My Ex Follow Me on Instagram. Why?

You almost gave up hope, but suddenly you see that your ex is following you on Instagram, is that a sign, or what does it mean?

They haven't gotten in touch with you lately, and you haven't been in touch, but apparently, they still want to know what you're doing.

You've already asked yourself: why doesn't my ex fight for me, doesn't they care? And suddenly, they follow you on Instagram and take the first step toward you.
  • Should you accept their request, or are they just toying with you?
  • Could this be the way to win them back?
  • Or are they just testing how dependent you still are on them?
The fact that your ex follows you on Instagram can be a first approach, and now it's up to you to further arouse their interest and seduce them.
They're not completely over you yet, and you should take advantage of this moment. But not by contacting them!

Instagram is only one of many ways to present yourself interestingly, and it takes more than just a few pictures or videos to lure them out of their reserve.

My Ex Follow Me on Instagram. Why?

Why is my ex following me on Instagram?

There are only two reasons why your ex follows you on Instagram and what you can expect as it goes on between you.

1. They follow you because they're curious about what you're doing

After a breakup, they may try to hold back their curiosity for a while and pretend they don't care what you do. But whether they secretly look at your profile or talk to others about you, you cannot know.

How likely is it that they don't give a damn about what you do or how you're doing?

Social media especially Instagram is the easiest way to find out what you are doing. They get to know who follows you, where you are, and who you currently spend time with.

If they didn't care about you at all, they wouldn't follow you on Instagram.

Even if they try to convince themselves they're over you, they've taken the first step in reconnecting with you.

2. They miss you and indirectly want to show you that they miss you

Or maybe your ex is shy and inexperienced in how to show you that they miss you. They're afraid to text you directly, so they choose the easiest way and follow you on Instagram.

Deep down, they hope this will make you realize that they miss you and that you feel the same way.

They can always use the excuse "Oh, I'm just following him/her again, and it doesn't mean anything". You know full well that they're at least curious about what you're doing.

Now it's up to them how they behave, whether they like pictures of you, comment on them, or even text you. It may well be the first approach you can use to win them back.

Should I follow my ex back on Instagram?

To answer the simple question of whether or not to follow them back, you must decide whether you want to win them back or break up with them for good.

If you want to win them back or at least not directly rule out getting back together with them, then follow them on Instagram as well.

If you suffered badly from the breakup and you're ruling out ever having more contact with them, do yourself a favor and don't follow them on Instagram, as every picture or video throws you back into your bad memories.


Should I let my ex follow me on Instagram?

Whether or not to let your ex follow you on Instagram is a personal decision. However, it's best to not follow your ex on Instagram, and for them not to follow you, as it can complicate your ability to move on. 

On the other hand, if you're okay with their presence in your following list, you can let them follow you. If you're unsure about their intentions, it's important to remember that an ex following you on Instagram doesn't necessarily mean that they miss you or want you back. Maybe they just forgot to unfollow you after the breakup. 

Why did my ex unfollow me on Instagram after the breakup?

It is usually common after a breakup to delete all shared pictures and unfollow each other on Instagram because the pain would be too great to keep thinking about you to reopen old wounds.

They were healing themself and that's why they had to unfollow you after the breakup.

However, after a while, they may have realized how important you are to them and how hard they try to get over you.

Their desire for you is greater than the pain of never seeing you again and giving up on you forever. There's a good chance they still have feelings for you and will eventually pluck up the courage to text you.

If you don't want to lose any time, then you can take the first step yourself to test out how to correctly interpret their behavior and how to follow them.

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