Why Do Girls Take So Long to Reply?

Why do girls take so long to reply to your text? This is a concern that occupies your mind. Indeed, it can be frustrating when you start texting or talking with a girl that you have to wait for her response.

Thus, questions about the response time of a message are swirling around in your head. Especially since when you are in the seduction phase or when you want to seduce, you like the interaction to be dynamic and fluid. 

Hence, the questions of many single guys. Some will say "I don't understand this girl takes so long to reply to me, what does that mean?" or even “She does not respond quickly to my messages or my text messages (SMS), what should I do? Why do girls take so long to respond?”

Why Do Girls Take So Long to Reply?

Why does a girl take so long to reply?

Want to understand why she takes so long to respond to your messages? Gentlemen, I know well that as soon as a woman pleases you well and a beginning of interaction is created, you are impatient to please her. You will give her compliments. Indeed, the seducer that you are, will want to send messages to her. Attracted by a woman, you are looking to get a first date quickly.

Also, some men who want to chat with a girl and woo her expect to be contacted immediately. You think that to seduce a girl, you have to strike while the iron is hot. So, when you realize that this girl is taking a long time to respond to you, this temporality torments you. Also, you wonder why and especially what to do.

Regardless of the used way to flirt with a girl (dating sites, approaching in the street, flirting on Facebook… what we will look at are three possibilities linked with this phenomenon. We will start by examining the rarest method. We will end up with the most frequent and it is the one you like the least.

So when a girl doesn't respond immediately to your text, you will be able to better understand the reasons for this delay.

She is busy

The first reason why this girl takes time to respond to your messages is simply that she is busy and has a lot of responsibilities. Thus, this woman to whom you feel attraction can be in a meeting or at work. As a result, she does not have the time to answer you. Also, depending on when you text her, she may be at a party with her friends. Or quite simply, takes care of her children, etc. In short, her mobile phone is not at hand every 5 minutes.

However, this interesting woman may have a family, social or professional impediment. The latter will apologize for the delay and explain the reasons for the long response time. She will immediately ask you to excuse her. She will tell you, for example, I was in a meeting, with friends or I was taking care of my children, etc. Then if you have aroused enough attraction, she will immediately start the conversation again. And even, you will feel a certain excitement in the communication because she will talk to you with enthusiasm.

Here, then, is this first case of delay which remains relatively rare. This girl is temporarily very active and unable to contact you immediately. Be patient, the answer will come!  For these reasons, I advise you to let go of your mobile phone. Or in any case not necessarily wait for her to answer you on the spot. Do not stay on the lookout as if you were waiting for the news of the year.

She plays hard to get and takes time to respond to your messages

The second reason is more common. You are looking to charm a girl, and in the first message sent to try to seduce this girl, she is slow to reply to you. This woman is likely trying to show you that she is not too excited. As a result, she is waiting a short time to respond to you.

Do not forget that it is a seduction technique to manage the seduction or at least continue to seduce and be interesting. So, you wonder: "is she playing a game or not?" Of course, especially when flirting on the internet, some women will make their interlocutor wait so as not to show that they are interested in girls.

Thus, in order not to show themselves too quickly interested and present a small challenge to your eyes, they do not respond to you immediately. We can say when a woman wants to seduce a man, that she will be a little bit challenging to increase her potential for seduction. This is why making you hang around for 15, to 30 minutes to an hour will be a means of seduction that a woman uses to attract and conquer a man. But an interested, or even very interested girl will not use this technique, and therefore will not make you wait more than 1 minute.

Secondly, when she replies to you, she will facilitate your interaction, especially for making a date. She will tease you or be very welcoming to your teasing or joking. Stay confident and stop worrying if you find enthusiasm in the answer. On the other hand, if this woman responds very briefly with a lol, maybe, why not, we'll see, etc., it's because she doesn't like this single person.

She's not interested

Male blindness to this woman's level of interest

Thus, we arrive at the third case that you are unable to identify, although it is the most frequent. Indeed, blinded by your level of interest in a stranger or a girlfriend, you project this level of interest onto the one that this woman may have for you. And it's one of the male flaws in the seduction step.

Most of the time, when a flirty wants to seduce a woman or try an approach to flirt with a woman, she often responds out of politeness. Indeed, you have just approached a girl or on dating sites you are looking to go out with girls, to meet people. This first step allows you to hope to make this person succumb.

But the fact of talking to girls, of being able to approach the conversation does not assure you of making a woman fall in love. Thus, this sexy girl that you want to get interested in you responds politely to your flirting phrase without being seduced by your personality.

Your value in her eyes is low

And we find the last case which is the most frequent. This girl takes time to reply to your text because she has no interest in you. Imagine it's Brad Pitt or her favorite singer who starts by texting her or asking her out on a date. No doubt the answer will be quick or at least it won't keep him hanging around for long. Because the value he embodies in her eyes is very high. This man whom she considers attractive seems to seduce more or succeeds in exciting this woman because the value she attributes to him is very high.

