My Ex Unfollowed Me on Instagram - Why and What to Do?

''My ex unfollowed me on Instagram. Why and what should I do?'' I often hear this question. Indeed, after a breakup, it often happens that the person who ends the relationship immediately unfollows you on Instagram. Also, out of the pain of separation, unfollowing you on other social media like Facebook, Tiktok..., without warning. This act upsets you and makes you confused. Because besides the fact that they no longer want personal information about your new life, you want to know the reasons. Why did my ex unfollow me on Instagram? And above all, how do you get them back?

My Ex Unfollowed Me on Instagram - Why and What to Do?

My ex and Instagram

If you're like Sarra wondering " Why did my ex unfollow me on Instagram? How am I going to get my ex back?" This article can help you shed some light.

Nowadays, we share our daily life with social networks. Thus, their use is decisive for maintaining contact or reconnecting with a lost person. And, of course, so as not to cut off contact with your loved one when you want to try to get your ex back. So, Instagram has become a showcase on which we will expose, for everyone to see, our love life.

We will not dwell on this exhibition of a parody of life far removed from reality. On the other hand, this stage of our social and personal life gives us the impression of being someone extraordinary. It is, in fact, a competition between Instagram users in which we run behind likes and shares. Thus, the Instagram account has become crucial for our social existence.

Following this painful breakup, the couple's status becomes single status on the Instagram profile. Then, your couple photos, just like your portraits that your ex will completely remove. It will completely disappear from Instagram.

And finally, your ex will unfollow you on Instagram. After that, they are no longer on your Instagram friends list. You no longer exist for them. It's a bit like a virtual death. And often, you don't know why and especially what to do when they unfollow you on Instagram and other social media.

Why did my ex unfollow me on Instagram?

I know you need to understand why your ex unfollowed you on Instagram. And why your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend acted like this, would they like to cut all ties with you to move on? 

The word unfollowing is, in my opinion, well chosen. In short, it is a kind of elimination from their virtual life. Let’s now see the reasons for this.

The need to rebuild

The number one reason why your ex unfollowed you on Instagram is the need to rebuild themself. By choosing after the breakup, your ex wants to retake control of their life. But without you! Also, they know that to do that, they don't have to keep seeing your photos or hear from you regularly via social media.

Your ex needs time and space to take stock of the situation. To cure their discomfort, it is essential, precisely, to take a step back. This unfollowing will facilitate their reconstruction. Hearing from you regularly can indeed remind them of your relationship. Seeing your posts on Instagram, therefore, risks delaying the reconstruction process.

This is why your ex decided to unfollow you on Instagram. Virtual cord-cutting seems to be the best solution to mourning a romantic relationship.

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No point keeping following you on Instagram

The second reason is especially valid for short relationships. Indeed, what is the point of having your ex on your Instagram followers list since you have just broken off contact? Love did not have time to grow enough, and it all ended as quickly as it began.

Indeed, at the beginning of the relationship, it is attraction, a magnet that brings you together. So, we experience less grief during this romantic separation. So why keep following an ex on Instagram? If, after a few weeks, your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend has chosen to break up, what would be the point of keeping a link with you via social media?

Even if you haven't blocked them, your ex considers it useless to stay in contact with you. You are separated. They wanted to proceed with the unfollowing because they do not collect their ex-lovers on Instagram.

Then, as the relationship is over with you, they will not need to send you a message or contact you again. Thus, to regain their freedom, your ex has decided to unfollow you on Instagram. This decision allows them to turn the page and move on.

Resentment or anger can explain “my ex unfollowed me on Instagram”

The third reason why your ex unfollowed you on Instagram is resentment and anger. Here, Just a single nasty word can lead to unfollowing you or even blocking you on everything. This can also be in the case of infidelity or a big lie, or even jealous remarks that you may have made against them.

In these circumstances, unfollowing you on Instagram is done under the influence of negative emotions. Disappointment at this deception. It's a quick, reckless decision and not without consequences for the other party.

Indeed, when we decide to unfollow a person on Instagram, we do not always think this act can hurt the other person so much. But your ex thinks otherwise. By unfollowing you on Instagram, he seeks to tease you and indirect revenge on you. They want to show their protest and dissatisfaction with you.

What to do when your ex has unfollowed you on Instagram?

Do not ask for an explanation for this unfollowing

The number one mistake would be to tell them, "Why are you unfollowing me on Instagram?" Or sending them an SMS, reproaching them for having broken this link. 

The thing you are likely to get is to get blocked. To then completely erase you from their life on all communication channels. Thus, your phone, Instagram, and Snapchat... will be ineffective. The emotional life is over, and your ex wants to cut ties. So, as soon as you notice the unfollowing, pretend you haven't even seen it. You don't have to do anything. 

Also, it doesn't matter whether or not you are friends with your ex on Instagram because the fact that their name remains on your follower list will not make them want to come back.

Take some distance

Second, accept the distance and respect their choice. Unfollow means "I don't want to hear from you right now." It is clear that if you go there in bulldozer mode, you risk finding yourself facing a wall that will rise more and more.

Rushing forward will not promote the resumption of contact. So give them that time and space instead of immediately overreacting.

Use social media and Instagram to show your change

Third, keep posting on Instagram in public mode, but sparingly. So your posts will be visible. And, the rarity of these will intrigue your ex. Typically, exes succumb to the temptation to snoop into your life on Instagram. Happiness attracts.

So, you need to reveal something new in your life and above all show them your ability to overcome the breakup. Show no signs of jealousy or emotional dependence. So avoid subliminal quotes or love story regrets. Nor are quotes or sad songs, etc.

Can you get your ex back even though they unfollowed you on Instagram?

This social network indeed provides substantial help in any attempt to win back. It's a way to observe the other, to see your changes, your state of mind. But there are other alternatives. What you need to remember is that, yes, you can get your ex back even if they no longer follow you on Instagram.

This unfollow is not pleasing but it can be beneficial to your reconstruction. You will thus find the serenity to carry out this personal development necessary to offer you a fulfilled personality. When it comes to winning back, there are many other strategies.

If you take the right actions, your ex will be back on your profile. As a result, you will be able to restart fun and light communication in some time. The tensions will be appeased, and it will be easier for you to reactivate this lost connection. This pleasure in communicating will be conducive to obtaining a face-to-face meeting.

So don't panic! When you get unfollowed on Instagram, and you still love your ex, there are several possible scenarios. You just have to perform the correct strategies that I mentioned above.

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