Is Tinder Platinum Worth It? All Your Questions Answered

It's a well-known problem that we men struggle with: In the online dating app, we hardly get any matches, or women do not reply to messages.

For us to finally have more success, a paid subscription with additional functions should work wonders - including this mysterious "Tinder Platinum". But is it worth it? What are the advantages of such an upgrade for you as a user?

Do you end up with a dreamy date?

I did the test and will tell you in this article:
  • Which glorious extra features are included in the platinum subscription, also in contrast to the other subscriptions "Plus" and "Gold"
  • What are the prices or costs for the subscription?
  • What my experiences are: whether Tinder Platinum brings something and whether it could also be worthwhile for you as a man
These are important questions that we need to clarify. After all, nobody wants to throw money out the window when it comes to subscriptions, right? Exactly… So, let's get started with the test!
Is Tinder Platinum Worth It? All Your Questions Answered

What is Tinder Platinum?

You saw a funny ad in the app or something on the internet, and now you're wondering: "What is Tinder Platinum?"

In principle,

It is very simple:

In addition to the two premium subscriptions "Plus" and "Gold", the "Platinum" variant is another paid subscription model in the dating app.

The upgrade offers you the opportunity to use additional (useful?) functions that are NOT included in the free Tinder version - and sometimes not in the other two subscriptions either.

As the "precious metal" sounding name already suggests, Tinder Platinum is the most comprehensive Tinder subscription with the most additional functions to date - and therefore also the most expensive in terms of price (more on this below!).

It is the luxury edition of Tinder, so to speak, equipped with every comfort for users.

And someone should say again; there is nothing more valuable than gold... :-)

What brings Tinder Platinum? The advantages for you!

What exactly do you get for extra features with this subscription? First of all, Tinder Platinum includes, among other things, all the additional functions that are already included in the “Gold” and “Plus” subscription models:
  • See immediately who has liked you and create the match directly
  • Remove the like limit so you can get an unlimited number of likes (swipes to the right)
  • 1 free Tinder Boost per month
  • 5 more super likes per day for free
  • Practical passport function for swiping around the globe
  • Undo the last swipe, useful for "wrong decisions"
  • Full access to your top picks, i.e. particularly hot profiles
  • More privacy settings (hide distance and age in profile for other users)
  • Option: Only people who have liked YOU are displayed to remain anonymous on Tinder
  • Use the dating app completely ad-free
  • Show recently active people first when swiping instead of the default Tinder algorithm settings

Tinder Platinum features
Of course, the question arises: Do these extras make sense for you to generate more matches and get great dates?

What are the advantages of Tinder Platinum with these additional features?

In addition to the features just listed, 3 other features are ONLY included in the platinum subscription:

1. “Priority Likes” – increased visibility

With this, you slide further up in the "card stack" with the women so that you are shown to them earlier when swiping and have a higher chance of matches.

This function in Tinder Platinum is very useful, especially in big cities and other places with many active Tinder users (e.g. festivals and town fairs).

Or also during the so-called "prime time", for example on Sundays.

Because here, the competition from men who are online and cavort on the dating platform is very high.

That means in plain language: Even if you have an extremely good Tinder profile with attractive photos, without a platinum subscription it can happen that you will hardly be shown as a suggestion to other women in these highly frequented places.


Simply because the girls see so many profiles of other men first when they swipe in the flirt app. These can be guys who are algorithmically good and therefore have strong visibility even without platinum.

And if you are theoretically only number 207 of the partner suggestions in the “deck of cards”, but the woman only swipes 53 times, she will not see your profile. Logical, right?

With the Priority
 Likes in Tinder Platinum, however, you push yourself further forward, so that you (ideally) become visible to the women as a suggestion after just a few swipes...

...and thus have more chances of likes and matches!

As I said, this function is more worthwhile in places with many active users. In small towns, villages, or in the country, the whole thing makes less sense.

Because if the number of users is limited in a tranquil spot, the women will see you after a few swipes anyway, so you don't need Priority Likes to be seen by her.

2. Text the women BEFORE the match

This is my absolute favorite feature of the Platinum subscription. In my experience, a real hit, at least that's how it was in the test.

Because texting women without a match is otherwise only possible in a roundabout way, for example, if the lady has mentioned her Instagram name in her profile. So you can then message them via Instagram instead of via the dating app.

However, with Tinder Platinum, you have the handy option of attaching a message directly to your super like, like this example:

Hey, the latte macchiato looks delicious... but be careful not to run in front of the street lamp with it 😉 

 That means the woman reads a (hopefully creative) message from you BEFORE you even have a match.

This feature in the platinum subscription brings you enormous advantages...

These are the main reasons why you can use it to generate more matches and get direct answers:
  • You stand out from the male competition who does not have this subscription and therefore they cannot send messages without a match.
  • As a user, you get additional attention if the woman gets a lot of super likes every day.
  • Your Super Like doesn't seem as needy as it usually would (because it tends to come across as begging for attention).
  • With a teasing saying you can make the woman laugh, arouse curiosity and thus increase your attractiveness. This is especially true when she is otherwise only showered with cheap compliments. Show her with your funny opener that you are not boring like the other men!
  • In your message, you can go into details about her profile individually and show her that you didn't just “super like” her because of her looks. On a shallow dating app like Tinder, this expression of interest is a welcome change for many women who are serious about dating.
Tinder Platinum is worth it for matching if your attached message is really good.

In this case, the coveted user may decide to match you - even if you were actually "not her type" based on your profile picture.

Of course, the function also has three small disadvantages:

  • The message can have a maximum of 140 characters, but this is sufficient in any case. After all, you shouldn't send her a novel to get you started.
  • Since the message is attached to the super like, you can only message as many women as you have super likes available each day before the match.
  • Such a message could be unattractive to some ladies, as they automatically know that you have taken out a platinum subscription with your account. She might be thinking, "Hm, is this man so unpopular that he needs this?"
Nevertheless, the advantages of this feature outweigh the disadvantages. So use the power of words, not just that of pictures!

