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He Unblocked Me But No Contact (11 Reasons)

He unblocked me but no contact, what does this mean? After the breakup, you had a heated argument. You allowed yourself to make some unforgivable mistakes with your ex or chased after him and constantly begged for a second chance. At some point, it all became too much for him, and he coldly blocked you on Instagram, WhatsApp, and all other channels.

But when you look at your cell phone, after a few weeks or months, you suddenly have to make an astonishing discovery:

"Hmmmm, weird... he unblocked me, but no contact. What is that supposed to mean?”

You can see your ex's profile picture and status posts again on WhatsApp.

Or your last desperate message, which you sent at the end of your argument, suddenly got through to her (recognizable by the two ticks!).

Yes, you still love him. That's why two main questions are buzzing around in your head now and won't let you rest:

  • First: Why did your ex unblock you, even though he was furious with you, didn't want any more contact, and told you in a heated argument that he never wanted to have anything to do with you again?
  • Secondly, why isn't he texting you now? After all, it must have had some purpose that he unblocked WhatsApp. What is his intention behind the whole action?

All of their signals seem contradictory and illogical to you.

But the question is also: Should you take the initiative again and text him first? Will he respond at all if you get in touch?

In this article, I would like to give you 11 possible reasons for your ex's behavior and give you help on how to react appropriately.

If you do it right, you might even get in touch with him again, rekindle the old fire of your love and win that dream man back!

He Unblocked Me But No Contact (11 Reasons)

He Unblocked Me But No Contact - 11 Reasons

Getting blocked by your ex and not getting a response is a really painful feeling. I know that all too well from my own experience.

But even now, after unblocking, your ex's strange behavior is bothering you because you still have feelings for him.

You raise your hopes again and ask yourself the nagging question:

What does all this mean? Is the lifting of the blockade a positive sign that he still loves you after all these months, or at least wants to talk to you for a clarifying conversation?

And is there any chance of getting him back? Do you get a "foot in the door" with him now, and if he's still interested in you?

Yes, unblocking can be a positive sign. In this regard, there is a possibility that he will respond to you and want to meet you again on a date! But it depends on why your ex unblocked you but hasn't contacted you yet.

In my experience, his contradictory behavior can be due to the following 11 reasons:

1. He may never have blocked you

Think he blocked you and unblocked you after you broke up?

In reality, there are no 100% reliable indications that someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. The blocked user also does not receive a notification about this.

What is this ambiguity about? This was deliberately done by the app developers to protect the privacy of the "blocker".

The suspicious signs of (un)blocking by your ex can also have completely different reasons:

You can no longer see his profile picture in WhatsApp because he deleted it in the meantime and has now uploaded a new picture.

You hadn't seen his status posts because he hadn't posted anything for a long time but now started to do so again (possibly even because he has now overcome the pain of his separation).

Your WhatsApp messages / SMS did not get through to him because he had no network reception on his self-discovery trip in the Himalayas or his mobile phone was broken. Or this one was eaten by the Yeti :-)

To be clear: your ex may never have blocked you but simply stopped contacting you. This would make his behavior, that he is not reaching out to you now, no longer seem contradictory.

2. He unblocked you by accident

Perhaps the pitfalls of technology played a cruel trick on you, blocking and unblocking you. This means: Your ex could have accidentally removed you from the list of blocked contacts in WhatsApp, although he didn't want to.

At least that would plausibly explain why he unblocked you but didn't reach out to you.

Could he have confused you with someone else he was trying to unblock instead of you?

Such a mishap can happen, especially if the ex has already deleted your contact (name and number) from the address book of their mobile phone. The name under which he saved you will no longer appear in the block list in WhatsApp, only your cell phone number.

And it's easy to get confused if he doesn't know his ex's number (i.e. yours!) by heart or wasn't concentrated when he unblocked it.

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3. He's curious about what's going on with you

Unblocking you opens up new possibilities for your ex: Suddenly he can look at your profile picture and your status posts in WhatsApp again. It can also monitor your activities on social media.

So it could be that he has unblocked you but hasn't contacted you yet because he's just curious and wondering what you're up to at the moment.

