How to Seduce Your Ex in 5 Easy Steps

The relationship with your partner has ended, and you do not accept it? Know that there are great chances of seducing your ex again. However, to succeed, you have to avoid rushing and apply techniques that work. So how do you hook your lost love and bring it back to you?

How to Seduce Your Ex in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Mourn the relationship and take time for yourself

Before going to kiss your ex, you need to do some introspection. Mourning a relationship is a very strange proposition for someone who wants to seduce their ex again.

However, this is an indispensable condition for the success of any love restoration. In other words, it is important to go through this step to move on.

Grieving your relationship doesn't mean locking yourself in your room to cry. Far from there! Instead, you need to assess to try to make sense of things. What is your part of the responsibility for the breakup? Why don't you want to lose your ex permanently?

Once you have answered these questions, you must decide what needs to be changed. Next, you need to consider focusing more on yourself.

Taking time for yourself is also essential to seducing your ex. Indeed, when you are in a relationship, you tend to put your life on hold to focus on the other.

This is why separation is so painful. Therefore, it is important to regain your self-confidence before returning to your ex. Logically, how do you intend to seduce someone if you are not sure of yourself?

Getting back into sports is a great way to prepare to get your ex back. First, physical exercise will allow you to sculpt your body and make it look its best. Your ex will not fail to notice! Next, exercising requires discipline, which prevents your thoughts from focusing on the breakup.

Going shopping, going to the hairdresser, or going out with friends is a great way to eliminate all this. This will help you develop a strategy that will allow you to successfully re-seduce your lost love.

If you have financial problems, now is the time to start looking for effective solutions to solve them. You should know that the individual in this situation is irritable, stressed, depressed, and sensitive.

Your ex doesn't want to be around someone like that again. In short, do whatever it takes to make your ex want to get back into your "new self."

Step 2: Take your time (or not)

Another piece of advice about taking your time to get closer to your ex. However, don't confuse taking time to win back your ex with taking time for yourself. Seducing your ex can indeed take some time. It is therefore necessary to avoid rushing at the risk of scaring them away.

You are probably wondering if this is a good idea since during this time your ex could meet someone, and you are right! This is why we will proceed on a case-by-case basis.

If you have maintained a good relationship with your ex, you can take your time to re-seduce them. You have to understand that cordial relations with your ex do not mean they are still crazy about you. So you have to take the time to get back without looking like it.

In addition, your ex will more easily notice positive changes in your person.

However, sometimes it's necessary to quickly take matters into your own hands so as not to lose your love once and for all. Did you find out from your mutual friends that your ex is now dating someone?

Did they post statuses on social networks? It's time to speed things up to seduce your ex at the risk of losing them for good. Know, however, that it is not a question of rushing to say “I love you” to them or begging them to come back.

Likewise, if your ex goes out of their way to create distance between you, you don't need to waste more time. Pay attention to warning signs such as being blocked on social media, spacing between posts, etc.

Step 3: The first date after the breakup

One of the steps in getting back in love is successfully getting a first date after the breakup. For example, you can send them a handwritten letter inviting them to dinner or a drink. Forget SMS and e-mail. These two means are too impersonal. Also, the message may not reach the recipient if you have been blocked.

If you are in contact with your ex, you can directly offer them this date. Above all, take the time to prepare well so you don't let your emotions overwhelm you.

The success of this head-to-head is one of the reasons why stage 1 is essential. If you have taken the time to grieve, you will feel more peaceful. This meeting is an opportunity for you to smooth things over with your ex. For example, ask them to tell you what they blamed you for to allow you to develop in your life. 

While your ex is talking, the best attitude you can take is to listen. Don't try to defend yourself or make them feel guilty. What you need to do is to be attentive, but above all to recognize your share of responsibility in the breakup.

Look him straight in the eye as he talks to you. You won't get anything by avoiding his gaze. However, if you are consistent, it could quickly become annoying. Your gaze should confirm to your ex that they have your full attention.

At this point, you will have a better understanding of the reasons why your ex ended your relationship. They may blame you for not being caring enough, so it's up to you to play to become a romantic with your ex or that you were too jealous. It's up to you to find the solution to the problems that your ex lists for you. 

Don't let the date linger. Your ex must feel like you have other things to do, even if you don't. So excuse yourself, and if the occasion is right, kiss them before you leave.

Be aware that your ex may refuse to meet you one-on-one. It could mean they are afraid to crack up and want to sleep with you, or they do not want to give you false hope. In this case, offer to chat by SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, or other social networks.

Classic mistakes like dressing too sexy on a first date after a breakup should be avoided. Sensual or provocative gestures to seduce your ex should also be prohibited. You must keep your dignity!

Step 4: Radio silence and the first step

We will recommend that you start by practicing radio silence. Indeed, the fact of not giving any more news after a breakup can destabilize your ex. However, radio silence can be effective both at the beginning and in the middle of the process to seduce your ex.