3. See who you've liked (7 days)

See who you've liked (7 days) Tinder Platinum function

The third additional function at Tinder Platinum: In the app, you can see which people you have liked in the last 7 days.

In my experience, this feature is only of limited use and is therefore hardly worthwhile.

It only has two advantages:

On the one hand, you gain an overview of the profiles that you have liked and can thus make your prey scheme clear.

For example, thanks to the platinum subscription, it could turn out that you mainly like brunette users, athletes, students, people who like to travel, etc.

With such an insight, you can then change this loot scheme if necessary if you have hitherto bet on the proverbial “wrong horse” when swiping and therefore hardly get any matches.

On the other hand, you can analyze afterward which of these women liked you back.

But otherwise, this function makes no sense with Tinder Platinum.

Because whoever you have liked is cold coffee from yesterday. Or? The matches here and now count!

How much does Tinder Platinum cost? The price

If you want to buy a subscription, the question of costs naturally arises. Is it all worth it for the price?

This is already certain: since Tinder Platinum includes most of the functions, it is also the most expensive subscription ($ 5 more per month compared to the Gold subscription). That is, a one-month Tinder Platinum subscription costs $19.99.

As with the premium subscriptions "Plus" and "Gold", you can choose between 3 different terms for the platinum subscription:
  • 1 month
  • 6 month
  • 12 month
The longer the term, the cheaper the subscription is when you convert it to the costs for the individual month.

Just look at this price example from a male Android user in his mid-30s to get a feel for the cost of Tinder Platinum:

How much does Tinder Platinum cost?

Otherwise, I cannot give you any specific prices, as they depend on factors such as age, gender, and operating system (Android, iOS, etc.) of the user.

Do you want to find out exactly how much you would have to pay as a user for the platinum subscription? Then check your account in the dating app.

You can find the Tinder Platinum offer in the app settings. In addition, you always get corresponding pop-ups with an offer if you go to additional functions that you have not yet activated.

Remember to cancel in good time!

And one more tip, so that you don't get annoyed about wasted money afterward:

Of course, you always have to cancel your subscription in good time so that it is not automatically extended for the same period!

But luckily, you have the option to unsubscribe at any time. How to do this always depends on the operating system. Be smart about it in time!

Test conclusion: Is Tinder Platinum worth it?

The bottom line is that the platinum subscription is a sensible purchase if you, as a man, want to get more matches in the Tinder app.

Many of the extra functions of Tinder Gold (which, as I said, are now included in the platinum subscription) offer you enormous advantages.

By that I mean, above all, the ability to see who has liked you, undo the last swipe, and the monthly free boost. If you travel a lot and want exciting dates on vacation, the passport function is also very useful.

Above all, Tinder Platinum is worthwhile because of the two exclusive features:

1. "Priority Likes" to increase your visibility, especially in places with many male competitors who have good profiles.

2. Possibility, as a user, to attach a message to your super like.

As explained above, these two extra functions, in particular, can ensure that you have an advantage over other men - and get a lot more matches, answers, and dates with attractive women.

But that also requires that you write a first message that knocks the girl off her stool and that you know how to flirt in the chat right up to the date agreed.

But be careful, edit your profile first!

Tinder Platinum is worth it only if you have an attractive Tinder profile

And as always, such a premium subscription only brings you advantages when matching if you have created a very attractive profile that already generates a lot of matches in the free standard version of Tinder.

Because if you have bad photos or lousy profile text, measures such as increased visibility or a super like with an attached message will not help you.

Then most of the hot women will continue to give you no likes when you swipe or reply, no matter what additional functions you use with the platinum subscription.

Do you look more like a super nerd than George Clooney when you appear on the dating app? And get (almost) no matches?

Then first bring your profile into shape... catapult the number of your matches with Tinder Platinum into the sky in the next step!


Do you get more likes and matches with Tinder Platinum?

If your profile is not outstanding, then a premium subscription will not bring you any more success.

BUT: If you have a really strong profile that already gets likes and matches every day even without a premium, then you can, of course, start the “turbo” with a platinum subscription.

Because then the features such as sending messages without a match will of course work much better.

If your profile is bad, you won't get a match or an answer either, even if you use a good cover letter and can write to her without a match thanks to Tinder Platinum.

Do others know if I have Tinder Platinum?

In itself, you cannot see directly in the app whether someone is using a premium subscription or not. It is therefore not directly displayed anywhere whether you are using Tinder Platinum or one of the other paid subscriptions.

However, other users can indirectly infer this.

What do I mean?

Well, for example, it's a feature of Tinder Gold that you can hide your age and distance. And if other users then see that your age and/or distance are not displayed, then they know that you appear to be using Tinder Gold. Because otherwise hiding would not be possible.

And it's similar now to Tinder Platinum.

So you can say the following: It is not directly visible anywhere in the app that you are using Tinder Platinum. But if you use certain additional features of the premium subscription, then other users can indirectly infer that you appear to be a platinum subscriber.

Is Tinder Platinum that much better than Gold or Plus?

The comparison of Tinder Platinum with Gold is quite easy to draw.

With Tinder Gold, you get all the features that Tinder Plus has. 

Plus, with Tinder Gold, you can see who has liked you and give more likes to the daily top picks.

With Tinder Platinum you now get all the functions of a Plus and Gold subscription plus the 3 exclusive functions already mentioned: Send messages even without a match, “priority likes” and see for 7 days which profiles you have marked with a like.

Which of the premium variants you ultimately decide on is of course up to you and also depends a bit on your personal preferences.


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