Maybe he's enjoying your suffering after the breakup and has nasty "serves him right" thoughts of revenge.

The whole action does not necessarily have to have a hostile background:

Your ex may also be jealous and want to find out if you have wild parties where you meet other men.

Or maybe he misses you terribly and feels a longing for you that he wants to satisfy by looking at your posts and pictures.

It may also be that he worries about you and wants to know how you are now after the breakup because you are still important to him as a person.

All of these would be very positive signs that your ex still has feelings for you, and there's a good chance you could win him back.

4. He tests how you react to being unblocked

If your ex unblocks you but doesn't contact you, this can also be a kind of "psychological test" for how you, as a woman, will react to this behavior. This is also called the "shit test" in some seducer circles.

He can use this nifty method to quickly find out how you feel after you broke up:

If you contact him immediately after unblocking, your ex will know that you still have great love, you obviously follow his activities on WhatsApp / social media every day, and you still cling to him very strongly.

This is especially true for messages that sound very needy — with topics like “Why did you block and unblock me?” or “Please give me one last chance!”

These are clear signs of emotional dependency and neediness, making you quite unattractive in their eyes.

If he wants you back as a partner, he might take your overzealous reaction to unblock as a clear signal that you're not ready to start your relationship over.

This reduces the chances that he will reply to you.

Therefore, it is extremely important in this situation to first show composure. Keep your fingers steady, and don't text your ex for a few days — even if you find it hard to be so reticent.

5. He wants to reconnect positively with you

That would, of course, be the best possible scenario after these tough weeks and months that you had to go through:

Your ex unblocked you because he would like to get in touch with you again after the breakup and is still interested in you. That means either he just wants to build a friendship first, or he is even willing to get involved with you again and give your relationship a second chance.

There can be various reasons why he is now clearing the blockade:
  • He has forgiven you for possible mistakes and is no longer angry with you.
  • Or he has seen her own mistakes and would now like to apologize to you - also for the fact that he so boldly blocked you.
  • He was able to heal the pain of separation and now no longer needs this tough distance from you.
  • There are still many unanswered questions on various topics in his head. Therefore, he wants a clarifying conversation to reconcile with you.
  • He has thought carefully about everything. He realized how important you are to him in life, which is why he now regrets the breakup.
  • He recently broke up with his rebound partner.
  • He deliberately used the no-contact strategy to make you miss him. With the unblocking, he now initiates the next phase to win you back.
  • By radically breaking off contact, including blocking, he wanted to allow you to overcome your lovesickness. Now he thinks you're over it and ready for a fresh star.
The question remains as to why your ex unblocked you but not contact you yet. What does that mean? Again, there can be various reasons for this:

Maybe he is still unsure what to write in his message and is struggling with the wording. Or he's a bit lazy and expects you to take the next step and get in touch once you spot the unblock.

6. He tries to make you jealous

Triggering your jealousy would be a plausible motive for why he unblocked you - because while you're blocked, you can, of course, look at his photos and status posts.

So make sure if you see any party pictures in WhatsApp soon, where he happily hugs other girls. This signal would strengthen the suspicion that your ex wants to make you jealous.

Then it could also be that he suddenly sends status texts or even messages directly to you, in which he suggests that he has recently met a "good girlfriend" * wink wink *.

If your ex wants to make you jealous with such topics, there can be different intentions behind it:

Either he wants you to feel bad so he can take nasty revenge on you. Or he wants to put you in competition with other girls and awaken your hunting instinct so that you start fighting for him.

The latter would, of course, be a very good sign that he is still interested in you and would like to win you back for a relationship.

7. He raises false hopes to hurt you

Okay, now we get into the toxic men category :

Unfortunately, why he has unblocked you but hasn’t contacted you can also have to do with the fact that he just wants to give you false hopes of restarting your relationship.

As soon as you send him a happy message, the trap snaps shut, and your ex blocks you again without responding to offend you. This unexpected withdrawal would be like a slap in the face for you.

He speculates that your newly burgeoning hope will be destroyed, that you will then be disappointed, and that will hurt you very much.

