Why Does My Ex Watch My Stories? 6 Reasons

Are you wondering why is my ex looking at my Instagram story and what are they trying to achieve with it? Along the way, if they want to see what you're doing after your breakup, is it an attempt to win you back or out of curiosity?

  • Do they miss you, or are they just bored looking at the Instagram Stories on the home page?
  • Do they want to know who you are dealing with or if you are seeing other people?
  • Are they a stalker, or is it proof of love and feelings for you?
  • Would they like to text you or meet you and are too shy to message you directly?
People are different, but for them, it seems to be the only way to get something from you about what you are doing, and maybe they're already thinking about when they should text you. 

I can only advise you: If you still have feelings for them, take your chance now! You can't wait for them to get back to you. At some point, they'll ignore your Instagram story out of frustration and block any contact because they'd rather live alone than be disappointed again.

Of course, there are many reasons why your ex looks at your Instagram story and what you can conclude from it. In any case, you're on their mind, which is very good. In the following, you will find out more about what their intentions can be and how you can best react to them.

Why Does My Ex Watch my Stories? 6 Reasons

Why is my ex watching my stories? 6 Reasons

Think about which of the following reasons is the most likely and who knows, maybe there's still a chance for the two of you to try again as a couple. Or you block them and thus finally break up with them.

1. They want to know what you're doing.

A breakup is difficult to deal with, and they are certainly very curious about what you will do after the end of your relationship. Maybe they can suppress the urge for a short time, but at some point, they can hardly stand it and looks at your Instagram story.

It's normal human behavior, and they'd be lying to themselves if they didn't admit that they still cared about you, otherwise, they would have deleted or blocked you long ago.

For them, it's the easiest way to find out what you're up to without texting you directly or asking others about you.

2. They want to know if they're doing better than you.

I think we all tend to have that childish behavior of comparing ourselves to others, the same goes for after a breakup. You both have phases when you feel bad after the breakup.

When they feel down and have a weak moment, they'll look at your stories to see if you're worse off than them.

Precisely because they suffer a lot from your breakup, it would be all the more hurtful for them if you were happy after the breakup. In them, thoughts arise as to whether you have ever loved them as much as they love you and how you're not sad after your breakup and continue to live a normal, happy life while they still have to think about you and your relationship every day.

3. They hope for signs that you miss them.

Men become real psychologists after a breakup, looking for signs of how you are and whether you miss them. They try to interpret every picture and every story for you, whether you mean them with a quote or a certain sentence.

They will probably reinterpret stories from you in such a way that you are just trying to distract yourself and secretly miss them. Their desire to hope for the moment when you two can try being a couple again increases, and they become more and more creative in interpreting your social media presence.

4. They want to check if you're still single.

To assess their chances with you, they need to know whether you are still single and with whom you are currently spending your time. They secretly wish you could only hang out with your friends, and that way you would realize how much you miss them and how good they are.

They would find it almost unbearable to see you with another person and be afraid that you might fall in love again - that would make the breakup even more difficult for them than it already is.

5. It was just an accident.

The more unlikely case is that it was just an oversight on their part. They click on Instagram to watch multiple stories, and yours happens to be in the middle of it before they realize it is playing your story.

6. They watched the stories out of boredom.

Especially after a breakup, they will have a lot more time, and boredom sets in quickly, which is why they often surf Instagram, Facebook, or other platforms every day to distract themselves.

At that moment, they don't care what they're looking at and see everything as a distraction against boredom. They can look at your Instagram without feeling like texting you or stalking you.

People are different and that's why you always need to put the points in context and compare them to how your ex usually behaves. Are they clingy, jealous, a control freak, or a stalker, or do they long for you?

As you can see, there are many reasons why your ex looks at your Instagram Stories, and some indicate that they miss you and has feelings for you.

To find out what they think about you, you should observe their behavior longer, and if you have the opportunity, talk to them personally if you are still interested in having closer contact with them. Otherwise, you should ignore their behavior, block them, or delete them; then you draw the final line.


Your ex is probably watching your stories because they're still very attached to you and curious about what you're doing. Maybe they don't even know that you can see who is watching your stories. They look at every story and think you wouldn't get it, they would even be uncomfortable if they knew.

Don't read too much into such a small thing, and stop worrying about whether or not they'll be watching your Instagram Story. In the end, you're the one who panics when they don't look at your Instagram stories for a long time.

Ultimately, it's a good sign because they're still interested in you and haven't blocked you, but you can only find out if it's just out of boredom or if there's more to them than that if you take the first step toward them. This is because they will remain passive for as long as possible and continue watching your stories.

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