Tinder Boost: When Is the Best Time to Use It?

You want to use the boost feature to get more matches as a man. But is it even worth it? And what is the best time to boost on tinder?

We hear these questions a lot. 

And they are easy to answer and back up with statistics.

Because there is the perfect time to use the Tinder Boost and get tons of matches in no time.

Therefore, in this article, we will show you exactly how Tinder Boost works and also give you the exact day and time when you can get the most out of Tinder Boost.

And also whether this Tinder function is worthwhile at all or whether it is wasted money.

And be sure to read the article to the end!

Because we also show you our strategy with which you can continue to get more matches before and even when the Tinder Boost 30-minute is over.

Tinder Boost: When Is the Best Time to Use It?

What is the Tinder Boost feature?

Think of Tinder Boost as a Tinder fast lane.

Which lets you bypass all other profiles in no time at all for a certain amount of time.

Or wait ...

I can think of something better.

Tinder Boost is like the fast lane in a club.

Do you know those super popular nightclubs where there's always a huge queue?

And we "normal people" always have to queue and wait forever.

But the distinguished VIP guests have an extra queue and get in much faster.

This is exactly how Tinder Boost works.

It is not without reason that the slogan of this Tinder function is  “Skip the Line”.

With Tinder Boost, you don't have to stand in line and wait for your profile to be shown to the prettiest women, you just skip the line and get straight to the front.

How does Tinder Boost feature work?

Tinder has over 50 million active users worldwide.

In the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom alone, there are several million.

Therefore, the dating app uses a sophisticated Tinder algorithm to suggest profiles to you and to create potential matches that probably go well together based on hundreds of user data.

The Tinder algorithm, which according to the company changed at the end of March 2019, not only determines which profiles a user sees but also the order in which the profiles are displayed.

We have often reported how this highly developed mathematical system works and what changes are due to the new Tinder algorithm.

The important thing about Boost is that this feature shows your profile at the top for a certain period when women are swiping in your area.

This is how Tinder Boost works

As soon as you activate the function (purple lightning symbol), your profile will be shown to women in your area for 30 minutes.

When you swipe, you end up in pole position with the girls! Where they will see your profile first, or it will appear among the first few male profiles displayed.

(As long as you match their age, gender, and distance preferences set in their search criteria.)

Whether you appear first during the boost, or maybe just among the first few profiles, depends on how many similar users in your area are using a boost at the same time.

If you're the only one in your age group and your area, you'll probably appear first. If there are many other men with similar characteristics, women may see these profiles before you. (The order then depends on how well the Tinder algorithm rates your profile.)

So during the 30-minute boost, your profile will be seen by a lot more women. And you also appear much earlier in the order of the displayed profiles.

As a result, a lot more women will see your profile, and of course, you can get more matches.

(Assuming you have an attractive Tinder profile picture, of course, because that's the most important thing to get her to stop, look at your profile, and swipe you to the right. And then, of course, your Tinder profile text should be compelling, too.)

Tinder advertises that if you use the Tinder Boost at the best time, your profile will appear up to 10X more often - which should significantly increase your chances of a match.

At the bottom of the screen during the boost, you'll see a number that shows how many more women have viewed your profile.

And even at the end of the 30-minute boost period, you can see how many more women have seen your profile.

(Whether this number is correct or just a marketing trick by Tinder remains questionable..)

By the way, a good alternative for finding a partner is the flirt app Bumble, because it has the same extra feature. It's called "Spotlight" on Bumble and puts you in the proverbial spotlight for 30 minutes.

A test of this honey-sweet competitor offer can be worthwhile for you!

When is the best time to Boost on Tinder?

Now we finally come to the big prize question, and I don't want to keep you in suspense any longer:

When should you use Tinder Boost to get more likes and matches?

The best time to Boost on Tinder

First of all, it has been found that most users are active on the Tinder app between 7 pm and 9 pm.

So this is usually the best time for the Tinder boost. After all, this is where most people are at home when they are enjoying their free time and doing online dating.

The best day of the week to use Tinder Boost

But now we have to consider one exception during the week: Friday evening and Saturday evening are party time, especially for younger people.

On these two days, between 7 pm and 9 pm, many are already on their way to the party (or preparing for it). There are few users online.

At this time, you should NOT use the boost function!

So I conclude:

The best time to boost on Tinder is Sunday through Thursday between 7 pm and 9 pm.

The best weather to Boost on Tinder 

With Sunday to Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m. and especially Sundays and Mondays as the best time for the Tinder Boost, your timing is pretty much perfect.

But if you're one of the blatant perfectionists, you can even go one step further. Namely using the Tinder Boost on these days and at this time AND if it is also a bad day in terms of the weather. 