This may also be an action to take revenge on you after the breakup.

8. He is still thinking about what to text to you

If you want to contact your ex again after a long blocking contact, the first message must be well thought out. Especially when you still feel love and want to win the other person back, you can't afford to make a mistake that ruins everything.

Your ex might think the same way.

That is why it is possible that he unblocked you, but then he began to think and didn't know what to write to you. For now, he is still looking for a suitable combination or even getting help from his best friend.

This insecurity is a sign that he still cares about you and that he may even still have feelings for you.

Because if he didn't care about you, he'd just fire off a random " Hey, how are you " message at you because he wouldn't be afraid of doing something wrong that could make him lose you. Logical, right?

In this case, it means: first wait until he has clarified this question for himself. When he has finished thinking, sooner or later he will come forward with a well-thought-out formulation that Benjamin Franklin would almost envy her for!

9. He hopes you'll make the first move

He blocked you and unblocked you again. Nevertheless, your ex does not reach out to you. This can also mean that he expects the next step from you.

Why? There are various reasons for this:

Sending the first message after unblocking contact is often tedious because you first ponder the right words and fear that you will end up writing the wrong thing. Your ex might want to avoid this inconvenience by simply sitting back and waiting for your initiative.

Or it is generally their male expectation that the women have to take the first step after separation and argument - also when contacting them via WhatsApp.

In this context, he might also think that each of you has to go half the way, and you meet in the middle (to put it figuratively).

That means: he unblocked you and took a step toward you. You should then do the next step of contacting them from their point of view, to apologize for your possible mistakes!

10. He is afraid of your angry response

You were probably not particularly happy when your ex blocked you. Of course, you know that too. Maybe your ex has unblocked you, but no contact yet because he's afraid of your angry reaction.

This can be the case in particular if he is rather shy and anxious by his personality, you are known for your short-tempered character, or you broke up in a big argument.

He might have asked himself the anxious question when unblocking:

“I wanted to reach out to him again and text him. But if I think about it now… what if a big thunderstorm breaks out, and I get emotionally hurt again? Hmmm, I'd rather leave it alone!

And so he backs down again!

11. He was suddenly distracted by something

Your ex has unblocked you but no contact yet? This seemingly contradictory behavior can also have very mundane reasons - for example, he was distracted by something at that moment, even before he could send you a message.

Maybe he was on the bus when he was unblocking and suddenly had to get off at the bus stop. Amid all the hustle and bustle, he may have decided to contact you quietly for the evening.

Or the food on the stove was overcooked, and he had to rush to the kitchen. When he finally cleaned up the mess, he forgot to text you.

For you, such causes would be a good scenario.

Because if he's planning on getting back in touch with you, he'll get back to you and text you as soon as he finds a suitable opportunity!

What should you do when your ex unblocks but doesn’t reach out?

Okay, now you know the possible reasons for your ex's behavior. The almost more important question is: how should you react if your ex unblocks you but doesn't contact you?

How do you get him to respond to you again and end up saying yes to a date?

First of all, you should think about whether you want to get in touch with this man again and win him back after all these weeks and months.

Your relationship failed so terribly for a reason. And you had a heated argument after the breakup, or he urgently needed some distance from you.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have blocked you, would he?

So, if you want to reconnect with your ex and win him back, you should stick to this plan:

1. Stay cool and wait

Your ex unblocks you but no contact? The best thing you can do now: Keep a cool head and do nothing at all! Don't contact him! Even if it's very difficult because you still feel love for him...

Sending him a message immediately, however, seems like a very needy signal. Your ex will think:

" Oh, apparently, she's constantly checking the app on her phone to see what's going on with me. And she uses the first opportunity she gets to text me back immediately. That means she's still as unbearably clingy as she was when we broke up! "

With this behavior, you come across as quite unattractive and could immediately ruin all your chances of a new beginning. Because your ex feels too hassled by you.

Unfortunately, there is a high probability that he will not respond to you.

This is especially true if you were already very clingy during the separation phase, and now you confirm this negative impression again with your message to your ex.