After the first face-to-face after the breakup, choose not to give them any news again for 21 days. In practice, you should neither call them nor send them text messages, even less follow them on social networks. Some will advise you to block them. But the best thing is to let them follow you so they can see that you have other things to do. This also saves you from having to explain your silence later.

Take advantage of these 21 days of silence to take stock again, taking into account your ex's remarks. What can you do to improve this? You could, for example, take the opportunity to take courses on personal development or self-control if you are impulsive.

However, radio silence should be avoided if your ex is reluctant during the first date. In this case, if you disappear, they might think it's because you finally understood and moved on.

After applying the technique of radio silence, you must then take the first step. Start by sending a text message to apologize for your prolonged silence. Try to justify it without dwelling on the subject.

If they don't respond to your message, if your ex ignores you, don't panic by sending them tons of other texts to get them to react. Instead, apply the Ping SMS technique. It consists of sending a message to your former lover at the beginning of each week or month. Just wish them a good week or a fruitful month.

The goal is to create a kind of addiction to wake up the butterflies in your ex's stomach. They expect you to send this message. Also, if a certain time, you haven't done it, they will start asking questions. What does he (or she) do? Why haven't I received his message yet?

On the other hand, if they respond directly to your SMS, you can continue the conversation. Check in on them. Show them that despite everything, you still care about their well-being. However, it is out of the question to let the discussion drag on. After a few text messages, apologize and take your leave. As you talk, you will be able to have longer conversations.

Logically, the discussions should not be focused on your past. Don't forget that you have worked to advance! Taking the first step also involves letting your ex gradually discover your new personality. Have you taken lessons to be less impulsive? Your ex mustn't think that you are doing it only to seduce them. This is why you must remain natural and true.

Step 5: Seduce your ex again

To re-seduce your ex, you can approach them as a stranger or as a former partner.

Considering your ex as a stranger will allow you to maintain a certain distance between you. You can thus escape the temptation to beg them or remind them of the past. In other words, tell yourself that you've just met someone you're interested in and are trying to win their heart.

However, it is difficult to treat a partner with whom one has lived for many years as a stranger. It will even be impossible if you have mutual friends, children, etc. In this case, you should use your past to attract and seduce your ex. There is no question of bringing up your old relationship in front of them. You may have fond memories of the best times, but there is no evidence that this is the case with your ex.

However, you could be foresighted, for example. Advise them not to eat dessert again, remind them that it is bad for their diabetes, remind them that it's time to take their medication, etc.

People in the middle of a breakup often wonder if to seduce their ex, you have to make them jealous. The technique can be effective if you implement it well. It is not a question of outwardly showing off ostensibly on the arm of a new suitor or of kissing them in public. Your ex might think you've moved on. At worst, they might consider you taunting them.

If you choose to make your ex jealous, stick to simple flirtation. Laugh with your potential suitors by showing them some interest. Your ex should believe that you can move on if they haven't made up their mind.

" Follow me, I'm escaping you. »

This technique, if done well, can be very effective. Make yourself desirable! For example, you can regularly alternate a moment of presence and a short radio silence. In practice, you can make your ex care about you a little more, but in return, you appear indifferent.

Give them compliments if the opportunity arises. However, don't dwell on it, especially if you noticed they did this to please you. On your side, on the other hand, do not seek to have their approval on your setting or your hairstyle. Whether they noticed it or not shouldn't seem so important to you. 

Seduce your ex again

By seriously applying the above advice, there is a good chance of seducing your ex again. These techniques have proven their effectiveness in most cases. However, for guaranteed success, some mistakes must be avoided.

Mistakes to avoid when seducing your ex

To seduce your ex successfully, some missteps must be avoided. Such mistakes will have the opposite effect than intended.

Send a fake SMS

The fake SMS consists of sending the first SMS to your ex. Then, we wait a little while to send them an apology message claiming that we were wrong about the recipient. This is an idea to banish if you want to seduce your ex. Indeed, the chances that they believe you are very low. However, they might believe you and feel jealous.

Spying on their ex

It is certainly a bad idea when you decide to seduce your ex again. Finding yourself “by chance” in the same places as them at the same time, following them on social networks, etc. It all sounds like harassment. Behavior that will not fail to make your ex turn away from you or even scare them.

Begging their ex

It is also one of the greatest mistakes in regaining love. What you're looking for is to make your ex fall for you again, not to inspire them with pity. You must therefore avoid begging them, crying in front of them, or even trying to take them back to the past at all costs. 

Sleeping together with your ex at the first opportunity

Eh yes! There is no question of taking advantage of the first opportunity to lure your ex into your bed. Once the moment of euphoria has passed, they may have regrets and decide to move away from you permanently. What you have to do is make yourself desired. Let in a few signals that show you still want it. At the same time, gently push back any overly physical approach. Keep in mind that what you are looking for is not a sex friend!

Of course, at one time or another, you will end up in the same bed. This is an essential step, but it must come to seal your victory rather than being the foundation.

Once again, taking your time is the solution to avoiding such blunders. In a nutshell, apply the “retreat to jump better” technique. However, the key to seducing your ex and making them stay forever is listening!

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