22 Practical Tips to Get Over an Ex-Girlfriend

You had a strong relationship, but now it's over. Or you took a time out, which means that you are not together at the moment. Now is the time to let go and get over your ex-girlfriend. Just... How does it work?

Coping with a broken relationship is certainly not easy, especially when you still have strong feelings for your ex. However, you don't have to worry that you will suffer lovesickness forever.

There is a way to get over your ex-girlfriend, get over your breakup, and move on with your life. No matter what goal you are striving for, whether you want to separate forever or give the relationship another chance, you should never sit still and do nothing after the breakup.

This article will help you get over the ex-girlfriend you broke up with. Read on to learn how to progress at this point!?

22 Practical Tips to Get Over an Ex-Girlfriend

22 Effective Tips to Get Over an Ex-Girlfriend

You don't have to face getting over the ex, the broken relationship, the letting go of the pain alone. The following tips will help you get over your ex-girlfriend. You can decide for yourself which tips will help you best personally.

1. Accept the loss

Although one tends to convince the ex that they belong together, it is better to refrain from such attempts. Your ex-girlfriend probably thought a lot about their decision and ultimately made their choice. If you can't do anything about the cause of your breakup, there's not much point in trying to mend the relationship.

You should rather try to accept that your relationship is over and take charge of your own life again. Of course, you need to get used to the fact that you are not a couple anymore. And this is certainly not easy at first, but you should not forget that your ex-girlfriend also has a difficult road to walk.

2. Cut off all contact with your ex-girlfriend

For your protection, you should temporarily cut off all contact. Going on through life as friends is a noble project, but it will only work once you both have worked through the breakup.

That's why you should avoid your ex-girlfriend for at least a month. Contact via social media should also be avoided. This is also good if you want to try again in the future to get her back. Until then, you should give her a chance to feel what life is like without you.

3. Don't glorify your ex-girlfriend

You don't have to make your ex better than she is. She is guaranteed to have some not-so-great qualities as well. By recognizing the downsides of your ex-girlfriend, you'll be able to more easily see the upsides of no longer being together. You shouldn't just remember the good things about her. For example, you could make a list of all of your ex's negative traits. Then you'll find that you're probably quite happy it's over.

4. Pour your heart out

Pour your heart out

Make a date with your friends and talk your heart out about what you think of your ex-girlfriend. Get all your frustration off your chest. Putting your feelings into words will reduce your grief and anger. However, you should avoid drinking alcohol – otherwise, it can quickly happen that you send your ex-girlfriend a message in the middle of the night that you might regret later.

5. Beware of the ''White Bear Effect''

Don't try to put your ex-girlfriend out of your mind entirely, as that can quickly have the opposite effect. Psychologists call this the so-called ''White Bear Effect''. The name derives from the test where someone is asked not to think about a white bear, and then, of course, the person immediately thinks about the bear.

The same goes for the ex: if you try not to think about your ex-girlfriend, she will play a central role in your thoughts for that very reason. That's why you shouldn't try to suppress your feelings. It's better to talk about them with someone you trust or to write down your feelings and thoughts. Thinking about the ex-girlfriend every day and the breakup is part of the letting-go process.

6. Work on yourself

Work on yourself

The goal is to emerge stronger from the breakup. Work on yourself so that you get new energy again. This can affect your appearance, perhaps by losing weight, getting a new hairstyle, or treating yourself to a new outfit. But you shouldn't go overboard too much. You're ok the way you are, but the whole thing can make you feel a little better.

But also you should work on your inner self. Reflect on the part you played at the end of your relationship and what you can learn from it. For example, you could try to be more patient, listen better, and be more understanding of other people's opinions.

You can also work on yourself by taking a course to improve your career prospects or doing something you enjoy. You should look for improvements in your life that can make you happier! A positive side effect of this is that you will show your ex-girlfriend what you are missing out on.

7. Change your environment

If possible, change your furniture. Rearrange the furniture or buy new cushions for the sofa. Throw away the blanket you slept under that night and throw out that ugly painting that your ex-girlfriend thought was 'so beautiful'. In this way, you build yourself a new, fresh environment that will make it easier for you to start your life again with renewed energy without your ex.

8. Find a valve

Find something to channel all your frustration about your ex-girlfriend and the broken relationship into positive energy. For example, you could sign up for a boxing class, go jogging, or do something creative; Draw a picture.

9. Challenge yourself by learning something new

Challenge yourself by learning something new

Have you always wanted to learn to surf, play an instrument or maybe speak a new foreign language? Then do it! It's just good to focus on something new that takes your mind off your ex-girlfriend. It can also give you a huge boost when you develop a new skill.