Because it's logical that on a hot, warm summer evening, many people would rather do something than hang out on Tinder at home in front of their cell phones. Whereas on a really bad, rainy, desolate day, that looks very different, and there will be many more users at home and on Tinder. 

So if it's raining hard on a Monday or Sunday evening or it's super gross outside, then you can be sure that you've got the optimal timing and the best time to use Boost on Tinder. 

Dating: trying instead of just studying...

Of those days of the week, Sunday might be the best day to use Tinder Boost because…
  •  …first of all, many people here spend a quiet day at home after partying to end the week and are online
  • ...and secondly, they miss a partner because their loneliness was once again made clear to them at the weekend
Other Tinder experts put Monday or Thursday as the best day, but that's pure speculation in my experience.

You should simply take the online dating test and try it out for yourself on which day of the week between 7 pm and 9 pm is the best time to boost on Tinder.

Because maybe it turns out that a completely different day works well for you.

This can be the case even if you pick a day of the week when few male competitors use the Tinder Boost (because the males think Sunday is best).

Matching women at other times?

Now I come to another important thing:

Of course, the claim that the best time to boost on Tinder is between 7 and 9 p.m. only applies to girls with a regular “nine-to-five job”.

So, for example, drive to the office at 9 a.m. and finish work at 5 p.m., so that you’re sitting on the couch at home by 7 p.m. at the latest.

But maybe you want to find a partner through online dating who has unusual working hours, just like you.

For example, if you get home from work at 1 p.m. Or in the middle of the night, this may be your best time to use Boost on Tinder.

Then you have the chance to get matches with the right women who are also free at this time and then “see” you.

Remember: Having similar working hours can save you a lot of stress later in your relationship because you can spend more free time together!

Tinder Boost: the costs (individually and as a subscription) and how you use it

Tinder Boost Costs

To increase your visibility, there are some costs due, of course. You can purchase Tinder Boost individually at any time. Depending on the number of items selected, they cost between $5 and $6.99.

For 30 minutes per piece, the price is much high, even if you use the boost at the best time and generate a lot of matches as a result.

That's why I recommend you get a subscription directly - either Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

These packages cost a few dollars more, but in addition to 1 free boost per month, you can use many other functions I have already described in my Tinder experiences.

How to buy Tinder Boost

If you use Tinder in the free version, i.e. do not have a gold, platinum, or plus subscription and want to buy boosts individually, then simply go to "Settings" in your profile, and Tinder Boost will be displayed as the third item. 

If you tap on "Get Boosts" you will come to the package selection of how many boosts you want to buy. Once you have decided on one of the three options, you simply select the option, and then you will be redirected to a payment form. There you can then pay by credit card or Google Play or Apple Store.

Purchased Tinder Boost is not activated immediately, but you can, of course, choose the time when you want to use it. 

You don't have to buy Tinder Boosts individually either, you can simply buy one of the paid premium subscriptions such as Tinder Gold, Tinder Platinum, and Tinder Plus, and then you'll get one boost per month for free. 

This is how you use Tinder Boost

If you have Tinder Boosts through Tinder Gold, Tinder Platinum, Tinder Plus, or through a single purchase, you can simply tap on the purple lightning bolt in the lower right corner when swiping, and you'll activate the boost.

How to use Tinder Boost

You can also see how long the boost is still running and how many more women you are displaying.

If you have not yet purchased a boost or have already used up your one boost per month in the Gold, Platinum, or Plus subscription, you will return to the package selection where you can buy the boosts by tapping on this purple lightning bolt in the bottom right-hand corner. 

Is Tinder boost worth it?

Given the cost, you may be wondering, "Does it make sense for me to use this feature on a dating app?" I say yes, but only under these 5 conditions:

1. When you use boosts at the best time

After you found out when the best time for the Tinder Boost is, logically, you must activate the function when most women are online to be seen by as many users as possible.

2. If there are enough users in the area

And, of course, there should be enough women in your age range and your distance radius. So two tips:
  • Activate the boost in densely populated areas where there are many people (cities, larger festivals, etc.)
  • Go into the dating app's settings to set the correct radius and age range for the search criteria.

3. If your Tinder algorithm is intact

If you like the profiles of all the women smiling at you on a smartphone, your algorithm must be in the basement.

This means you should be picky when swiping to improve your algorithm on the app first before boosting on Tinder.

4. If your Tinder profile is attractive

And that brings us to the most important point: You can still use as many boosts at the best time and have 10x more visibility...

...if your profile is unattractive, the girls will still not like you! Instead, they will dislike you as soon as they see your pictures.

