23 Tinder Hacks You Probably Didn't Know About

It's boring: You hardly get any matches on the Tinder dating app—especially not with attractive women you like. Or the ladies don't reply to your messages, so you're light-years away from a real date.

What should you do? Are There Any Tinder Hacks That Will Help?

You have already tried all the usual settings for “fine-tuning” in the app.

You are also aware that you need bombastic good photos and profile texts. And that you have to "care" for the algorithm like a sensitive baby's bottom.

As a man, you have already chewed through all such tips...

All old cheese that you can constantly hear and see everywhere.

That's why you now want to dig deeper into your bag of Tinder hacks. You are looking for some really clever (but still simple) expert solutions and functions that will finally bring you the success you want. Preferably for free, of course.

The knowledge about this comes immediately...

23 Tinder Hacks You Probably Didn't Know About

23 Effective Tinder hacks to get more matches and dates

To clear things up:

In this blog article, I will NOT give you any tips on how to download illegal third-party apps to swindle paid extra features in Tinder! I won't tell you how to hack the gold subscription or parts of it!

First, such technical tricks only work for a certain amount of time, until Tinder closes the gap in its system again.

Second, you're violating Tinder's Terms of Service. This can result in your account being banned from the dating app, permanently barring you from use.

Oops! Not that cool, is it?

Instead, I'll tell you 100 percent legal Tinder hacks that will massively improve your app settings, dating profile, and communication in the chat.

If you implement all these 23 hacks and tricks, you can get more matches and dates immediately:

1. Put a photo with a dog in your profile!

Many Tinder hacks are based on men putting more attractive photos on their profiles, for which they get more likes. This is also the case here: Studies have found that male users with dog photos are liked much more often when dating online.

The reason: The furry four-legged friends are not only cute but also show that the animal-loving master has some positive character traits.

So call your pampered dog, take him to the park, and do a photoshoot together!

Then you put such a cute dog picture in your Tinder profile:

Tinder hack dog photo

If you get more likes, the “WAU” algorithm will also find this and push your visibility higher.

If you don't have your dog, you can of course borrow the doggy from family, neighbors, and friends. And so that it doesn't look like a nasty dog doggy trick, you write in the profile text: "Unfortunately, the cute dog is not my own."

Only use this Tinder hack if you like dogs! It's no use matching a bunch of dog lovers if you hate furry friends to the core.

At the latest on the date, the cheating comes out - and lies are known to have short dachshund legs!

2. Get 50% more cell phone numbers in chat using “Compliance Words”

When men try to get the cell phone number in Tinder chat, so many mistakes are made.

And in the end, the women usually don't want to give out their numbers or simply don't answer anymore.

For that, I want to share with you a really genius little trick on how you can increase your chances of getting her number by up to 50%.

Namely, by using very specific words in your formulation.

Because it has been proven through many studies that a very specific choice of words is more likely to get approval for a question or inquiry.

And those words include "so" and "because. "

If you want to get her number in the chat, always use a reason with the phrase "so" or "because."

For example:

"Let's keep writing on WhatsApp because I'd like to find out if you're just as entertaining outside of Tinder as you are here."


"Let's exchange numbers so we can find out if we would understand each other in real life."

And if you have already made the date clear, you can always write something like:

"Let's continue to write on WhatsApp so that we can make up some days."

It may seem trite and unimportant...

But actually, using words like "because" or "therefore" has a tremendous effect on getting what you ask for more often. Even if the reasoning is pretty banal and obvious.

3. See who liked you (free, without a paid subscription)!

Have you already gotten a few likes on Tinder without knowing from whom? And you swipe your fingers every day but don't get a match with these mysterious women?

To uncover the profiles of such received likes, you don't have to get a paid gold subscription or resort to complicated technical functions.

The fact that no matches are made with these ladies is usually due to a simple problem: They are not displayed to you as a partner suggestion in swipe mode because they are outside of your predefined search criteria (age range and radius).

