How Many Likes Do You Get on Tinder Per Day for Free?

How many likes do you get on Tinder per day? It would be too nice if you could swipe right indefinitely on the dating app and like pretty girls for hours. Heavenly! But instead, you experience in Tinder that your swipes are used up after a short time, and you have to wait hours before you can like women again.

As a man, you then have the feeling of sitting dry online like someone dying of thirst in the desert.

Yes, I know, such a like limit is annoying - especially when you can't swipe the profile of the last super attractive lady to the right.

And at some point, you stare deeply into the phone and start asking yourself:

How many likes do you get on Tinder per day?

You also want to know:

"Is there any trick for men to bypass the swipe limit, or at least increase it a bit? What works in practice?”

Because the calculation is very simple:

The more users you can like in the app, the more matches you can theoretically get - and ultimately more real dates.

In this article, I will answer all the important questions and tell you how many likes you can get on Tinder. I will then give you helpful tips on your options for increasing the number of your swipes.

How Many Likes Do You Get on Tinder Per Day for Free?

How many likes do you get on Tinder per day for free?

When dating app was new back then, you had the option to give women unlimited free likes. Those were golden times! Tinder has now severely limited the number of free likes:

According to current research, men get around 50 free likes in 12 hours.

If you have exhausted your maximum number of likes in the 12 hours, the color of the heart symbol in the Like button changes from green 💚to white. 🤍The unmistakable message: there is no point in continuing here!

In addition, you will see a corresponding notification in Tinder with every further swipe attempt to the right - including a 12-hour countdown.

You then have to wait these 12 hours until your likes are “reloaded” and you can continue swiping.

So the motto is: wait, be patient, and drink tea (or coke...).

Or you take a little money and invest in a paid Tinder subscription because the swipe limit is completely abolished in the premium version. More on that in a moment!

How many likes you get on Tinder varies

Why did I not give you an exact number for the like limit above but only a guide value of about 50 free likes as a man?

There are two simple reasons for this:

Firstly, there is nowhere to see how many likes you have on Tinder per day. The app doesn't show this number anywhere, including how many likes you have left.

Second, the value is likely not the same for every user. The swipe limit could vary slightly and depend on various factors that can only be speculated on as the app developers are not big players.

However, some experts assume that the like limit is related to the individual swipe behavior and possibly also to the user ranking in the Tinder algorithm in general (formerly known as the "Elo score").

There is the theory that the more selectively you like women and the more thoroughly you look at their profiles while swiping, the more likes are available to you (see below!).

But the attractiveness of your Tinder photos may also play a role. More specifically, how often you are liked for it. It can't hurt to upload the perfect profile picture to get more matches with cute ladies!

How to determine your personal like limit in Tinder

The question of how many times exactly you can swipe to the right does not leave you in peace as a man.

The tip sounds banal, I know. But if you want to find out the exact value of how many likes you get on Tinder per day, you have to count the swipe and make a tally.

So that you don't make any mistakes, it is best to use the following method:

  • Leave Tinder completely for 12 hours so that your likes are fully charged. Accidentally liking profiles during this time would falsify the result in the end. To be on the safe side, it is best to temporarily log out of the dating app so that you can no longer go online there.
  • Have a piece of paper and a pen ready for your tally.
  • After waiting 12 hours, you log into Tinder with your user data and start swiping as usual. Every time you like a woman's profile, you make a mark on your tally.
  • When the like limit is reached, Tinder will notify you that you can no longer like profiles. Then you add up the marks on your tally.

Now you know exactly how many likes you get per day on Tinder until the limit is exhausted. Okay, the whole method is a bit cumbersome but works very well.

The result that you can see on your tally is very measly.

Further down in this article, you will find a few simple tips for men on how to increase the like limit for free. Once you have implemented these measures, you can repeat the test with the tally sheet after a week and check whether your like limit has improved.

How many Super Likes do you get on Tinder per day?

The fat years are over for this function, too, because Tinder has now significantly restricted the number of super likes that users can get.

Unfortunately, you can no longer get free super likes on Tinder. It is therefore not possible in the app to give another person a super like for free.

