How to Court a Woman: 5 Easiest Ways to Woo Her

Courtship remains a mystery for many men. Many men wonder how to court a woman without seeming too heavy or old-fashioned. 

Indeed, when you want to seduce a woman, there is a subtle balance to be respected. 

In particular, you must be aware that your choices are not limited to “taking the initiative” or “letting fate take its course”!

Having listened to so many men, I am fully aware of your blockages.

Indeed, courtship can be complicated when you find yourself in front of a woman you like. 

Know that in this case, many men lose their means, even great seducers because the stake is present. 

But more often than not, these are the barriers you impose on yourself or follow largely avoidable mistakes.

To avoid you falling into these traps, I wanted to bring you the most effective keys to suitably make advances to a woman. 

Discover why it is important to court a woman and the secrets to applying so that she falls into your arms! 

How to Court a Woman: 5 Easiest Ways to Woo Her

No, courting a woman is not out of fashion!

I see the younger readers coming. In the age of social networks and the internet, isn't it old-fashioned to want to court a woman?

No way! And do you know why?

Because women love it when men put a little romance into their dating game. 

This is always a great way to differentiate yourself from others and not play the role of macho bad boy. 

A little carefully-dosed attention is not bad either. But be careful not to overdo it either.

A woman needs to be reassured and to feel wanted. But even more, she must feel special and tell herself you are not like everyone else.

Courting her shows her that you are special too. In addition, it will reassure her about your intentions. 

Tell yourself that courting her is an excellent way to avoid looking like a  fucker.

Thus, you will allow her to have a good time in your company. And it's a way to show off because you'll make her feel good by your side.

Making someone you like to have a good time with, how can you think that's old-fashioned?! 

On the contrary, it is what will allow you to get closer subtly!

But, before going any further in the explanations, it seems necessary to provide a definition.

What does it mean to court a woman?

What does courting mean?

Forget the Romeo and Juliet clich├ęs. Also, set aside the dictionary definition that wooing a woman is courting a woman or even worse, flattering her.

Of course, when we flirt with a girl who attracts us, we can give her some compliments. But above all, it should not be abused.

In my opinion, courting a woman is essentially taking your time, trying to get to know her to meet her expectations, and acting with finesse! In short, it's about winning a woman's favor by showing her that you care to understand her.

In the end, it's nothing extraordinary, but often that's what makes all the difference!

Why it is important to court a woman

Besides the fact that a woman likes to be wooed, there are 2 main reasons why you have to behave like this to attract a woman.

1. To court her is to get to know her better

You don't throw yourself headlong into a relationship, you take your time. It is a way to know more about her tastes, passions, desires, and dreams.

But on your side, it will also be an asset. You will also be able to highlight your personality so that it attaches to the man you are. 

You will be able to reveal yourself from the first meetings, and this with authenticity and without fear.

2. Making advances to a woman by courting her is shouting maturity

When you're wondering how to court a woman, it's a sign of maturity. Even if this may surprise you, when we ask ourselves this, it is because we are trying to differentiate ourselves from other men and therefore want to do more.

Quite simply because you seek a better understanding of what attracts you.

By behaving this way and courting her, you prove that you are capable of changing an encounter, to transform it into a couple relationship. 

In a relationship that will meet both your needs and theirs!

How to court a woman

For a woman to be attracted by your qualities, there are 5 secrets to apply. These are seduction tips that I invite you to put in place as soon as possible!

1. See more than a kiss or a phone number!

I have just introduced the concept which must become your number 1 motto. 

Your objective is not to superficially seduce a woman but to make her fall in love with your qualities. 

Remember to be original but above all to meet her emotional needs.

So don't think superficially. Just because you took her number doesn't mean it's you won. You must go further.

2/ Apply the flagship technique of seduction!

This famous technique is "run away from me, I follow you, follow me, I run away from you".

Seduction always responds to this proverb "Flee me, I follow you, follow me, I flee you"! 

Today, no mystery, if you place yourself in demand, you will not be attractive to your beautiful stranger.

I guess other men woo her, don't they? So ask yourself now what you could do to be unique and to differentiate yourself. 

The technique involves taking some distance while creating very pleasant dates or encounters to arouse desire in her. 

The more you can create some form of challenge, the better you will be seduced.

3. Focus on communication

The priority is to focus on communication. You have to talk to her, ask her questions, get to know her. 

Any information is good to take, and do not hesitate to woo her in a somewhat childish way by asking her questions such as:

  • What is her favorite color?
  • What is her favorite dish?
  • What is her biggest dream?

Do not hesitate to ask her questions about her type of man or her past. On the other hand, avoid talking to her about her romantic past and her conquests.

4. Take care of your image!

First of all, you have to take care of yourself. 

Having good hygiene is very important when you want to become attractive. 

The neglected man has his charm, but there are still limits! And when you go on a date, and you want to court a girl, you're going to have to be on top.

By taking care of yourself, you will show her that she matters.

You do not need to spend all your savings in the most beautiful shop in the capital, the main thing is that you have to find your style by wearing clothes that suit you.

That is to say that the clothes are adjusted to your size.

So, do not hesitate to put on a chicer than casual outfit when you see each other, to perfume yourself, and to make efforts on certain aspects that she might appreciate. 

And more particularly, think about having a haircut that will highlight you.

5. Be original

The seducers know this perfectly well. To make a woman succumb, you have to stand out from other men!

Therefore you will have to organize original appointments, but that's not all. You will also have to destabilize her and for that, your way of communicating will be the key.

You must therefore make a strength of your originality and show it to her.

And so we have answered the question, how to court a woman? I wish you success.


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