Therefore, the corresponding solution is clear.

Expand distance and age in the search settings, if in doubt up to the maximum:

See who liked you for free Tinder hack

Truly easy, this trick! But helpful, because it works.

When you swipe, you will directly see the profiles of the women who have already liked you as partner suggestions - and you can immediately get a match with them!

4. Write good questions in your Tinder bio!

Our human brain is programmed to “have to” answer questions. It's almost like an inner compulsion, which we were trained to do in our childhood by parents and teachers.

This is why one of the most effective Tinder hacks is inserting an exciting question in your profile text.

Ideas for interesting dating bios for guys are for example:
  • "Pizza with or without pineapple pieces? Don't say anything wrong now!"
  • "What day of your life would you like to repeat?"
  • "What career dream would you pursue if money were no object?"
It works just as well to arouse female curiosity with a riddle about you:

2 Truths, 1 Lie:

I used to play in a Gothic band. 📯
I have already lived in three different countries. 🌎
I used to work as a chef. 🍝

Reading the text, the woman instinctively develops the urge to answer such questions. This increases the likelihood that she will match you - or even text you first in the chat!

5. Use the "ALF trick" for new profile pictures!

No, by "ALF" I'm not referring to this weird hairy alien from the '80s sitcom that hails from the planet Melmac and prefers cat food.

The abbreviation "ALF" stands for:

Attractive Lifestyle Fotoserie“

By this, I mean that you put several interesting snapshots in your Tinder profile, which you can be seen in your free time activities.

Tinder profile picture hobbies

The special hack for the Tinder dating app is that these are male hobbies that, according to statistics, are perceived as particularly attractive by women:
  • Cooking
  • Theater visit (or museum)
  • Fitness training
  • Making music
  • Reading
  • DIY
Pick out at least three of these six hobbies and post a picture of each in your Tinder gallery!

Such photos increase the likelihood that you will get likes from women (and of course more matches). The reason: With these hobbies in your pictures you show masculine qualities such as intelligence, education, and athleticism.

You also signal a particular thirst for adventure with the activities - and the girls imagine that the date with you will also be fun.

But please refrain from posing shirtless in the fitness photo! Such macho profiles give the impression that the man wants to show off his muscles or is just looking for quick sex.

6. Increase your activity on Tinder!

Some Tinder hacks are pretty mundane — and yet many men don't have that knowledge. This includes, for example, the rule that you must be as active as possible in the dating app because the activity is one of the most important factors for the Tinder algorithm 

The reason is simple: Tinder wants as many active users as possible and no “dead files” like in a virtual zombie graveyard.

That's why the Tinder algorithm rewards you with increased visibility of your profile if you're active in the app often and for a long time.

These activities include the following tips:
  • Update your profile regularly with new photos and texts (this allows you to test which photos and profile texts get you more likes at the same time)
  • go online every day and swipe up to the like limit
  • write to all your new matches
  • chat as much as possible with each match - until the women stop answering you
These measures will make you more visible to users in your area. This is sort of a "natural free boost" to get more matches!

7. Use the "cliffhanger technique" in the opener!

If you sometimes watch Netflix series, you know this psychological trick: An episode ends at the most exciting point so that you are almost bursting with curiosity and immediately watch the next episode.

These so-called “cliffhangers” are a pretty powerful technique to keep you as a spectator engaged.

The psychological principle of this hack also works for online dating if you write to women correctly. Formulate your first message as a hint, so that you consciously withhold crucial information in the text:
  • "Hey, your profile is interesting, but one thing doesn't work..."
  • "You know what I find most odd about your vacation photo?"
  • "Oh shit! I just don't believe it..."
Of course, the woman will want to know what exactly you mean - and out of sheer curiosity she will answer you! At least the probability is very high that she will react to your message.