10. Spend time with friends and family

Of course, the ex was the person you always turned to when you needed someone. Now that she is no longer a part of your life, it's good to focus more on relationships with friends and family. Try to reduce your dependency on your ex by strengthening your bonds with family and friends.

11. Remind yourself of the reason for your relationship break-up

Don't cling to the thought of wanting to get back with your ex-girlfriend. There was a good reason your relationship failed, and that reason certainly didn't just go away. That's why you should be aware that getting back into a relationship with your ex-girlfriend is likely to end in as much pain as you're going through. Is this really what you want?

12. Stop asking yourself how your ex-girlfriend is doing

If you find yourself constantly wondering how your ex-girlfriend is doing, you should stop right away. Instead, change the inner question to: "How am I doing now?" You should also tell the people who keep asking you about your ex-girlfriend. If you can't remember the last time you wondered how she was doing, that's a sign that you (almost) got over your ex- girlfriend-very good!

13. Do something your ex-girlfriend hates

Do something your ex-girlfriend hates

Maybe your ex-girlfriend hated a certain restaurant, but you always liked it so much. Or was there a particular movie that she found stupid? Then you should check it out if you like it. Do something you could never do with your her, even though you always wanted to do it, then it will be easier for you to find yourself again.

14. Be good to yourself!

Don't constantly criticize yourself for your part in your relationship breakdown. Stop thinking negatively about yourself!

Apparently, the two of you weren't a good match after all, and that just can't be changed.

 There is guaranteed to be someone who is a much better match for you, so you should focus on what makes you a great person. Not only will you find yourself better this way, but you will also radiate a lot more positive energy - and be more attractive to a potential partner.

15. Avoid places you've been to together

Try to avoid places you've been (frequently) together, or else you won't be able to shake the (good) memories of the two of you. You should rather go to new places where you can create new memories - with new people.

16. Temporarily cancel dates with mutual friends

If you have mutual friends, it's best not to see them for a while either, or only meet them if you're sure your ex-girlfriend won't be there. You can relax this again at a later point in time, but preferably not during the first 3-6 months. This period will be needed to heal the wounds.

17. Don't listen to melancholic music

If you want to make life more difficult for yourself, the best thing to do after a breakup is to constantly listen to sad (love) songs. Most sad love songs will keep reminding you that you will never be happy without your ex-girlfriend. But in reality, you can only be happy now that you've got over your ex-girlfriend! Think about it: How are you supposed to think positively of yourself when you're constantly listening to negatively charged songs?

18. Try to make someone else laugh

At the moment, you are probably far too unhappy about your ex-girlfriend and also about your future. However, if you try to make someone else happy, you will end up being even more pleased than that person!

19. Talk about the matter with someone who has been through something similar

Talk about the matter with someone who has been through something similar

If you're trying to get over your ex-girlfriend, it can be very helpful to talk to someone who has also successfully gotten over their ex. Of course, every broken relationship is different, but it can still be very helpful to hear the experiences of others.

20. Dates and sex help forgetting

What not to do when in a relationship: date or experience one-night stands. However, now you have full control over your life back. Enjoy it and go on a date with that woman you made eye contact with before!

Maybe you don't feel like dating a new girl because your ex-girlfriend is still on your mind. But you should let that go! Just go on the date and enjoy. Of course, this does not have to result in a new relationship immediately. But you can make new friends and show your ex you can have a great time without her. It can even make you more attractive again.

21. Don't expect things to sort themselves out anytime soon

If it wasn't your decision to end the relationship, chances are you still have hope that the relationship can be repaired. This is often quite possible, but only over time.

Don't be under the illusion that you'll be back with your ex-girlfriend in just a few weeks.

Ending the relationship was probably a well-considered decision. That's why you shouldn't try too hastily to repair the relationship.

You should say goodbye to your ex-girlfriend in your head for the first few weeks. But if you're secretly hoping for a quick reunion, you won't be able to get over your grief. This will lead to disappointment again and again. You can certainly get her back, but you should still avoid her consistently for at least a month.

22. Have fun!

Have fun!

Of course, in the first few days or even weeks, you can indulge in your sorrows properly. After that, however, you should get back into action! Do something nice. Go out more often, read a good book, or travel. You should try to enjoy that you don't have to be considerate of anyone and answer to nobody.

Do something you've wanted to do for a long time. It should always be about something that gives you pleasure. And if you don't have the financial means to do this, look for affordable alternatives. Guaranteed there are. If this leaves you with money worries, it won't help either.

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