If you want to distribute super likes to women, you have to buy at least a gold or platinum subscription (the cheap plus subscription is not enough!). With Tinder Gold or Platinum, you can give a meager 5 super likes per week to women with an attractive profile.

What is a big consolation, however:

With the pretty worthwhile Platinum subscription, it's possible to attach a message to your Super Like. So that means you can use it to text women without a match.

If you don't want to buy a premium version, you also have the option of buying super likes separately on Tinder.

This lack of super likes is, of course, not a nice thing for us guys. Who wants to pay money for something like that?

But if it becomes a kind of "luxury good" in the dating app, that also has an advantage: the value of the super likes increases, and women are no longer showered with them so much.

If you then mark the profile of a pretty lady with a super like on Tinder, you will get her attention more easily and you may be able to assert yourself better against the male competition!

Why is the number of daily likes limited?

Maybe you will now say to yourself: "What a stupid question!" Because the suspicion naturally arises that Tinder introduced the like limit to get more money out of men who like to swipe in online dating.

And, of course, Tinder wants to earn money from the lonely singles who are longingly looking for a partner in the dating app and want a great woman.

But the swipe limit in apps like Tinder should have two other reasons:

Better protection against bots, fakes, spam, and scammers

As you probably know, Tinder isn't just used by real people who are seriously looking for a partner. In fact, behind many a profile of a pretty woman, there is a nasty fake or chatbot that wants to fool us, men.

Without a like limit, these black sheep could generate almost unlimited matches when swiping - and spread their garbage to thousands of users.

The platform might then be flooded with spam, scams, and other nasty stuff you don't want. Fortunately, the limit to around 50 likes per day severely limits the spread of such smut on Tinder.

Of course, fakes and scammers can also subscribe to lift the limit and spread their crap more widely.

The money that Tinder earns with these subscriptions can then be invested in the security of the dating platform, which ultimately benefits all users who use the app with honest intentions.

Higher quality of matches overall

Happy couple who met through Tinder

How many likes you get on Tinder per day also affects the overall quality of the matches.

It's logical: Due to the shortage of around 50 likes, they become a "precious asset" in the app. And the fewer users have of it, the more they tend to swipe sparingly and only like the profiles they particularly like.

Tinder just wants as few “blind swipes” as possible, who simply randomly swipe the profile of every woman to the right in a fraction of a second that comes into view.

This would theoretically increase the number of matches, but at the same time, the quality would decrease. Simply because you could then like every profile without first checking whether the other person even is right for you.

This would result in too many matches on Tinder, which would either be deleted immediately or with which you would hardly exchange messages in the chat (let alone they would become real dates).

In summary, one can say: the like limit ensures quality instead of quantity in the matches on Tinder, and that’s what online dating should be about, right?

Tips on how to increase your like limit

On the internet, you sometimes read about some lame tricks, how men can supposedly circumvent the swipe limit.

This includes, for example, the idea of ​​setting the time and date in the smartphone's system settings forward by 12 hours. This is intended to skip the 12 hours until the next likes are activated on Tinder.

But the hack did not work for long.

And even if there is a new trick at some point, it's only a matter of time before the app's developers figure out the whole thing and stop it.

But what is the right way for you as a user to increase your limit of likes on Tinder legally? Any helpful tips?

If you want to be able to give more likes per day, you have only two options:

Either get a paid subscription to remove the limit entirely — or use the "slow swipe" method on Tinder to slightly increase the number of available likes.

I will now describe both options in more detail:

Sign up for a paid Tinder subscription

Unfortunately, Tinder does not offer you a free way to completely bypass the like limit. So that you can get unlimited likes on Tinder, you have to get the premium version and buy one of these 3 subscriptions:
  • Tinder Plus (cheapest option)
  • Tinder Gold (mid-price range)
  • Tinder Platinum (most expensive purchase)
The higher the subscription cost, the more add-ons you get in return. Logical, right? These additional premium features can help you get more matches and dates on Tinder.

Which subscription is worth it to you? It depends on how you want to use the dating app and what extra functions you need as a man.

Do you only want to get the option of being able to like an unlimited number of profiles when you switch to Premium? In this case, the cheapest Plus subscription makes the most sense:

Offer for Tinder Plus subscription with prices

As you can see, the longer the subscription period, the lower the costs for each month.