Or you start your conversation with a particularly humorous message:

We have a match... does that mean we have to get married or what? 😂

8. Test new pictures at Photofeeler first!

You have several new pictures to choose from but don't know which ones to use for your Tinder profile. In general, you have no idea whether your photo is attractive enough for the dating app to become a "like magnet"?

Then you have the opportunity to upload your pictures to the Photofeeler platform and have them rated by other users.

My tip on how to best use this Tinder hack:

Upload at least three photos in the "Dating" section and see how many points you get from the community! For Tinder, you should only use images that score at least 7 points in the categories "Trust", "Attractiveness" and "Intelligence".

There should also be a cool photo that achieves at least 8 points in "attractiveness". You can then select this as the main photo for Tinder.

9. Give only 30 percent of the profiles a like!

When swiping on Tinder, have you liked (almost) every woman you saw? Swiping right on a bunch of profiles like a wild berserker? This should end now if you don't want to keep "destroying" the algorithm!

You can significantly increase the number and quality of your matches by being picky about swiping like a gourmet at a three-star restaurant.

Give only 30 percent of the profiles a like!

There are several reasons why it makes sense to distribute your likes sparingly on Tinder:
  • You reduce the risk that Tinder will mistake you for a bot or fake account.
  • The AI ​​recognizes better which type of woman you like - and makes you more suitable for new partner suggestions, which potentially leads to more matches.
  • The ratio between received and given likes becomes more balanced, which has a positive effect on the algorithm.
  • You will be suggested more profiles from women who like picky like you.
  • You don't reach the like limit so quickly but can swipe for a longer time (and save your likes for ladies who suit you better).
Overall, you should only like 30 percent of the women. All this ensures that the algorithm classifies you more positively and increases the visibility of your profile!

10. Use the "WWAMD method" in chat!

Hmm, what is behind this strange abbreviation? “WWAMD” stands for a simple question to ask yourself every time you text a woman:

" What would the average man do? " _ _ _ _

That means: With this Tinder hack, think about what an average (unsuccessful) man would do in a particular situation - and then you do exactly the opposite of it!

The point of this exercise is that online dating will set you apart from the crowd of needy and boring single men. DO NOT act like the girls on Tinder are used to. This makes you refreshingly different from the rest of the guys.

Here are a few tips on how to stand out from the crowd and look interesting:
  • Playfully teasing the woman in the first message instead of slimy compliments to her hot pics: " Hey, really cool photo from the beach...but isn't that bikini a size too small for you?" "
  • Let them flounder for several hours instead of always immediately replying to every message.
  • Use funny GIFs in between instead of just texting.
The woman will widen her eyes in astonishment and think, "Wow, this guy is so different from the other men here on Tinder. I MUST get to know him!” This increases the chances of a real date.

11. Put a group photo in your profile!

Hardly any girl wants to date a weird loner who sits in the basement at the computer all day and has no friends. On the other hand, social men who have a large circle of friends, which also includes a few females, are particularly attractive.

This psychological effect is very strong, not least in online dating!

That's why one of the best Tinder hacks is to simply put a group photo on your profile where you can be seen with friends:

Group photo Tinder hack

When looking at photos like this, many users think:

"Oh, if this guy is so popular with other people, then he must be a great man! I'll give him a like..."

This trick is extremely powerful when there are also one or two women in the group picture. However, the photo must not give the impression that one of the ladies is your girlfriend! Otherwise, the app users believe you are on Tinder without serious intentions.

12. Contact the woman on Instagram!

Do you get to see a hot girl on Tinder? But you're worried that she won't like you back? Then first take a screenshot of her Tinder profile if she has given her Instagram username there in the description text.

If the woman doesn't match you on Tinder, the next step is to pull the big trick out of your sleeve:

You open the screenshot with her Instagram username and look for her on the social network. Did you find her? Excellent! Then you can write to this woman on Instagram.

