Why Do Women Like Assholes? 6 Good Reasons

Why do women like assholes and jerks? Women are like assholes, and not without reason. Here you can find out why many women fall for the same guy over and over again or consciously look for assholes. In addition, you will learn what you can do to protect yourself against assholes.

Why Do Women Like Assholes? 6 Good Reasons

What is an asshole?

An asshole or a macho is someone who manipulatively deceives women to achieve their own goals such as sex. To achieve this goal, they can be downright nice and charming.

They specifically want to increase the list of women they have slept with. They want to prove something to themselves and often to their friends. They are often very sensitive, moody, and easily irritable. 

A lot of assholes have low self-esteem. Assholes often have the "gift" to manipulate and integrate in a targeted manner. This gives them very good prerequisites for flirting with women. But they are also often very successful as salespeople/distributors, in which they primarily sell themselves.

Why do women like assholes? 

The truth is, Women don't like assholes. Because many women do not want to be manipulated, cheated, or lied to. The problem is that many women fall for asshole strategies and only realize afterward that it was an asshole. 

They let themselves be dazzled by the romantic demeanor and don't even think of being led behind the light. Many then lack the experience or are simply floating on cloud 9. 

Unfortunately, the fall from cloud 9 to earth is particularly hard as a result. In addition, some women are specifically looking for assholes. Most of these have a masochistic personality.

Here are some reasons why women are attracted to assholes. Because the large number of women who like assholes have to come from somewhere. That's why I've compiled a few reasons below that make assholes attractive somewhere, despite their deficits.

1. Experience

Assholes, in many cases, are simply more experienced in many ways. This applies to both general dealings with women and the sexual level. They know how to talk to women and also how to seduce them. This is simply because most assholes have spoken to many women.

They simply know most of the questions and answers and therefore know how best to react. This complexity makes them particularly desirable. Because many women are looking for an adventure to experience things they have not experienced before, and that's where they come to the right place with assholes.

2. Assholes know what they want

Assholes know both what they want and what women want. They are determined and have a clear mission: to get the woman around, even if she would never say so. They usually appear self-confident and as if they have both feet on the ground. They radiate the typical alpha male prototype and have a suitable, mostly charming, answer to every question.

3. They are good in bed

Another point in favor of assholes is that they're good in bed. They simply have a lot of experience with other women and therefore know what is important in sex. Therefore, many women are convinced of the qualities in the bedroom without directly knowing that the assholes were not born with the experience.

4. Assholes are attractive

Many assholes also pay a lot of attention to their appearance. It is not uncommon for them to be seen as vain and self-absorbed. This applies to both clothes and personal hygiene. If they have a mirror at their disposal, then they are very happy to look into it. 

Assholes often take longer in the bathroom in the morning than women. The reward then is that the attractiveness in women increases more and more. It is not uncommon for machos to go to the solarium, pluck their eyebrows, have tattoos, and wear the latest (branded) clothes.

5. Sporty and fit

In addition to body care, many assholes also do weight training to train their muscles. Endurance on the treadmill and endurance in bed is therefore often close together. They shape their body through weight training, which attracts and seduce many women

In this way, they increase their chances with women. As a rule, they do everything to appear even more attractive. It is not uncommon for them to consciously sit in the sun during a conversation to increase their tan. The vanity comes through here in many ways.

6. They always focus on themselves 

Their greatest interest is themselves. That's why they prefer to talk about themselves. However, they are perfectly capable of caring about others, even though they don't care. This staging makes them particularly attractive because they always appear competent and friendly - until they don't feel like it anymore.

What you can do to protect yourself from assholes and jerks

Pay attention to the signals mentioned. If the man you're currently crushing on seems too perfect, then chances are there's an asshole behind it. Of course, I don't want to label all men who meet some qualities as assholes, but the probability is still there. 

In addition to their charm and good looks, assholes can also be recognized by the fact that they are in contact with many women at the same time. They never miss an opportunity to flirt. Assholes have a particularly strong urge towards women and also like to look after them. Mostly to satisfy their lust, at least mentally.

Why do women like assholes - the conclusion

All in all, assholes remain self-absorbed, manipulative egomaniacs who know how to cleverly assert their interests for themselves without you noticing anything. Once you get involved with him, after a while he will drop you like a piece of paper.

When you know you've bumped into an asshole, you should enjoy the positive aspects and not hold out hope for a long future with them. The beginning is usually exciting, but the end is all the sadder. You have the best chance of winning his "heart" if you drop the asshole yourself first.

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