Instead, you should take note of his unblocking and wait two weeks to see if he will contact you.

This would automatically put you in a stronger position because it "crawls" up to you (to put it a bit nasty).

To shorten the waiting time until they (possibly) contact you, you should distract yourself with a cool lifestyle. Do everything that you have given up on during your relationship for so long, whether it's poker nights with your buddies, travel, or sports.

That way you won't be tempted to contact your ex too soon.

You can also take cool photos on your adventure trips, which you will need very soon if you want your ex back (see next point)!

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2. Look sexy through WhatsApp statuses / social media posts!

If your ex has unblocked you but doesn't contact you, at least he can see what you're posting again. And maybe that was one of the reasons for lifting the blockade.

You can use this circumstance in a targeted manner to increase your attractiveness to them! This increases the chances that he will get in touch with you.

Your task is to post exciting pictures on your WhatsApp status or social media. It must be a channel where your ex is also active so that he can view the photos (e.g. Facebook or Instagram).

However, they should be highly emotional pictures that pique your ex's interest and trigger strong feelings in him, such as:
  • Holiday snaps or snapshots of your hobbies that make you appear like an active girl who has a life of adventure (men always love that!)
  • Photos of places or activities that remind your ex of the happy moments in your relationship that make him miss you sorely
  • Selfies with other guys to make your ex a little jealous (but this should never come across as "cheating", just harmless flirtation).
With all these pictures you make yourself more interesting for him and possibly awaken old feelings of love. If your ex sees the photos, it increases the likelihood that he will bang his fingers on the keyboard and text you.

3. Still nothing from him? Get in touch!

Your ex unblocked you but still won't contact you in the next two weeks? And that even though you made him hot with your photos in WhatsApp status or on social networks?

Then you have no choice but to take the initiative and take the first step toward him. Reach out to him by writing him a well-thought-out message!

However, you should avoid the following mistakes in order not to appear unattractive:
  • Boring one-liners like, " Hey, alright? ' or ' Hi, how are you? "
  • Accusative-sounding questions like, "Why are you unblocking me but not contacting me?"
  • Needy sentences, how much you miss him, if you can talk about everything again, that you want a second chance, and the like.
Also, avoid all other negative messages that sound offensive, hurtful, or angry. Something like this could immediately spark a new fight between you, or your ex will be put off and not even respond.

That's why you should only touch on nice topics that further increase their interest.

For example, it makes sense to use a picture of him in WhatsApp status or on social media as a hook for a positive message:

" Hey, the food in the picture looks really good. Is this that restaurant where the two of us used to go often? "

By asking about the restaurant, you also awaken a romantic memory of the time during your relationship. This can result in your ex longing for you, starting to miss you, and maybe even wanting you back!

So the chances of a response are relatively good.

4. Turn your chat into a romantic date!

The man reacted positively to your message. And seems willing to respond to you further? Cool! The problem of your ex unblocking you but not contacting you would be solved.

What's next now that you're in contact with each other again? How can you rekindle his love now, set up a meeting with your ex later and win him back to restart your relationship?

You should also stick to all the tips that I have given you so far in the further course of your communication. That means:
  • Don't reply to the ex's texts right away, but let them flounder a bit to make you more interesting. He will miss you, even more, that way.
  • Avoid negative topics about your partnership or breakup that could open up old wounds and reignite the argument.
  • Refrain from making needy questions in the conversation, for example, that you still love him, want one last chance, or thought about him the whole time during the contact block.
  • Arouse a little jealousy by casually mentioning your (friendly!) association with other men.
  • Only write optimistic-sounding messages that show that you have successfully overcome heartbreak.
  • Apologize in your reply if you made really bad mistakes that are difficult to forgive on their part. This promotes emotional healing and reconciliation.
  • Bring back positive memories of the old days when you were still fine and you two lovebirds were newly in love.
  • Reports of exciting activities and hobbies that make you appear as an attractive woman with a great lifestyle. These topics, subliminally signal that you have changed and are again the absolute dream woman that he wants in a relationship.
If you stick to these rules, your ex will likely contact you regularly soon.

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