However, you have to follow a few tips for this Tinder hack so that the method works and the Insta-Girl answers you:
  • First of all, of course, your Instagram account must be filled with lots of attractive photos that are better than those on Tinder (after all, you didn't get any likes from her).
  • Secondly, you should have about as many followers as the woman so that you meet her "at eye level".
  • Third, you should refrain from making slimy comments on their Instagram pictures and don't flood them with likes. She gets enough compliments from other men!
  • Fourth, you need to stand out from the crowd of a****s by sending her a slightly cheeky and funny message.
Try your luck with this strategy – after all, you have nothing to lose! A hot date awaits you as a reward for your efforts.

13. "Exif Data Removal" on your photos for more matches

Tinder has been working with a new algorithm since the beginning of 2019.

And since then, Tinder has given even more preference to those users who are active in the app. These are "treated better" by the algorithm, i.e. more and prettier women profiles are displayed, get more likes and matches, see more attractive profiles when swiping, etc.

And one factor by which Tinder measures activity, for example, is whether you update your photos regularly.

The Tinder algorithm prefers profiles that regularly upload new pictures.

But who has a lot of top photos at hand that they can exchange regularly, right?

And so we have the ingenious "Exif Data Removal Trick" for you.

Because every photo has specific metadata that is stored in the photo.

These are things like recording date, location, camera used, and many other data.

And if you remove this so-called "Exif Data" and then upload the same photos again, then for apps like Tinder it's as if they were new photos.

You can easily remove this data on your mobile phone. For example with the free software “ Verexif ”.

It's even easier on a desktop. There you can remove the EXIF ​​data with a few clicks:
  1. Right-click the photo and then click Details.
  2. Then click on "Remove properties and personal information" below, and then you can remove the EXIF ​​data. 

Another option is to just edit the photos slightly and then upload them again.

Because the uploaded photos on Tinder create a "hash flare" in the Tinder database, and if you edit the pictures slightly, this hash flare should change, and thus it should be like new pictures for Tinder.

You don't have to change the images very much.

Rather, it is sufficient to minimally change a tiny detail such as the exposure or the image detail.

14. Use "why questions" when writing in the chat!

Do you not only want to keep the chat conversations in the dating app going but also deepen them so that you have a cool deep talk? Then I advise you not to be satisfied with the first answer to your question but to ask for the big WHY.

Here is a fictitious example dialog for the Tinder hack with the question technique:

You: What are your hobbies?
Her: I go to the gym regularly.
You: Why do you like going to the gym?
She: I like to work out, and I'm not completely happy with my body yet.
You: Why not? In the pictures, you have a sporty figure.
She: Oh, I had a bad phase after changing jobs and eating a lot of unhealthy stuff, but now I'm better again...
You: Why are you feeling better? Just because of the training?
She: No, I got used to the new job, and I'm even a little bit friends with my boss now. Now look to the future with optimism.

As you can see from the dialogue, your chat reaches a certain depth thanks to the why questions.

With this simple trick, you can get away from superficial topics like hobbies when writing texts and quickly end up in an emotional conversation. This will surely make her want to give you her cell phone number and meet you on a date!

15. Take new photos at the best time of the day!

Many Tinder hacks don't just start with filling out the profile but with snapping the photos. Do you want to "put yourself in the right light" when dating online to get more likes? Then choose the best time for your photo shoot in the open air!

The ideal time to take pictures outside is the so-called "golden hour" - i.e. the twilight phase just after sunrise and before sunset.

During this period, the light is particularly reddish and soft, making you appear very attractive in the photo.

Here's an example of what the Golden Hour image can look like:

Golden Hour image Tinder hack

With the tool on this photographer page, you can calculate the time of the golden hour at your location by selecting your location on the map. Thanks to the practical functions, you will know precisely when to go outside to take photos!

16. Perform a full reset on Tinder!

Is your Tinder algorithm screwed? And you may have been penalized in the visibility of your profile or even shadowbanned, which is why you no longer get any matches.

