seduce the woman.

Don't do it clumsily, but do it skillfully, with the finest "velvet gloves" so to speak.

If you are just fooling around and the mood is good, you can, for example, say with a smile at the appropriate point:
  • "Hey, by the way: I recently read in a magazine at the hairdresser's that every third woman has faked an orgasm/cheated, etc. Do you think the statistics are realistic? And why do you women do that?”
  • "What would you do if you could be a man for a day?" (Common answer: "Pee standing up!")
For you as a seducer, this is a wonderful start to successfully talk about sex and, at the same time, stimulate your dirty head cinema!

13. Make and increase physical contact

Make and increase physical contact to seduce a woman

Most men are fixated on what to SAY to a woman to keep the conversation going and win her over with wild flirting.

In doing so, they almost forget the most important thing for successful flirting: looking for touches!

No matter how humorous, impressive, and quick-witted you are: you will never be able to seduce a woman with just words.

Only physical contact in love ensures that you successfully overcome the friend zone, reduce distance and get closer to the beloved, even to the point of kissing and having sex.

The physical approach that many men fear is not that difficult:
  • You can already touch your chosen one as a greeting on the date, with a warm hug.
  • During the conversation, you should then occasionally briefly touch her shoulder or upper arm.
  • You can then increase this physical contact throughout the date.
  • Take her hand, for example, because you want to take a closer look at her beautifully painted nails...or you want to check whether she has the right fingers to learn to play the piano (good excuse!).
  • Or later, while walking in the park, stroke her forehead or temple because she (allegedly) has some flowers hanging there that trickled down from the tree.
But always use her body language to observe whether she likes your physical approach! If she reacts negatively, slow down.

If you build up touches like this, eventually she will be willing to kiss you too. Because it is then the last "logical" step in the seduction, which will feel completely natural for her!


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