But unlimited likes aren't everything. With the Plus version, Tinder gives you the Passport function as a little treat, and you can also undo your swipes and use the app completely ad-free.

But maybe you would also like to see immediately who has liked you when dating online, use the boost function once a month for free or write to women before a match.

Then a more expensive gold or platinum subscription can also be worthwhile for you.

Slower and pickier swiping on Tinder

Man swiping in a dating app looks at profile

Or maybe you are saving on the app and don't want to pay any money for the premium version? Well understood. Aside from opting in, the only option you have as a guy is to change the swiping behavior so that Tinder increases the like limit for you a little bit.

Since the number of likes you get per day on Tinder probably also depends on how you swipe through partner suggestions.

As mentioned earlier: Tinder wants to use its algorithm to create as many high-quality matches as possible in the dating app. On the other hand, anything like random right-swiping and "spamming" on guys, is a thorn in Tinder's side.

To become a "model student" of the algorithm and to suck up to Tinder, you should act like this when swiping from left to right in the future:
  • Take your time and look closely at each profile (all photos and profile texts)
  • Give likes sparingly – and only to the women you really like
With this picky swipe behavior, you send the signal to the Tinder algorithm that you are looking for high-quality matches.

In return, this could be rewarded with a less strict limit.

Another positive side effect: If you swipe slowly in Tinder and pick out the cream pieces like a gourmet, you will NOT get the feeling that your free likes are used up so quickly. Maybe after an hour, you've had enough of swiping in the app - and no longer feel the need to bypass the limit.

This effect of online dating is like eating at a good restaurant: why order another dish when you feel full after an hour of feasting?

Bridging the time until you get new free likes again...

Have you exhausted the like limit in Tinder despite all the slowness when swiping? Then you as a user have no choice but to wait 12 hours each time until your free likes are completely recharged.

Some men experience this time as an excruciating wait. But it doesn't have to be like that, as you will see!

The 12 hours can also be a great opportunity to devote yourself to other things.

Here are my tips for the impatient on how to use the (enforced) break:
  • Concentrate on writing with your matches. Nice side effect: Such activities in Tinder also improve your algorithm.
  • Sign up for other dating apps and create a sexy profile there (e.g. Bumble, Lovoo, Badoo, etc.). In the meantime, you can swipe and give likes here.
  • Stop online dating, put your phone in your pocket, and get out into real life. Here you can also approach women on the street, often with amazing success.
Or you completely forget about finding a partner for a few hours and take care of your hobbies - for example, meeting friends, doing sports, and other things. After all, there is still life offline ;-)

The best trick: turn a few likes into many matches

Man with mobile phone is happy about matches on Tinder

Finally, let me ask you one more important question: Why do you, as a man, feel that you have to give so many likes on Tinder? Why do you always have to use the like limit to the maximum, as if you were squeezing an orange to the last drop?

It's probably simply because you like a lot of women in the app, but in return, you get almost no matches with your current profile.

For example, you give 100 to 200 likes on Tinder, but that only results in 1 to 3 miserable matches - and most of the time there is not even a really attractive woman among them.

In other words: the ratio between the likes you give and the likes you get back is bad as hell for you.

I'm right?

And unfortunately, you're not the only one because that's how most guys feel when dating online. 

But let's do a thought experiment...

One more question: What if you could drastically improve the odds of your matches - and that as a normal man without washboard abs, Villa, and Ferrari?

For example, if you got 1 match out of 25 likes on Tinder on average? Okay, that doesn't sound like much at first, BUT:

With the above limit of 50 likes per day, this would mean that you would get 2 matches per day. That would be 14 new matches every week - a decent number that your male competition on Tinder can only dream of.

Then you could chat so much with attractive women every day that you would hardly have the time or inclination to swipe.

Luckily, there is a way you can significantly increase the number of your matches in the app so that you don't have to give as many likes, and your current swipe limit is more than enough.

The key to success is to create a highly attractive Tinder profile with good photos and bio that even the hottest women will like crazy.

How does it work?

In this article, you can learn the secret of how the average man can get tons of likes and matches when dating online.


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