This disaster is caused, for example, by unattractive images, incorrect swipe behavior, or too little activity in the app. It's often difficult to pull the cart out of the mud because Tinder is very "unforgiving" and doesn't forget anything you've done in the past.

In a sticky situation like this, the best solution is often to get a clean start and do it with a full Tinder reset.

The Tinder hack means in plain language: You just have to delete your Tinder account and register in the app from scratch. With a fresh account, you are again a "blank slate" and your old sins are forgiven.

The algorithm will then treat you as "normal" again, and you will receive more visibility as a newly registered user. The women will see your profile more, which increases the chance of matches.

In addition, a special Tinder hack:

If you register with a new account in the dating app, do not enter your real first name but a funny nickname. So you immediately stand out from the boring crowd of men, since the name is first to be seen when swiping (along with the picture).

17. Pick tags - get better matches!

There are quite a few Tinder hacks that relate psychologically to creating a strong sense of togetherness, after all, that's something women value in a relationship.

Certain functions in the app can also help you to make your search for your dream partner easier. Go to the "Edit profile" menu and select five so-called "interests":

Select Tinder interests

However, these should be more or less unique hobbies, such as "film festivals", "volleyball" or "vegan cooking".

Now the trick is:

When you swipe, Tinder's algorithm will increasingly suggest new people with the same interests as you. You can recognize this by the fact that the common preferences in the profiles of the women are marked in red:

Match on tinder interests

These similarities increase the quality of your partner's suggestions and matches. Of course, this also increases the chance that the writing will lead to a date on which you go well together, such as "Ass on Bucket".

At the very least, it will make it a lot easier to get her cell phone number.

An additional tip:

It is better to talk about what you have in common in the chat immediately. For example, your message could be: “ Oh, you are also interested in American football… do you play yourself, or are you just a spectator? "

This way, you have a cool insider conversation and leave the boring small talk behind you while texting!

18. Use Tinder "Smart Photos" feature!

You have several good profile pictures, but don't know which ones bring the most matches? Then you can use Tinder's artificial intelligence by activating the "Smart Photos" feature below the picture gallery:

Enable Tinder smart photos feature

The dating app now automatically tests which photo is most admired by the women (based on the number of likes) and puts the best photo at the front of the gallery.

For this "smart photos" strategy, however, you should only upload (portrait) photos in which your face is easily recognizable.

It doesn't do you any good if Tinder's AI puts a holiday picture of skiing at the top of your gallery, for example. If you can only be seen in the photo as a little man with a helmet in the vast snowy landscape, the users don't know which guy is hiding underneath.

Then you get fewer likes as a result - and the shot backfires catastrophically!

19. Use an absurd, childish song as an anthem

Speaking of anthem and song...

You can also specify "my song" in your profile settings.
Set up a Tinder profile and connect to Spotify

The women will then see this song in your profile when they swipe, just like your photos, description, etc. 

And a little funny trick now is to just take an absurd or childish song as an anthem.

For example something like the theme song from Titanic or romantic songs from Disney films.

Because that not only leads to one or two frowns when swiping but also to women writing to you more and asking you about your “interesting taste in music”.

Especially if you have a very masculine and "cool" profile and then you chose a song like "My heart will go on" from Titanic or something similar, it creates a humorous contrast and leads to one or two funny Conversations in chat.

20. Use the "Monkey Business Illusion" so that copy-paste does not attract attention

Maybe you've asked yourself with these texts for the cover letter:  "Isn't it bad to use such copy-paste texts? Don't the women notice that?"

If that's a concern, I can reassure you.

Because when you send our ingenious texts from the last trick, you are using a phenomenon that scientists call the "monkey business illusion".

It is about the phenomenon of selective perception.

In American technical jargon, this is often referred to as " inattention blindness ".

For example, watch the following video and count the number of times the people in white throw someone else's basketball.