Conversely, when you want to flirt with girls, if the value you embody for this girl is not high enough, she will take time before responding to you. Because you are not her priority. In this case, you will see this phenomenon repeated frequently: you will get a response from time to time more out of politeness than genuine interest. So, very often, it will make you hang around. This means that she is uninterested in you and that your chances of seducing her are almost non-existent.

What should I do if she takes a long time to respond to my messages or texts?

What should I do if she takes a long time to respond?

So, how to approach a woman, or how flirt with a girl to please her and be able to start a romantic relationship? When someone is interested in a girl, seeing this girl take a long time to respond to their messages can be unsettling. So what to do?

Waiting in seduction

Fill your life

Of course, a wait of 15 minutes or 30 minutes is completely normal. Moreover, we have already discussed in this article, the question of time or temporality. I know you want to be successful with women, to be a seducer capable of seducing and convincing the girl you like. But, this girl can have a busy life and doesn't wait desperately for you to text her.

Besides, you don't have to be hanging on your phone waiting for her to respond. You have to fill your life. Even if you are quickly seduced by a shy girl or a seductress, you must continue with your life. And if you are bored, you can play sports, read a book or visit friends. In short, fill your life so as not to be suspended on a response. In addition, this activity will increase your seductive power or ability to seduce.

The questions to ask

So when we want to seduce a girl by flirting by SMS, we will encounter more or less long response times. We will say that a delay frequently exceeding one hour is subject to suspicion. However, if you only receive a late response once, don't panic. Some circumstances can explain this impediment (being at work, having children, activities, etc.).

Thus, before interpreting this attitude, it is necessary to identify why this girl takes time to respond to your text. Is it frequent or not? What are the timeouts for each text? Also, check for any gaps or delays in responding to your messages. All of these answers will help you adapt your behavior to that of this girl. Let's look at whether or not to continue the process of seduction.

If she has a full life

The first case is that you want to seduce a person who leads a too-busy life. Because of this, she is not holding her phone all the time. So if you want to keep seducing, you should do the same. Just try to tease her, to play on her ministerial agenda to conquer a place in her life.

Logically if it is true that this girl has a lot of responsibilities, in these responses, she will joke and laugh and apologize for her delay in responding. In this case, you must continue to be playful and teasing. In short, to bring positivity and lightness for a better seduction.

When she plays the role of a challenging woman

The second case concerns the woman with whom you are looking to flirt but who does not want to appear too interested. Therefore, it will maintain an interval of 15-30 minutes, perhaps even a gap of up to an hour between your sending and its response. Under these conditions, it is a question of advancing the interaction until obtaining a first date.

If you find yourself in this situation, don't worry. This girl who plays the tough or seemingly shy woman will make your date easier because it's just a game of seduction. In truth, she is very interested in you!

Ultimately, when we are interested in a person, we want to see them, to establish physical and visual contact. That's why she's going to accept your appointments. However, in case she is not available, she is ready to make counter-proposals to meet you.

If she's not interested

In the third case, which is the most frequent, as this woman is not impressed with your efforts at seduction, you must remove yourself from the equation and leave this girl alone. She mentions to you through her non-communication that she is uninterested in you. No doubt, your value in her eyes is not high enough for her to respond to you or even consider a relationship with you.

In love seduction, you have to be a good player. You can't make a girl fall in love against her will. So, you have to know how to withdraw from the equation of seduction. If she is not interested, it is better to drop the case. As you can see, when trying to seduce women, it is good to dwell on female psychology to interpret better the reactions of the women you dare approach.

But, it is clear that what attracts or who could attract more is a man who pursues his life and his activities without focusing on waiting for a hypothetical message. Because this waiting reinforces the lack of self-confidence and makes you less attractive. On the contrary, you need to increase your value to impress girls and escape their disregard. However, instead of wondering why a girl takes so long to reply to your text, it would be clever to focus on the content of the message to send.


Why does my crush take so long to reply?

Everyone is different and has different communication styles. It could be that your crush is busy or simply doesn't feel the need to reply quickly. It's also possible that they are trying to respect your time and don't want to overwhelm you with messages. Ultimately, it's best to ask your crush directly why they take so long to reply.

If a girl takes a long to reply, should I do the same?

No, it is not necessary to take the same time to reply. Everyone has different reasons for being late in responding, and it is essential to respect that. If you feel like you are waiting too long for a response, it is okay to reach out and ask if they are still interested in continuing the conversation.

Why a girl takes 24 hours to reply?

There could be a variety of reasons why it takes a girl 24 hours to respond. She may be busy with other things, or she is taking her time to think of a thoughtful response. She may also be uninterested in the conversation and avoid responding.

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