Then you won't get any matches on Tinder like before.

Before you consider using "Tinder Boost," you should get a decent profile with good profile pictures and meaningful bio text.

My tip: only start the boost after a test phase if you are already getting at least 3 matches a day in the dating app without this function (i.e. with “normal” use)!

Only then will your profile go through the roof...

5. When little competition is active

Imagine this: all men read articles and watch videos about when is the best time to boost on Tinder.

Now all the guys around you activate this feature in the app at the same time, as if they had "coordinated".

What happens? The women see all these male profiles at the same time, and your profile has to hold its own against this competition.

Of course, you do not influence how many of your male competitors on Tinder also use the boost function at this optimal time...

...but you can optimize your profile for online dating so that you still get the most likes from women!

No matches despite Tinder Boost?

No matches despite Tinder Boost?

If you use the Tinder Boost and still get no or hardly any matches, this is usually due to specific reasons.

It's not because the feature doesn't work or the app is broken.

Or that it's all fake, and Tinder just wants to pull the money out of our pockets.

(That might be the case with other things, but not with Tinder Boost. I would even go so far as to say that when used at the right time and knowing all the tricks, Tinder Boost is by far the most useful and awesome Tinder Feature.)

If you hardly feel any effect despite Tinder Boost and hardly get any matches, then this is usually due to the following reasons.

1. You're using Boost at the wrong time

As we have shown you in this article, there is definitely the best time to use a Tinder Boost.

If you don't stick to it and, for example, boost at 11 pm on a Saturday or 6 am on a Tuesday, then it's clear that it will have little effect.

So just stick to the recommendations and the best times and days to boost.

(Unless you want to try advanced testing at unusual times, as I described above. But that's at your own risk, dear ..)

2. There are no more new people around you

Of course, the Tinder Boost at the best time only works if there are enough people in your area.

For example, if you live in a small town or the country, it can of course happen that after a certain time, there are no more new people in your area.

And then, of course, you won't get any more matches, even if you used a boost and used it at the right time.

In this case, you would simply have to expand your search criteria.

For example, increase the search radius or the preferred age.

3. Your profile needs improvement

The two reasons just mentioned can be responsible for the fact that despite the boost and the right time, no matches are getting on Tinder.

However, if neither applies to you and you have little success on Tinder despite using Boost, then it is because your profile is not good enough, and you should improve it.

But luckily, you don't have to leave that to chance.

Because there are now numerous studies and statistics on which types of photos are best for your profile, how you look scientifically more attractive in your photos, etc.

That said, these days, the “I just don't look good enough for Tinder” excuse no longer apply anymore.

Because everyone can use these tricks and create a perfect profile to get more matches.

You can learn how to do that here in this article.

Is Tinder Boost the Bad Profile Rescue?

When is the best time to use Boost on Tinder?

The answer is not ONLY Sunday to Thursday between 7 pm and 9 pm... (And especially Sunday and Monday..)

But also.

"If your profile is good enough".

Because if your profile is not a bomb, nobody will swipe you to the right, even if you are shown 10X more women.

Because 0 X 10 is still 0.

I know this might be a little hard...

And it would be nice if there was a silver bullet like Tinder Boost that would get you thousands of hot matches even if your profile is really bad.

But there is no such thing.

Therefore we can give you whole years of experience and say the best time to Boost on Tinder is when your profile is really good. Because otherwise, you're just wasting your money with the boosts.

Because they won't bring you anything.

When the 30-minute Tinder Boost is over...

If you haven't already done so during the 30-minute boost period, now is the time:

Swipe through the female profiles in the Tinder app and like the women you like! This is how you now generate the matches with the users who have previously liked you (recognizable by the purple lightning bolt symbol).

Of course, there is always the risk of not getting enough matches at the best time despite expensive boost use...
  • Therefore, I strongly advise you to improve your Tinder profile.
  • You should also know what words to write to a woman AFTER the match to get answers and arrange a date with her.
You can find out all these online Tinder dating hacks and trickes in this article.

Conclusion: the best Tinder Boost strategy

Finally, we can say that with the Tinder Boost, you can simply speed up the process and have a lot of matches and thus a lot of new chats in no time.

So, to take advantage of this feature properly, you can adopt this strategy :
  • Start a boost at prime time (Sunday/Monday 7-9 p.m.).
  • Swipe while the Boost continues.
  • Swipe about 30% of the profiles to the right.
  • Message all new matches IMMEDIATELY.
  • Use one of your best clickbait or Tinder loops or funny Tinder sayings for different types of women.
  • Have interesting chats with your matches so you get lots of replies.
  • Enjoy the "after effects" of the boost even after the end of the boost period.

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