Once you've taken the test, you'll know exactly what I mean. How much human perception is always extremely selective and does not perceive certain things when the focus is on something else.

And it is precisely this principle that we use when writing to Tinder.

Because with our "open loop" cover letter texts, we extremely trigger the feeling of curiosity. And then this emotion is the focus of perception, so you don't pay that much attention to whether it's a copy-paste text or not. Rather, perception is largely dominated by the strong feeling of curiosity.

And of course, we also have some ingenious Tinder hacks for you for the rest of the chat.

21. Save super likes with this ingenious premium trick

If you're on Tinder, you've probably already given a Super-Like if you particularly liked a profile.

But unfortunately, these special likes are extremely limited, because you only have one per day in the free version of Tinder.

(And paying for it individually is extremely expensive.)

And so I discovered a cool Tinder hack on how to get more Super Likes, or rather how to save them and not waste them.

However, this Tinder hack only works if you have a Tinder Gold, Tinder Platinum, or Tinder Plus subscription.

With these premium subscriptions, you get freer super likes than in the free version of the app. But still, it's only 5 a day, so knowing how to save some and use them more efficiently still helps tremendously.

Here's how this super-like Tinder hack works:
  • If you particularly like a profile and you want to distribute a super like, give the lady a normal like first.
  • If there is a match, you have reached your goal anyway and saved yourself the super-like.
  • But if it doesn't come to a match, you simply tap on the yellow arrow at the bottom left, and then you can undo your last swipe gesture and only then give the lady the super like.
Save super likes with this ingenious premium trick

That's awesome.

Because that way you make sure that the woman gets your super-like. But you don't waste it if she had already liked you, and therefore the match would have happened even without a super like.

As I said, this Tinder hack only works with a Tinder Gold, Tinder Platinum, or Tinder Plus subscription, because you don’t have this “rewind function” without a premium subscription.

Speaking of Tinder Gold and Platinum...

22. Use "body language hacks" to appear more confident

And while we're on the subject of photos and a self-confident charisma...

I also have another ingenious Tinder hack.

It's about having a specific body language in the pictures and taking up a lot of space in the picture.

Because that also signals self-confidence on a subconscious level.

And it's no secret, it has been proven by many studies that self-confidence is one of the most important attractive male characteristics for women.

That is why it is very important to convey self-confidence with the help of your photos.

And you can do that by assuming specific "expansive postures", i.e. postures with which you "spread out" and take up a lot of space. 

Expansive postures indicate a lack of self-confidence

Adopting such confident "spreading" postures has been shown in studies to instantly make people appear more attractive in photos. 

Confident body language male Tinder hack

23. Message her WITHOUT a match (Platinum subscription only)!

Unfortunately, there are some good Tinder hacks or tips that are not free as they require a paid subscription. The following tip is not free, but it is worth your money!

You can simply get a platinum subscription and use it to attach a text message directly to the super like.

That means: You write to the woman BEFORE you have a match with each other, similar to "Icebreaker" on Lovoo!

This strategy is quite effective. Because you stand out from the crowd of other men with your early message - and you can even convince the attractive ladies who would not otherwise have liked you because of your photos.

(Apart from that, you can get many more extra features with the platinum subscription ...)

For this Tinder hack to work with the cover letter without a match, you need good openers in Tinder. As a man, you must use creative sayings that make women laugh so much that they find you incredibly likable and immediately like you back.

Conclusion on our best Tinder hacks

And there you have it, my friend …

These were our 23 best Tinder hacks of all time.

You've seen that there are some really genius tricks and hacks you can use to be more successful on Tinder.

And I hope I can prove my claim from the introduction that we don't show you all those standard, superficial hacks you find on all the other sites.

If you have a solid profile, then these unusual strategies and techniques from this article can help you get to the next level and get more matches and dates on Tinder.

And then you will certainly soon be able to tell success stories like Kevin, Tim, or Manuel.

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